New BBM Update Rolling You ll Love!

New Bbm Update Rolling One Youll Love

Prepare to be thrilled by the latest news regarding new BBM update rolling youll love out! This update goes beyond mere bug fixes, delivering an array of exciting features that are bound to leave you impressed. The Android BBM Update, arriving earlier than expected, introduces animated stickers, a free custom BBM PIN, and a revamped chat interface. Brace yourself for a delightful experience as we delve into the details of this remarkable update.

There’s word of a new BBM update rolling out, and this is more than just bug fixes!

New Bbm Update Rolling One Youll Love

Editor’s Note: It has come to our attention that this update is currently in beta – as such, it may not be ready for a full, production scale rollout

We’re hearing word that a new Android BBM Update is rolling out now! This is an update we’ve been waiting on, yet it appears to be here earlier than any of us expected.

The update brings BBM up to version 300.3.7.98 and is dated today, July 25, 2017. Let’s get this straight, this is a big update.

What’s new? How about animated stickers? Free custom BBM PIN, and a completely new chat interface. And it looks great! Say goodbye to those Teletubbies colors!

Even one of the newest features, sharing videos to BBM groups has received a massive interface update, and it looks great!

The change log follows

  • Animated stickers have arrived in BBM! Preview and share stickers that move, and search through more than 1,000 packs organized by categories.
  • Customise your BBM PIN for free. Choose what’s easy to remember and best describes who you are.
  • Experience better quality interaction with richer video sharing and editing options.
  • Easily create and manage groups for chats. events, and discussions.
  • New chatting interface that is more user friendly and fun to use with friends.
  • Have you received the new BBM update? Let us know what you think of the changes


The arrival of the new BBM update has brought forth a wave of anticipation and excitement. With animated stickers, a personalized BBM PIN, enhanced video sharing, and a user-friendly chat interface, this update has surpassed expectations. It’s time to embrace these changes and explore the enhanced features.

Share your thoughts and experiences with us as you dive into this impressive BBM update. Brace yourself for a transformative experience delivered straight from the extraordinary archives of UTB blogs. Delve into the depths of wisdom and seize the opportunity to connect with us for a limitless wellspring of knowledge.

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