26 Definitions of BlackBerry



Good Evening All,

Tonight me and few others from inside of BlackBerry Exclusive and UTB came up with an A – Z of BlackBerry and I thought after our little get together last night when we came up with UTB 12 Days of BlackBerry Christmas! me and Mr BlackBerry Addict came up with a little game over on our BlackBerry Exclusive BBM Group – #bbteamexclusive and came up with the 26 Definitions of BlackBerry.

So here goes:

A: Anonymous

B: Blend

C: Cool

D: Daddy

E: Efficient

F: Fan

G: Great

H: Handy

I: Innovation

J: Journey

K: Keys

L: Love

M: Marvelous

N: Native

O: Organised

P: Productivity



S: Sexy

T: Torch

U: Underrated

V: Video

W: Winchester

X: Xellent (Yeah, we all couldn’t think of one!)

Y: Yummy

Z: Z30

So there you go, our A – Z of our love for BlackBerry!

Can you think of any more? Let us know!



  • jrohland
    • Robert

      Nice one…

  • davemorgan

    Absolutely, Brilliant, creative, devices (that are) even fun gaming handsets. Its just kool live messaging now on (all) platforms (even) Retract sent texts. Unbeaten video with xcellent youthful zeal.

    OK so I ran out of words at the end……

    • BlackBerryAddict

      Woo Hoo! I love it! x

    • BlackBerryAddict

      Woo Hoo! I love it! x

      • davemorgan

        So good you loved it twice :)

  • Blackjack

    Beautiful! Thanks for the contribution blackberry addict. You passion for blackberry shines.