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BES12CloudMy life is mobile…and managed


BES 12 Cloud is out there waiting. Hop aboard and let’s take flight. BES is BlackBerry Enterprise Service. It is an ecosystem for the management of mobile devices. Management in this case means we can add email accounts, apps, Wi-Fi and other capabilities to one or thousands of mobile phones and tablets, from a single console. In addition, we can impose restrictions on features, if that is appropriate. For example, if your work does not allow the use of the media card (SD Card) in your phone, you could get an iPhone or just restrict it by policy. BlackBerry has lots of good information about BES12 online. Click here to check it out.

Below is my video take on how to get and use BES12 Cloud 30 day evaluation. If you want to try it out for yourself, have a look:

In PART 2 I will add an email account to the phone from the BES 12 Console while showing how variables are used in the process. Also, I will add an app or two, and spend a little time showing some policies. Keep an eye out on UTB Blogs for that.


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  • Anthony

    This video is good. It’s the first time I see BES12 Cloud. :O

    Can you also swipe down on your home screen to switch between “work” and “personal”? This work/personal switch is quite important for user satisfaction. BlackBerry also has split billing, another important feature for user satisfaction.

    If your employer restricts camera use, what prevents the employee changing to “personal” to take a picture locco_smiley_25

  • jrohland

    Anthony, I am working on part 2 now. I plan to look into how one might bypass restrictions by switching to the personal side.

    I won’t investigate WorkLife (http://us.blackberry.com/enterprise/products/worklife.html). Buy I agree that is something BlackBerry should push. I suspect BlackBerry is having trouble getting carriers to cooperate with use of a virtual SIM. Even Apple is appears to be having trouble pushing their software SIM idea.