A wise man once said:

“…The most exciting mobile trend is Qwerty keyboards. I’m sorry, it really is. I’m not making this up”

…and that man was Research in Motion (Now BlackBerry) founder Mike Lazaridis

Over the past few days a folly among mobile manufacturers has geared up for the release of probably the most shameful revelation in the physical keyboard realm. The Chinese company Unihertz is about to release their next mobile phone, aptly named “Titan”, which they call the outdoorsman’s definitive phone for its robust appearance and uncanny resemblance to one of the giants of smartphone manufacturers. The Titan follows on the heels of its mobile siblings, the Unihertz Jelly and the world’s smallest 4G mobile, the Atom. This release has shaken up the internet waves and created a stormy buzz amongst the tech domain, showboating with vibrant modern features such as face-unlock, fingerprint scanning and wireless charging just to name a few. But probably the one feature that shook the world to sit upright and notice is that Unihertz has shaped their Titan to have an unquestionable similarity towards the aesthetics of the king of Qwerty, the BlackBerry mobile! Unihertz is probably bargaining on a lot of presale buzz, for them this might just sell their phone. At $219.00 this is a plausible selling point! But what are you really getting for $219.00? Essentially in this case the overall look, the shape, the iconic features and configurations of a BlackBerry. Even the iconic “Tool Belt” of the legacy BlackBerry devices has been copied. All packaged within the handling perspective off a BlackBerry Passport. The exploitation of intellectual property has been mined to barrenness by Unihertz in this regard and it clearly shows their lack of individuality, creativity and product development.


But Unihertz is not the only company that have ventured into the prospects of a Qwerty phone, Nokia have delivered with solid phones of yesteryear, like the E range (E61, 63, 71, 72). LG have attempted Qwerty devices by themselves like the spunky KS360 and the extravagant Extravert 2. Recently Fxtec Pro 1 also produced a slider Qwerty with up-to-date features and even Ryan Seacrest’s “TYPO” have tried to pin a qwerty on an iPhone, much like the Samsung EJ CG955 cover for the S8.  There are actually a lot of companies who drive towards the genius to claim the esteemed Qwerty as part of their phenomenon. But only one company have outright success with it, and that company is BlackBerry!

If you think about it, it is much like the “Hofmeister Kink” on a BMW. You know that lower forward bend on the back passenger window? Some call it the “Hockey Stick” It is as part of BMW as the iconic circular emblem and the kidney grille. Those are the aspects that make a BMW a BMW! Many other companies have tried to reinvent the Hockey Stick, but ended up just copying it, this is a high-end signature for BMW as the Qwerty is for BlackBerry. Characteristic designs are there for a reason. It is what signifies a branding to be a commercial product. And the Qwerty Passport is a branded BlackBerry commercial product without a doubt and copying the form factor is just going to be inviting a lot of concern.


The Titan comes out of the box with a 2GHz Octa-Core processor, dual SIM provision, LTE, NFC, Face-unlock, 3.5-millimeter stereo jack an predictive text feature and of course wireless charging. To top it all, an enormously large 6,000mAh sequential powerhouse will be your source of mobile energy. It boasts a single 16-megapixel camera at the back & an 8-megapixel forward facing snapper. The dual-trigger to the Titan that made headlines is the reminiscent 4.5-inch Liquid Crystal Display that run 1440 x 1440 pixel resolution, just like the BlackBerry Passport! The other is boasting a reminiscent key layout as one would find on a legacy Blackberries device (keypad, physical navigation keys and a centralised key which might fulfil the function as the track pad or a fingerprint scanner) The Company however haven’t brought other configuration details into play such as the chipset, detailed camera specifications and device memory outlines. They have included a very strange feature though, a Walkie-Talkie function, which is definitely not aligned towards contemporary mobile devices. The Titan is also Water, Dust & Shock resistant. It will carry the normal Unihertz blend version of Android like its predecessor, the Atom.


Unihertz who utilises crowd funding to produce cell phones have probably committed the ultimate sin here. And that is to clone an iconic brand and a brand like BlackBerry which is very distinctly recognisable. Will this be a watershed moment for the company? Will this product take Unihertz sailing into new mobile waters? …Or will this release be their TITANic mistake?

We will have to wait and see on the release date, from July 30, 2019 and onwards. After all, the crowd that funded is eagerly waiting upon investment return.


If you are looking for the best security in a mobile device, buy a BlackBerry! If you are looking for a proper business orientated phone, buy a BlackBerry! If you are looking for superior quality in a mobile, buy a BlackBerry! And if you are looking for a Qwerty smartphone…just buy a BLACKBERRY!!

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BlackBerries are fun devices, they are aesthetically pleasing, they perform better than any other and they are a heck of a lot more stylish!

“…Sometimes it’s flattering when people copy you, but sometimes it gets to a breaking point” (singer-artist Billie Eilish)


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