A Green New Deal Even It’s Mother Couldn’t Love

The old, “I told them not to” excuse.

Democrat golden girl Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, (or Miss AOC if you’re nasty) unsurprisingly found not a shred of support for her Green New Deal. The Green New Deal, which is the culmination of the ex-bartender’s plan to save the world.

The Green New Deal is no minor undertaking. The plan is believed to carry a price tag upwards of 90 trillion dollars, yet keep in mind the United States’ 2017 GDP was $19.39 trillion. In addition to be impossible to fund, the plan calls for rebuilding all of our buildings, doing away with gas powered vehicles and air travel (although this was seemingly a contentious issue), and in a draft that was presented on AOC’s website, planned a living wage for those unwilling to work, and addressed cow farts. This has been a deal of utmost importance to AOC as she seemingly believes the world will end in 12 years.

You just can’t make this stuff up!

But she can!

As unbelievable as the Green New Deal is for those with the now rare gift of common sense, it has become a right of passage for the Democrat party with each of the party’s presidential hopefuls feeling the need to support the deal as part of their platform. Of course, with AOC’s unwarranted popularity, and her keeping a naughty list of democrats that stray from the party line, those candidates may not see a way forward without agreeing with her.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell decided to put the Green New Deal to the test, calling a procedural vote for the plan. While the vote of course had no chance of passing, it was a keen political ploy by good old Mitch, who was obviously hoping to identify those democrats who would vote for the plan. Oddly enough, AOC herself spoke out against putting her own plan to a vote.

Putting her primary cause up for a vote would be wasting votes? The very person that should have been pushing for a vote, was upset that it was going up for a vote, and spoke out against it. Why would a sitting member of congress push forward an idea which they didn’t have a plan to ultimately pass? Only the echoes inside AOC’s head could tell us for sure. Yet her complaints made no difference, and the vote was had.

The vote on the Green New Deal resulted in zero support for the plan. The final count saw 57 Senators including 3 democrats and 1 independent voting against the deal, with the remaining 43 democrats voting “present”.

In an attempt to save face, AOC took to Twitter with the old “I told them not to” excuse.

In fact, no senator, republican or democrat, voted to begin debate. It seems the Green New Deal may be nothing more than a campaign tool after all.


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