A Better Android Than Android

img-1403922276“A better android than android” he repeated over and over. Throughout the troll infested forums you would see him chanting it. And you would see the trolls attacking in force. It was like a hunter with a duck call, he would say it and they would come flocking. Hurling personal insults and attacks at him. I don’t know what happened to Missing KW, he seems to have fallen off the face of the earth, but the amazing thing? He was right. And the trolls were wrong.

We’ve seen a lot of android news here in these pages recently. None of it good. The malware is astounding!

South Korea Under Attack By Android

The Wondrous World of Android Malware

Yet Another Exploit for Android

Google & Android Can Provide BlackBerry Security? Don’t Make Me Laugh…

Android security is just fine. Really.

The sales of their devices have been…. shall we say, lackluster?

Hey Samsung! The Upgrade Gravy Train Left Town Last Year…

So, The Samsung Galaxy 5 Is Selling Well, Huh?

Google is stealing people’s personal information without a care in the world, and no apologies when they hurt people.

‘If Google + Is So Good Why Are Google Forcing It On Us?’

READ THIS – Android And Google Are Literally Playing With Peoples Lives

And let’s not forget exploding phones.

Samsung SG4 So Hot It’s EXPLODING?

Meanwhile, BlackBerry our secure, user friendly device, wants us to keep our privacy, and wants us to have our apps as well. Not only do we have great native apps, we are able to install and run android apps as well, and now, we’re even getting the Amazon App Store officially on our phones.

WSJ – BlackBerry To Preload Amazon Appstore For BlackBerry 10

And the forum trolls deny how great BlackBerry runs those apps. The days of plugging our phones in to our computers and hoping an app works are over. Nearly all android apps work on BB10 now. And the functionality only get’s better with each update.

WSJ – John Chen Takes A Swipe At Android Phones… And Proves An iDiot Wrong

Meanwhile, the typical android user can’t even run all the apps that we BlackBerry users can. Why not you say? Because apps are upgraded for new OS updates, and unfortunately, android users, are not upgrading their phones. Perhaps it’s because their phones have been deemed outdated by their manufacturers, or perhaps sheer laziness by their users, whatever the reason, the vast majority of android users are behind the times, even on their own platform of choice.

HOORAY for Google??

Missing KW, I don’t know where you’ve gone, but it’s time you came back and gave a hardy “I told you so”, because you saw what was coming. And forum trolls, will be skittering back to the underside as their bridges and hiding, as we all know they can’t admit they were wrong. And we BlackBerry users should be chanting now, that yes it’s true, BlackBerry is a better android than android!


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