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Latest Spotted OS
First, I'm not forgetting anything. I work for an employer that was a big BlackBerry customer. And I think my employer is an example of the big picture. If there were this customer base that needed BB10 and could not meet needs any other way (or didn't care) then BlackBerry would still be designing, manufacturing, and supporting BlackBerry handsets. But I've been beating this poor horse already.

To add, BlackBerry went the way it did because it was too little too late when the market shifted, and then it compounded its errors. The online communities in fact are minuscule in the bigger scheme of things. People who abandoned BlackBerry didn't do so because of what they read on the forums, they did it because BlackBerry didn't sell them on a solution that gave them what they wanted. You can argue the whole marketing issues, but at the bottom of it remains that BlackBerry failed all on its own.

I'm not bitching, only setting the record straight, in response to another's post. I am a BlackBerry fan, but facts are facts. If this site just wants happy talk and never honest discussion, I'll leave and not visit again.

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Actually everyone has their opinion, nothing wrong with expressing it, but this isn't the thread for it.
It's a Spotted OS thread, and I try to stick with that here.
Unfortunately, Spotted are few and far between.
Nothing new since 3057 weeks ago.
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