os… NOT For The Faint Of Heart But A Great First Look…


Loaded on a Spare Z10 here is the new OS leaked out late yesterday. As the title suggests it is NOT for your newbie or everyday user. This is for those who understand quirks and issues that WILL, not possibly, be hindering daily use.

First off, here is what we are working with. This is NOT an “official release” you will have watermark pins on the corners, some glitches because this is a “young build” and they have to fit the pieces of the puzzle together yet. 10.2.x.xxxx has turned out quite well, but it too was a rocky start. So KEEP THIS ALL IN MIND.


Again, this is not recommended to be loaded on your daily devise, hence no links. Sorry, we don’t people to load it and have a “bad experience” with something that is NOT FINISHED. So PLEASE take note. This is more of a behind the scenes and look what’s possible to be coming. That said..

Now, for the goods. Right off the bat there was a difference, the loading bubble was a more purplish color and the percentage was no longer present while touching the screen.


But would still randomly display it… so maybe delayed and one of the quirks?


Loading up we see that the traditional blue keyboard highlights are gone and replaced with red. Possibly due to still in the building stages.


Once inside we see some things right off the bat. The hub has a slightly different look to it. This may be a trial, maybe not. Maybe following suit of other platforms out there to “brighten things up”?.


The red is apparently throughout the build too, in settings and such.


The above pic also shows us the face down and pick up screen switch for battery saving that is available now.

Now… what do we have here in the bottom row??
Wait… is it?? Could it be??


The rumors appear to be TRUE! Native built in virtual assistant… voice activated!


Yes a bit chilly in Chicago today.

We are also seeing some changes in conversation screens for bbm and text. Take a peek and notice the cursor even.


Also now available os the arranging of settings even. Not a huge deal, but something showing that the dev’s are listening to people out there for what is wanted.

wpid-IMG_20140324_113619 (1)

Now here is a biggie for lots of you possibly.. notice down in the lower right…


That’s right, panoramic built in!


Even the clock has a slightly different look here.


Also our search option now brings up the virtual assistant with appears to go through an extensive search from within apps to the Web.


As of now, I personally am not seeing much else visually yet. I will be diving in deeper later but wanted to show you what we have now.

Also found after several tests and reboots on three of our devices, active frame apps that were left “open” upon a device reset (volume up & down simultaneously) would RETURN at device restart. So…
Open an app and it STAYS until YOU decide it’s game over!

Again, this is on my spare device NOT my main phone and recommend readers not to load up on any device that is needed to do its full function.

Thank you

What do you think of the leaked OS? Good way for Blackberry to get feedback before release, or should they be halted?

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