He’ll Never Learn

Legere being quite the classy CEO
Legere being quite the classy CEO

John Legere just doesn’t get it. The magenta clad CEO already has #TeamBlackBerry up in arms, and now he is attacking BlackBerry’s CEO on twitter. That MySpace comment is asinine at best.

John Legere, you are already the little guy on the block. Why are you trying to dissuade even more customers?

#TeamBlackBerry, it’s time to #CheerChen and let this fiasco of a CEO know that #ichooseBlackBerry10!


Update: Almost immediately after the above post came this from Legere,

still classy!


Dear Mr. John Legere, we have heard enough from you, how about you get off of twitter, and make things happen, like a proper CEO should be doing.


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