25,000 Hacked Plastic Surgery Photos Released in Ransom Scam

Hackers have stolen a database of private plastic surgery photos and are asking for a ransom.

The Grozio Chirurgija clinic located in Lithuania found itself hacked. The hackers had stolen a database of private plastic surgery photos, as well as patient passport and credit card information.

The theft is being attributed to a hacking group that goes by the name of Tsar Team. After hacking the clinic, the hackers demanded a 344,000 euro ransom, calling it a “small penalty” for having vulnerable computers. The clinic refused to pay the ransom, and the hackers released hundreds of private photos online.

Since that incident, patients of the clinic have began receiving ransom demands. These demands can be up to 2,000 euros. Patients in Denmark, Germany, Norway and the UK have all been affected.

On Tuesday, the hackers released the full database of 25,000 photos online. Authorities are cooperating from multiple European countries in the investigation of this hack.

One would have thought that even criminals would consider photos for medical procedures to be off limits. It seems that there is nothing that is off limits to cyber criminals. The only hope to put a stop to these breaches is for companies to take a more proactive response to cyber security. We as customers should demand it. Our demands for greater security can deter from later demands for ransom.



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