These 5 tips and tricks will bring your Android home screen to life

Do you have a newly purchased Blackberry Android device, such as a DTEK50 or DTEK60 or still rocking your Priv?

Here are 5 tips and tricks that can and will bring enhancements to your home screen.

Digi Clock Widget will give you the chance to change how you look at time.

With this clock widget, you can do all sorts of things such as:

  • Set Time Settings
  • Time Color, Font and, Shadow
  • AM/PM Settings
  • Data Settings
  • Date Color. Font and, Shadow
  • Give your Clock Widget a Background (including an image from your gallery)
  • Scale and Rotate
  • Click Action

Nova Launcher is a way to modify your text below apps by changing size, colour, and appearance. You also have the ability to modify your background, changing the layout, and width/height of the padding and toggling on infinite scroll.

Zedge is a way to open up your wallpaper options. This app offers up a large selection of Live and Regular wallpapers. They also have a most popular tab that will give you the most used wallpapers.

Buzz Launcher will allow you to add a theme to your home screen. You get the chance to modify your themes and how each page changes with different effects. There are too many options to list but you will be amazed at what types of themes and transitions can be used.

Were you aware that you could change your wallpaper with each different page? If you use GO Multiple Wallpaper you can select what you want. You will have to install GO launcher EX to use the app.


These 5 and many others are a great way to personalize your Blackberry Android devices. Respond below with any other suggestions on how you customise your Android experience on your Blackberry devices.




Kevin Button

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