2017 Here we come!!!

Here at UTB, we talked about end of year updates and here is my little variation of what I, as a very loyal and passionate Blackberry user, is looking forward to in 2017.

A little about me, I have been an avid if not obsessive BlackBerry user since I got my first Torch (9800). Even before that, I looked at my Dad’s Blackberries with awe and knew once they could produce a touchscreen that worked well, I was in.

I came on the UTB Blogcast late in 2015 and was more of a viewer than a participant. This past year, I have been finding my voice in blogs and forums, sometimes it is a basic information piece and sometimes a little more involved. I consider the work we do here, even though I’m just a very small cog, extremely important to the company that we love. A lot of us are very passionate about Blackberry, including those that are constantly bashing BB. For those people, we here at UTB and other sites (especially Berryil.com), we will continue to fight your obvious disdain for one of the most important companies from the past and the leader into the future.

So, what does 2017 have for us? That’s a great question and we already know a lot. I’m sure we are going to get more and more information about partnerships, software updates, cyber security initiatives that are industry leading, product releases – Mercury is rising, IoT, automotive integration, and much, much more.

The start of 2017 has great news about new and exciting developments coming and here are a few of the great blogs already written about the near future. I can’t wait until we see what is in store for the rest of the year and onwards.

Sound off below about what you are most excited about for the future of BlackBerry.

Kevin Button

Kevin is a BlackBerry enthusiast and is known to be shouting it from the tops of mountains.