5G – a roadmap to the future?

UTB has covered 5G and the changes that come with this soon-to-be disruptive technology. But like all paradigm changes, there are pluses and minuses. The downside to this revolutionary technology may be an unintended impact to the most loyal users and manufacturers – a delay to the introduction or purchase of new handsets.

In a nutshell, 5G tech will rock the world of smartphone users! The benefits are a log-scale ahead of where we are now but whether early-adapters will benefit or not is difficult to tell at this stage. As a fellow tech-lover you may be curious about my hesitation. So here are a few items to consider (in no particular order)-

  1. Consumers may be the first ones to have access due to the initial outlay (=cost) of all new phones for an Enterprise and the lack of 5G in their various markets,
  2. Speaking of new phones, 5G tech will require new handsets as it is simply not compatible with the existing ones,
  3. Android manufacturers have already announced the jump into 5G handset development, but the Cupertino Cowboys have been tight-lipped, the proverbial ‘Walled-Off Garden’ could lose-out if they do not keep pace – the consumer and Enterprise market is eager for true ‘innovation’
  4. Manufacturers may be behind the eight-ball as they need to keep introducing new phones to market but consumers may want to hold-off on replacing their existing handsets until 5G becomes available. Case in point, TCL and Optiemus have released KEYtwo and Evolve respectively. While I do not have any hidden insights into the ‘Roadmap’, if they do not release another handset until 1Q/2019 would you be willing to hand over your hard-earned money knowing full well that later that same year it could be obsolete?

I would be very interested in obtaining an Evolve X as I’m a VKB guy who travels internationally on occasion, but as much as I’d love to upgrade my KEYone the thought of a newer, better handset in one year makes me reluctant.

So I thought we could do a quick survey-





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