15 things an iPhone doesn’t have (or cannot do)…

I don’t know about you dear gentle reader, but I just don’t get it!??!!?

Why oh why do people pick an iPhone over a BB10 device? Is it advertising? Well that’s a distinct possibility. Is it because the iPhone has more apps? Well… that gap has all but disappeared. Is it because the iPhone has so many more features? No… gotta stop you there… absolutely not!

Here is my list of 15 things an iPhone does not have, or cannot do. Oh… forgot to mention, BlackBerry Z30 does all of this. Ready? In no particular order…



1) Miracast – This is a nifty feature that can broadcast your phone screen and audio wirelessly peer to peer to another Miracast enabled device such as a TV or Miracast Dongle. Apple has Apple TV, which is similar, but in it’s usual fashion only works with other Apple devices. Miracast is much like having wireless HDMI.

2) WiDi – Similar to Miracast, WiFi Direct can mirror your screen and audio to another WiDi capable device. This Intel directive uses a “soft AP” (Access Point) in the sending device, usually a laptop or other portable device.
3) NFC – Brad wrote an exceptional article regarding this just recently. Near Field Communications allows the transfer of files between devices, electronic payments at point of sale, and easy manipulation of device features with the use of tags.
4) USBOTG – USB On the Go allows the connection of numerous 3rd party peripherals to your BlackBerry 10 phone. The list includes hard drives, memory sticks, keyboards, mice, and many more. This, plus a connection to a large flat screen gives you almost work station like performance. Amazing!
5) SD card – The SD card slot allows up to 2 TBs of extra file storage. At the time of this writing, users have successfully installed 128gb SD cards. I have a 64gb card in my Z30, which in addition to the built-in 16gb, gives me a whopping 80gb phone!
6) DLNA – Digital Living Network Alliance is a standard in wide use for streaming multimedia files over a WiFi network. Unlike Miracast, DLNA requires a wireless LAN in order to function as opposed to the peer to peer nature of Miracast. The advantage of DLNA is that once you start streaming a movie or song, you are free to use the phone for other things such as BBM or email. Were you to do this with Miracast, the TV would be showing you messaging someone.
7) Stereo speakers – Not needing much of an explanation the iPhone is mono only. The Z30 stereo speakers are second to none. Beautiful sound.
8) 4 mics – This allows for natural sound in HD phone calls, BBM voice and video calls, and stereo video recordings.
9) Flash – Flash makes for a much more rich and enjoyable web browsing experience. There are thousands of sites that use flash content and this is one reason why BB10 users don’t need “an app for that”.
10) 5″ screen – Poor iPhone… stuck with a tiny 4” screen. Both the Z10 at 4.2” and the Z30 at 5” are larger making for a much better experience.
11) HDMI out – I’ve used the native HDMI out countless times in the boardroom and at home to show presentations and watch movies. People are amazed seeing the 1080p quality coming from such a small device.

12)  Wireless charging – Available to some Z30 models, wireless Qi is a convenient and un-tethered way of charging your phone. Available from Verizon.
13) A file system – So many BB10 users take this for granted. Being able to place music, documents, pictures, and video files in any existing or newly created folder. You cannot say that you have “mobile computing” without this basic feature. Plus, on BB10 you can manipulate and move those files wirelessly from a laptop or desktop.

14) RFA – Remote File Access. Toobs reminded me of this little gem (thanks Toobs). Imagine being able to access any file on your laptop or desktop from anywhere in the world! It’s like having your own little (or big) cloud storage. Any drive that your PC is mapped to including NAS, USB, servers, etc. All accessible in your hand. Many Terabytes await you!
15) And… you know what? It’s the year 2014 and if I send an iPhone user an email, they can’t even reply to it with an attachment! That in itself is the most ridiculous lack of efficiency I’ve ever seen. Why do people put up with such crap? Ugh!

So… spill… why in the world would I pick an iPhone over a Z30? The fingerprint scanning home button? I always thought the home button was a pain, and I’m hearing that the fingerprint scan has a less than a 50% success rate thereby requiring multiple attempts. I’ll take picture password over that. Oh wait… that’s 16! Ha! Got any more to add?

Go get a Z30. There’s no excuse anymore. Just do it!

You’re welcome…


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