10 Annoyances of Apple Watch

The fine folks at Digital Trends put together a fine list of “10 Annoying Apple Watch Problems and How to Fix Them”. It seemed a great post, I’m sure very helpful to those that strap an Apple Watch to their wrist.

I of course, want to be a helpful member to society, and want to help those tasked with lugging the smallest of Apple products around with them all day. Being the kind soul that I am, I wanted to add a little UTB advice to their post.

Besides, it’s the weekend. It’s time for some fun right?


1. Bluetooth won’t connect or frequently disconnects.

DT educates watch users how Bluetooth works, and speaks of moving the connected iPhone to another pocket.

UTB advice, get that iPhone as close to the Apple Watch as possible. If you wear the Apple Watch on your left hand, carry the iPhone in your left hand as well. That way, any time you lift your left hand to see what is going on, both the watch and phone will be there. No problem!

2. Poor Battery Life

DT speaks of turning Apple Watch in to a time only mode.

UTB Advice, you purchased an Apple product. It’s time to work on a little thing called acceptance. The battery life will never be up to par, it’s up to the user to learn to accept this reality.

3. Draining iPhone Battery

DT recommends turning off functions.

UTB Advice, see number 2. Were you really surprised that your lacklustre battery life was worse with a watch connected to it via Bluetooth? Acceptance my friend. Acceptance.

4. Apple Watch Wont Charge

DT suggests removing the protective packaging. Yup. That happened.

UTB Advice, after hearing what happened to the guy’s iPhone when it wouldn’t charge over the Independence Day Holiday, I’d say get out of the truck and run.

5. Apple Watch Crashing or Freezing

DT suggests restatting the device.

UTB Advice, you were trying to use it as a smartwatch weren’t you? Silly goose, the Apple Watch is for fashion, not utility!

6. Apple Watch Isn’t Tracking Activity

DT suggests turning stuff off an on. That will fix it!

UTB Advice, how much activity can you really have when you can’t step more than a cord’s length away from a power socket?

7. Apple Watch Won’t Turn On

DT suggests charging the Apple Watch.

UTB Advice, uhm, yeah. It needs to have a charge to turn on. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to that. Several times a day from what I hear.

8. Notifications Don’t Appear on Apple Watch

DT suggests turning off Do Not Disturb

UTB Advice, wait…. really? Users have to be told to turn off Do Not Disturb to get notifications? This is a top 10 annoyance?? Oh my….

9. Apple Watch Won’t Update

DT suggests restarting the watch

UTB Advice, every Apple user should know by now that the best, most fool proof way to update is to head right down to the Apple store and buy a new one.

10. Slow Apple Watch Performance

DT Suggests ensuring both phone and watch are updated.

UTB Advice, learn from the iPhone and simply hope the next iteration is better than the current. And keep hoping.

Apple Watch users, we hope you can take our advice to better enjoy your devices. Your welcome.


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