7digital App Lands In BlackBerry World


As you may know, coming this Monday July 21st we’ll need to find alternate sources for our music and movies other than BB World.

Knowing that BlackBerry has been using 7digital as the music engine for purchases on BB10, I’ve been using their service on my PC for quite a while now. I have a deep aversion to iTunes.

So, the other day I was glad to hear that 7digital had put their app in BlackBerry World!

There are those who would be negative towards an Android port, and in general I’m not one of them. Yes I prefer native Cascades, but to me the addition of apps to BB World trumps that perceived negative. That being said, if you haven’t guessed already, yes indeed this is a ported app.


Overall the app works well. It enables you to stream your music, add the music already on your device, and purchase just about any track or album under the sun. You can preview tracks before purchase, and the preview will cycle through all tracks on a chosen album.



One glitch I ran into was attempting to change the download location. By default, 7digital wants to save your tracks/purchases to your misc/android.7digital folder. I wanted to change the location to my SD card but was unsuccessful even though the option is there.

As a test, I purchased Tom Petty’s latest album as you can see in the pics above. Both streaming and downloading went well for me. Downloading a song took approximately 45 seconds on my Z30 using N speeds on WiFi. Streaming a song not yet downloaded takes 3 to 5 seconds to setup before it starts playing on my device.

The sound is clear at 256kbps and the album graphics are all there.

Apart from needing to move my downloads to the SD manually, I like the app.

Sign up is easy, and the purchases can be made through PayPal, or your favorite Credit card.

Give it a try here.

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