Reddit Doesn’t Want Positive BlackBerry News

You already heard how the Apple and Android fanboys did not appreciate UTB’s arrival on Reddit. They simply did not want to hear positive news about BlackBerry, and immediately attacked. That’s ok, we BlackBerry users are used to it. The funny thing, is that they were not even discussing the articles, they were just upset that something positive was being stated about BlackBerry. No fear! Reddit is a big site! That apparently allows everything! I see cursing, I see *ahem* adult images, I see people talking about how great iPhone’s are. So BlackBerry users should be safe in our own dark little corner right? Not so fast!

Who is "Undefined" and how do I speak to them?
Who is “Undefined” and how do I speak to them?

I’ve been banned? Now, I haven’t added any articles to Reddit since before Biggly broke that story. And I’ve been trying to abide by Reddit’s rule’s by going and chatting in their little conversations without throwing in links and such. But apparently, they are just extremely unhappy that I posted a couple of positive BlackBerry stories. I can’t wait to see if they respond to my question. Let’s hope Reddit sees the light, and stops bowing to the anger of android and iPhone fanboys.

And a related question, anyone know how many sub-reddits you can be banned from before they ban you from Reddit altogether?



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  • ital1

    Wow, that is ridiculous.

  • nnik

    Whoever runs the sight seems to have very strong opinions and bias, so fckem…. really, why waste your time trying to change the minds of morons

  • Anthony

    You’ve been banned =))

    The internet is an advertising playground. Hemdroids and iSheep are protecting their turfs.

  • xBURK

    Can you reply with a link to this stuff. Ty

    • Brad

      I would, but it appears that my posts have been deleted. :(

  • Reverend Grim

    Reddit……. nah……. DEADit!
    What a bunch of brain dead sheep!
    Maybe the NSA didn’t get the message returned to them to read…… not everyone is a fandroid that goes BAAA!
    Bye bye, hope the shearing clippers don’t slip and cut your throat!

  • bungaboy

    Snow balls! They got snow balls!

    Fuq em!

    Karma works. One day we will GLOAT BIG TIME!

  • RedFoxOne

    Trolls + paid fake users + paid mods
    = r/blackberry

  • MePiikan LzBolaz

    Really Brad, banned at another site? locco_smiley_12

    At least you can’t be banned here at UTB…or can you? locco_smiley_37

    • Trev


      I do love a good old fashioned mutiny.