10 Days With My New Passport


My 10 days with a Passport is a bit of a different take. Many have done reviews, but this will be a bit of a change.

I’m a Verizon Wireless customer, so my daily driver is an amazing Classic.

Therefore I use the good old rounded cornered AT&T Passport model as a tablet.

The 3450 mAh battery easily lasts all day with heavy use. When I first started using it, I thought the battery dropped too fast, but after 48 hours or so, it “settled” in nicely.

Though unlocked, I get upgrades from AT&T even without a SIM. Not a problem, used my BlitzOS file available at UTB forums: BlitzOS_10.3.2789_(SR 2514)_For_All_BB10_Devices

Now running latest and I must say, Passport is a real winner.

Without the SIM, obviously no text nor phone calls, but for reading groups or chats on BBM, using the great BlackBerry browser on the web, it is a true thrill. Working wide isn’t just a selling point, it makes viewing anything a real pleasure. I could go on, but no need, we all know what a great job BlackBerry Ltd has done with the Passport.

Edit: I kept this article short on purpose. 1000’s of reviews already out there. One thing I did forget to add: up at 6 am every morning, open BBM and UTB app, in Active Frame all day, never closed. Battery at 60% Friday, extra heavy use Saturday, still at 41% after 11 pm. Dynamite phone.





BlackBerry fan. Loved my Bold 9650. Then went Z10, Q10, Z10, Z30. Now rocking a Verizon BlackBerry Classic! Also an unlocked AT&T Passport used as a tablet. Retired truck driver, last 27+ years before retirement was with a local beer distributor.