$1.6 Billion Lawsuit Aimed at Spotify

Wixen Music Publishing targets Spotify

$1.6 billion is no small amount. But that is the amount which Wixen Music Publishing is asking for from Spotify in a new lawsuit.

Wixen Music Publishing holds the publishing rights from acts such as Tom Petty, Neil Young, Steely Dan’s Donald Fagen, Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo, Stevie Nicks and others. Wixen’s lawsuit claims that the streaming service has not properly licensed the music which they are streaming to users.

Wixen claims that Spotify favors record labels over the publishing industry. Spotify just offered to pay out a $43 million settlement in May because of a previous class action lawsuit from a group of songwriters. This was not seen as adequate, and even more lawsuits followed, with Wixen being the newest.

“We’re just asking to be treated fairly,” Wixen president Randall Wixen stated. “We are not looking for a ridiculous punitive payment. But we estimate that our clients account for somewhere between 1% and 5% of the music these services distribute. Spotify has more than $3 billion in annual revenue and pays outrageous annual salaries to its executives and millions per month for ultra-luxurious office space in various cities. All we’re asking for is for them to reasonably compensate our clients by sharing a miniscule amount of the revenue they take in with the creators of the product they sell.”

source: Variety


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