10.3.3 Will Support Let’s Encrypt Certificates

It appears 10.3.3 will support Let’s Encrypt certificates.

I was browsing through the carousel in BlackBerry World this morning, when I saw an app called multiCert by arsMOBILIS. Being one of those people that’s very interested in security and privacy, I decided to check it out. I was quickly rewarded. At the very top of the description, the developer revealed that 10.3.3 will support Let’s Encrypt certificates:

IMPORTANT: This app is not needed for BlackBerry 10 version 10.3.3 or higher, which has built-in support for Let’s Encrypt root and signing certificates.

That is a big deal for security. One of the reasons why many sites don’t support HTTPS is because of the cost of obtaining and maintaining security certificates. Let’s Encrypt solves that problem by giving certificates out for free. With certificates now available for free, it’s hoped that all websites will now use HTTPS.

And that’s currently a problem for some browsers, because not all browsers support Let’s Encrypt certificates. That means that the browsers don’t consider Let’s Encrypt a trusted signing authority (an organization that signs or issues security certificates). As a result, when users go to a website that uses Let’s Encrypt certificates, their browser displays a security warning, telling the user that the site’s certificate cannot be verified or trusted, or that the certificate wasn’t signed by a trusted entity. By adding support for Let’s Encrypt, BlackBerry is telling the browsers that Let’s Encrypt is a trusted signing authority and its certificates can be trusted (providing the rest of the info in certificate checks out too). This will stop the browsers from displaying a security alert simply because the certificate was signed by Let’s Encrypt.

In short, you’ll be able to visit websites that use Let’s Encrypt certificates just like you do with other sites that your browser trusts.

This will be a very welcome addition to BB10. It’s another reason I’m really looking forward to 10.3.3. If you can’t wait for 10.3.3, then you can download multiCert for free from BlackBerry World now.


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