9.5 Million Customers Hit in Cathay Pacific Breach

Another airline company has been breached, this time it is the Hong Kong giant.

There seem to be a number of airlines that seem to need to place greater emphasis on the security of their information. The Hong Kong airline Cathay Pacific reported on its website Wednesday night that they had identified a breach of the company’s servers and that 9.5 million customers could be affected.

According to the company, they managed to reach and update only their regular customers, who are registered as exemplary members of the company’s Marco Polo Club. For customers who are not members of the company’s club, they must enter the company’s website and complete a form to check if their details have been stolen.

Cathay announced that the main information stolen was customer passports, which means full information about the airline’s passengers, including full name, passport number, identity number, previous flight data and if members of the company’s prestigious clubs had full membership data.

From the list there are about 245 thousand passports of Hong Kong residents who were stolen but that is not all. A small amount of credit cards were stolen (403) and only 27 of them were without a control number on the back of the card.


Check Cathay Pacific Page.

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