CharlieHipHop Hits The Spot!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a must read for all into buying stock! We just had to repost it!

Of course, we support the original caveat as well, but Charlie… you’re the man! We’ll let you head on over to Charlie’s blog for the full meal deal, but here’s a taste… just a taste…

Why I’m Buying BlackBerry | CharlieHipHop



“I love an underdog, and I love it when a bully gets punched in the nose. BlackBerry is about to punch its bullies in the nose.”

So do we Charlie… and a punch in the nose is coming… we can feel it…

“BlackBerry is making excellent products, both hardware and software. This is a fact, not an opinion. Not only that, but their product line is diversified while still being synergistic. The whole is worth a lot more than the sum of its parts when it comes to BlackBerry.”

We’re with you there sir, best made handsets on the planet!

“It is far ahead of its competition in many ways which is probably why people who actually give it an honest go tend — much to their surprise — to like it.”

Yes indeed… Hub, peek, flow, multitasking, call quality, battery life… we could go on and on…
“BlackBerry’s private data network is the largest and most robust in the world by far”

And we can’t wait to see how it is to be leveraged. M2M, Auto, QNX, medical fields, the possibilities are endless!

Do yourself a favour and check out Charlie’s site for more here CharlieHipHop



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