Low Cost Devices? Why?

Xmas_Miser_©gorman_editSo its time for another rant. Reading all the media exposure that the ever lower prices for Android devices is getting, well its caught my interest.


I dont understand it, I use my smartphone to securely communicate. At least thats what I hope I am doing.

I don’t want my private emails compromised. I do my banking on the phone. I order stuff. I track shipments. You get the picture, I want to be ensured the privacy of these communications.

So why would I buy a really cheap device? Would I buy a car without some of the features I’ve grown to depend on just so I could save a few bucks? Or would I maybe forgo my 3rd or fourth daily Starbucks so I could afford to buy what I really need, want and deserve?

I guess in a round-a-bout way I am trying to say…is there really a demand for cheap devices or is this just a ploy to undermine a company that refuses to compromise some of the features, no, necessities that a smartphone should have?


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