A BlackBerry Commercial?


Badi, our own UTB Godzilla from the forums, and who I am blaming for taking down our site by stomping on our servers and breathing fire at our tech guru Mepiikan, tried to make up for his mass destruction by sending us a link to the below video. I typically don’t jump to click on video links sent to me over BBM, unless I go and turn off my “show what you’re listening to” feature first anyway. But for some reason I trusted the radioactive smile on Badi and clicked away. And I was shocked! Was I seeing what I thought I was seeing? Is this really a commerical for a BlackBerry product? Yes! Yes it is!

Unfortunately, I can’t understand what they are saying, but it’s a great video even if you can’t understand what they’re saying.

For those of you reading on the app, click here to watch the video.


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  • ray689

    Don’t know what they’re saying either but finally a hip/cool commercial. Sure beats the magic carpet “keep moving” commercials.

  • RedFoxOne

    Finally my time to shine :D
    Note: Indosat is one of the network providers in Indonesia

    Red guy: That’s it bro. That’s my dream girl.
    Blue guy: Wow I’ve got to be her friend / I’ve got to get to know her

    Blue guy: Hi pretty girl, let’s be friends?
    Girl: (talking to her friend) huh, who is he.. (murmur..)
    Blue guy: Can I get your BBM PIN number? Ya?
    Girl: (talking to friend) should I give him..?
    Girl: Yea ok

    Blue guy: What’s the number
    Blue guy: Come on come on… damn it, it hangs! arghhh sorry, the phone needs to be restarted
    Girl: (Don’t know how to express this, but kinda like “oh well”)

    Red guy: I’ve added. Approve me, ok?
    Red guy: That’s why (you fail), times (/ technology) have move forward but you’re still using an ancient phone
    Red guy: And why do you use expensive network provider

    BlackBerry Z3 is the newest BlackBerry that sports
    High performance processor SnapDragon 400 1.2GHz Dual Core from Qualcomm
    1.5GB RAM
    Capacity 8GB
    And 5″ touch screen

    BlackBerry Z3 can satisfy customers’ needs for a smartphone that’s mobile and at an affordable price
    Add that with Indosat Bundling Promotion, you’ll get
    Free 10GB internet
    You can browse internet and social media until you drop
    And now we got a feature called “Super Wifi” from Indosat
    So you no longer need the trouble to find free wifi anywhere
    You can also BBM with all your girl friends all day long
    All social media will be in your grasp, and you’ll be the most “exist” hell bro (I don’t understand this one)

    Blue guy: It must be expensive, right bro?
    Red guy: With only about 2 million Rupiah (~$180), you can take home BlackBerry Z3 and Indosat Starter Pack
    Red guy: BlackBerry Z3 is the newest BlackBerry with affordable price.

    Blue guy: Where can I get this, bro?
    Red guy: You can get it from the nearest Indosat dealers. Hurry, before the promo ends

    It’s kinda cheesy for me lol, and honestly I’ve never seen this ad before. Probably because I don’t watch much TV.

    • Ha. RedFox. Cool. We must have been replying at the same time cause your comment just appeared when I was finished. Thanks for the xlation. It seemed to be something like that just from the video.

      I’m just hopeful it would be perceived as “hip” to the average Indonesian, or put another way, I’m hopeful it would resonate rather than leave them flat.

    • MePiikan LzBolaz

      Thank you very much for the translation. Funny how after reading what you wrote, it was more or less what I had assumed. That’s A+ marketing there. Perhaps we should be on the lookout for more…

  • Very cool, Brad. That was fun. I don’t speaky that language, but it seemed obvious the guy couldn’t get the girl cause his phone was slow or something. Anyway, BB has suffered from not having a Marketing/Sales guy (or girl) at the helm. It might sound a little irreverent, but you need someone at the helm who thinks like a customer, not a product developer.

    Product development and manufacture is important, but those people cannot be CEO because they will never be able to sell and market their products. The truth is that whatever value an enterprise creates, is irrelevant; the only value that matters is the value that a customer sees/perceives. Sales/Marketing people are the ones who can think like the customer, describe the value their organization creates to groups of potential customers and individual potential customers, and execute the sales cycle with groups and individuals. Product development or manufacturing people generally are unable to understand sales and marketing, but that doesn’t work the other way around, meaning, sales and marketing people, while they don’t understand product development and manufacture, the certainly would push the focus of these areas towards value they know to be relevant to a potential customer.

    Clearly, a good example of someone who has this background is (was) Steve Jobs. I realize he was a bit of a maniac, but he was truly a visionary when it came to uncovering the wants/needs of potential customers and creating value aimed at resolving those wants and needs.

    It seems Chen has this background. I pray he does because it doesn’t matter how good our platform is (device, BBM, BES, etc) it only matters how good a potential customer thinks it is. This applies to current customers as well, but that is a slightly different flavor of the “influence” process. Still, you could lump sales and marketing with customer service.

    You can’t have a programmer or operations guy at the helm. You can’t even have a finance guy at the helm. Whoever is at the helm has to be able to think in big picture terms (broadly and downroad) and be able to think like a customer and potential customer.