Rev Grim Preaches The Twisted Things Said That MAKE You Think Apple Are Better!

Rev Grim Preaches The Twisted Things Said That MAKE You Think Apple Are Better

Dear friends, Rev Grim Preaches The Twisted Things Said That MAKE You Think Apple Are Better!

As said in a previous post on UTB, 3 or Three (a UK carrier) … or as I like to call them…. iDiots say that BlackBerry is dying…… Hello! what tree are you hanging from? Oh, yes, that one, the APPLE TREE!

Who gives you this information? I might believe you if I didn’t know much about PHONES, if I didn’t know that since Christmas BlackBerry’s stock prices have nearly doubled, that Ford have dumped Micro$oft for QNX in the new cars, if I didn’t know that big companies and security boffins were all moving to BES10 , if I didn’t know how badly Apple are faring (do I need to continue?)

Yes. if I didn’t know all this then I might well believe these lies, unless, of course Three UK, you know something no one else does! How about T-Mobile US, do you know something? After your little games not so long ago… ATT? Verizon? Sprint?

Yes We all know Apple are the world leaders with phones, we all know that they don’t have any problems………. ahh, actually, perhaps this is where there has been a mix up, maybe someone somewhere has made a typo, or when they were sending a message (on their iPhone) it got auto corrected, perhaps everyone got told BlackBerry when it should have been Apple!

Because when I look into the things going on the company that seems to have a problem is Apple, in March 2012 they were over $700 a share, now they are around $530 a share, in 2 years they have lost nearly $200 per share……. that’s nothing really is it?

Core issues with the phones… 32 issues with iOS7… remember?

Loads of unsold inventory… no, no, that NEVER happens to the mighty Apple, does it?

Security, ahh, yes, SECURITY, do we need to say anymore?

How about when people leave the clutches of Apple?

They don’t get their messages because Apple wont let them go from sender to recipient, oh no, they go to Apple, get….whatevered….then get sent on, but unless you change this before moving to your new phone you’ll be screwed.

Did you know that sheeple? Maybe all the messages are stored for whoever is going to pay the most for them or even just open up the back door to Apple and pop in to get them, I’m Not Saying Any names… who knows? I know you don’t!

Big people are leaving Apple, Bryan James, who was working on the iWatch, has gone to Nest.

The prices of their (I’ve got to laugh when I say this) range (lmao) of phones….. all 2 of them, 5s and 5c….awful phones with huge price tags! Compare them to the 4 BB10 devices BlackBerry have to offer, and before anyone says ‘the 5c comes in different colours and memory sizes as does the 5s’ the BlackBerry’s come in different colours too, and don’t need different memory sizes as you can put in a micro sd card!

Can you see where all this is heading? Apple or BlackBerry in trouble? One fighting its way up getting new business everywhere you look with amazing security, amazing (big range) of phones that do things better than… well, need I say it?

Or the other one that is losing money hand over fist, been to court over price fixing of eBooks, being made to pay back money to people who had kids buy stuff from within games, have the NSA sitting there reading everything YOU do, have app’s that spy on you, open the phone to anyone on the same wireless network as you…….

Do I really have to continue with this?

Do you get it yet?

If you agree with me on this then let the BIG BOYS know, get Apple to read this, Three, O2, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, Virgin, ATT……any company that you have heard say that BlackBerry is down beaten needs to be told!


As individuals we may be small against the might of these big companies, but standing together and SHOUTING in one unified voice we will be heard! We can make a difference, we can make the change, lets turn the tide!

Lets get out from UNDER THE BRIDGE together!

And that, my believers, is the word according to Reverend Grim this beautiful Sunday.

I do hope you enjoyed this sermon and return next time I’m here to read my next lesson…

Rev Grim Preaches The Twisted Things Said That MAKE You Think Apple Are Better

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