WiFi Loss Issue? *NOC NOC… Update!*

I would seem that at the moment there is a wifi loss issue throughout various locations in North America.

If you need to use wifi it will work if you turn off data services.

Temporary fix for WiFi access
Temporary fix for WiFi access

You will still get calls and texts over mobile network if you choose this option.

When leaving the wifi area turn data back on for now. This is only necessary if you chose to use wifi.

Hopefully this issue gets resolved soon. We have contacted BlackBerry management regarding this interruption, and we’ll let you know the moment we have a response.

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Well, as you all know by now, the issue with the WiFi connectivity has been resolved. Although we haven’t received an official word yet, we’ve scoured the internet for answers.

The best answer we have at the moment is that the problem was at the server level. There are many services on our handsets that require the use of the BlackBerry NOC (Network Operation Centre). Things like email setup as an example use the NOC in order to easily facilitate the setup of an account with only the email address and password required. It’s the NOC that figures out all the server settings and details behind the scene.

The phone has sensors in it as well. Those sensors are calibrated and transmit information to the NOC in real time. We noticed that during the interruption, blackberry.com was out at the same time (thanks Playbookster). It would seem that the portion of BlackBerry’s NOC that handles sensor info and calibration was down temporarily. That meant that the NOC couldn’t tell our handsets to switch to the WiFi signal we were subscribed to, and why when we manually forced data services off, the WiFi worked great.

So… that’s our take on it for what it’s worth, and we hope we’ve helped the community.


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  • twstd.reality

    I’m not the only one! Thank you.

    • Canuckvoip

      No, you’re not bud…
      I’m on Telus in Vancouver. I’ve tried changing my router to TKIP, AES, both.
      We shall see.

  • twstd.reality

    Fido here. I was about to wipe and reload too.

  • RedFoxOne

    Ah so that’s why! I thought something was off because I couldn’t get wifi connectivity while my laptop was doing fine. Then I turned off my network and wifi was good again. Turning on the network and wifi became lost. Now it’s ok though..

  • MePiikan LzBolaz

    I had it happen to me last night and only noticed when Playbookster brought it up in a group.

    I’m on ATT in Puerto Rico.

  • newcollector

    Nice catch on this issue. If it happened to me, I didn’t notice it. I check a couple of other fan sites, and UTB scooped the ones I checked on this issue. Nice job, nnik.

  • G-bone

    Thanks for the info!
    I noticed it for about 2 hours. Switched off data and all was well, left the house, came back and wifi was better than ever!


  • Omnitech

    So is everyone still all good with this? I participated in various long discussions about it “over there” and I’d actually be surprised if the problem was completely resolved, because it seems to be a combination of network reachability issues combined with OS architecture issues introduced around the time of

    BTW, I did some research on this recently, capturing WiFi traffic coming from the device, to see exactly what it is doing to verify link connectivity. I will probably post about it somewhere soon.