5G technology is coming our way!


Technology news comes in all shapes and sizes. Some is related to the latest gadgets, innovations, and bells & whistles included in our smartphones, OS updates, manufacturer press releases, carrier updates, etc. On occasion there is news that affects everyone – that is the situation with 5G tech (ignoring the roll-out).

Most of us currently live in a world of 4G and many of us have become used to the pluses and minuses of 4G. Like it or not, it’s something we have to live with for the near future. But there is a storm brewing and when it arrives it is guaranteed to rock our world, so strap-in and let’s have a peek at what the future holds!

5G is more than just an update to how data is transmitted, it also involves how data is received. If the sun, the moon, and the stars all align your smartphone could actually become a workstation! In order to get there one thing that needs to be resolved is:

how to arrange for a smartphone to receive multiple simultaneous signals, i.e., how effective the millimeter-wave antennas/receivers will be when placed in a phone because in the 5G world signal strength is key¹ (think, “you’re holding it wrong“).

After this and a few other kinks are worked out 5G is capable of delivering:

latency of <1ms vs 10ms (4G),

peak data rates of 20 Gb/s vs 1 Gb/s,

available spectrum of 30 GHz vs 3 GHz

connection density of 1 million connections per Km² vs 100 thousand connections per Km²

All this tech stuff will enable the IoT and EoT and faster transmissions to and from the Cloud, just to name a few.


So hold tight and and keep your handhelds current as 5G is just a ‘Wave’ away!


5G tech
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