Snap causes problems with 10.3.3

Snap, a widely popular third-party app for Google Play, has become a go-to choice for BB10 users seeking applications that are unavailable on BlackBerry World. However, a recent tweet from the app’s developer has indicated that there are compatibility problems with Snap following the upgrade to OS 10.3.3. Snap causes problems with 10.3.3, and this article will explore the current situation with Snap and its compatibility issues, providing insight into the potential impact on BB10 users.

Snap Causes Problems with 10.3.3: Popular Third-Party App for Google Play Troubles BlackBerry BB10 Users

Snap causes problems with 10.3.3

Snap, the third-party app for google play that is very popular with BB10 users is one of the best options if you need some apps that don’t exist in BlackBerry World.

The app developer just tweeted that with the upgrade to OS 10.3.3, there are some issues with Snap and that he working on the fix.

Still working on figuring out a solution. If you haven’t already, don’t upgrade to 10.3.3 yet if you need Snap!

— Red Light of Love (@RedLightOfLove) December 5, 2016

If you upgraded to OS10.3.3 and use snap, comment below if you noticed any issues.


In conclusion, the recent announcement from Snap’s developer regarding compatibility issues with the OS 10.3.3 upgrade has raised concerns among BB10 users who rely on the app for accessing a wide range of applications. While the developer is actively working on a solution, it is advised not to upgrade to OS 10.3.3 if Snap is an essential app for your needs. It is crucial for BB10 users who have already upgraded to share their experiences and report any issues they have encountered to facilitate the ongoing troubleshooting process.

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