31 Million users exposed after Al.Type app breach

Another big breach in very popular app across the mobile platform. Al.Type app for Keyboard customize use, breached and data of 31 Million users are now available in the dark net. The information that was collected by the hackers include, Full name, Email address, User location (city and country),

The app is free but if you want it to collect less data you can pay for the PRO version. The company say in their privacy agreement that users privacy is the most important for them and that any action that user make is encrypted, but what they forgot to tell you is that their server is open without even a password and encryption.

The researchers who found it said that the app uploaded phones numbers from users devices and emails from more than 364 Million contacts that the app collected without any reasonable reason.

“Theoretically, it is logical that anyone who has downloaded and installed the Ai.Type virtual keyboard on their phone has had all of their phone data exposed publicly online,”

Said Bob from Kromtech.

The server has only become more secure after reaching the server owner Eitan Fitusi, and even then it took time for action.

Read the full post for more info about this breach.

Roy Shpitalnik

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