UTB Blogcast Special with Alex Thurber

We have a special edition of the UTB Blogcast today. We have a special guest: Alex Thurber, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Mobility Solutions at BlackBerry.


Join us to find out what we’ll discuss!


Erica Davis

Erica is a BlackBerry fanatic, supporter, and uses BlackBerry devices exclusively. She likes to connect the dots, fit the pieces together, and showcase the overshadowed... oh, and she likes cookies.

  • anthogag

    Nice podcast.

    I’ll take BlackBerry’s QNX Bentley when they’re finished with it.

    The seven BlackBerry “bullets” can be the “BlackBerry Secured” logo on a device.

    John Chen and many BlackBerry employees use BB10…ftw o/

  • Roy shpitalnik

    It Was Great to have Alex with us

  • Alan

    I did really enjoy this podcast. Thank so much everyone. As a BB10 primary user, and although Alex mentioned several times that BlackBerry has not abandoned BB10 I still would have preferred more specific information given about BB10. Even just at a maintenance level I feel BB10 could use some attention. For instance while watching a video I could minimize the video and continue listening to it while doing something else. What happened to that cool functionality. What happened to 10.4? I mean whatever we are getting out of it, we should be getting it anytime soon shouldn’t we? Not mentioned in podcast, or perhaps I missed that inclusion. Anyway, overall it was kind of cool, and there were some good questions.

    • Wayno

      Thanks Alan. We did ask a lot of the questions people wanted answers to and I thought Alex was fantastic in answering everything he could. I think there is a lot we can take from this episode. I know we all enjoyed it and hope that the viewers did too!

  • Markus Graf

    No Android Nougat for the Priv? Thx BlackBerry. I will buy in future iphones. No company has tell their clients so much bull shit in the last few years than BB. BlackBerry is not able to build phones and isn’t able to build software. Close the doors or sell ice cream.

    • How about you listen to the Blogcast? That wasn’t said.