That question was answered recently by former National Security Agency director Michael S Rogers. Mike Rogers was the joint speaker along with BlackBerry’s CEO John Chen at the National Cyber Symposium hosted in Colorado Spring, Colorado, USA

Rogers, a former United States Navy Admiral and second commander of the US Cyber Command or USCYBERCOM noted that Cyber-attacks are more likely not to come directly from enemies of the United States, but rather emanating from criminal elements working as independent contractors for these adversaries of the US. These elements of cyber criminality are a bigger risk than the nations opposing the national security of the American people. They are but one part of a relationship where Cyber criminals are being flooded with Financial assistance, the Tools and the Targets by theses enemy states who want to carry out a destruction to the United States via new avenues of cyber terrorism.

BlackBerry’s John Chen who took the reign back in 2013 defined how his company’s turnaround has shifted from hardware based mobile devices to becoming a Security-focused software enterprise to many of the global top mobile phone manufacturers as well as connected devices all around. BlackBerry’s focus is now safeguarding these connected devices in a world full of threats. BlackBerry is at the helm of Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning technologies, becoming truly an AI-Cyber security based company aimed at securing endpoints and everything in between. Trusted by world Governments, BlackBerry is the jewel in the crown when it comes to Cyber safekeeping.


Rogers said that the reality around Cyber-attacks is that it will be utilised as be a weapons medium. Because of the emergent numbers of internet-connected devices like Mobile Phones, Medical devices and Fitness bands to name a few which all operate on the concept of interconnectivity, it is vital to sustain a role of independence from prying elements through the option that one is given to secure these intersected worlds that we live in. Cyber security needs to be built in from the origin status of the product so that when delivery is made, the current security protections are not out-dated. That said, the Pentagon according to Rogers needs to assert the manner in which they devise future acquisitions in relations to weapon systems they procure. From inception to delivery, the process needs to run flawless to limit if not all the notion of out-dated security.

Through these intersected security features, more can be done to safeguard the anonymity of assets in the reality of cyber securing people and organisations.

That’s where BlackBerry comes in.

The company made frequent acquisitions over the time period since 2013 to strengthen its global Security signature. Inclusive within this strategy was the acquirement of the antivirus software provider Cylance to conclude Artificial Intelligence capabilities to BlackBerry’s security portfolio for internet-connected devices. It’s a billion-dollar industry and working with a company like BlackBerry with its robust history delivering security solutions makes a lot of sense when you are the world’s most powerful country!

“…We wanted to keep the technology we developed and expand it beyond BlackBerry phones by putting all we knew about security into every phone and device,” Chen said. “Our technology treats a network like a house and locks every door and identifies everyone in the house and how they are behaving and assigns them a risk score.” John Chen


Rogers also said he is not concerned about a CYBER-Pearl Harbor or for that matter, a surprise attack on the U.S. Government, because such an attack wouldn’t be a surprise at all. He noted that Governments and Businesses recover more quickly from hackers than from natural disasters. With a rigorous software based security solution breaches will be thoroughly inadequate. Cyber-attacks do not always come through the paths that they are expected to come through, they are sometimes closer than they are meant to appear. Rogers said the National Security Agency had “lost capabilities” due to leaked information by former contractor Edward Snowden. Those capabilities “had been publicly acknowledged and had to be “shut down with immediate effect”. It impaired a lot of the functionality of the organisation. The Cyber threat of today is a real one in a real world…

Within this security partnership, BlackBerry is certainly rubbing shoulders within the right crowd that are in need of the right protection. These Governments and Organisation come to the right company to make the right statement as boldly as any potential cyber terrorist are willing to go up against!

“…One single vulnerability is all an attacker need”

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