BlackBerry Passport vs Samsung Galaxy S7, Under Water!

BlackBerry Passport vs Samsung Galaxy S7, Under Water

BlackBerry Passport vs Samsung Galaxy S7, Under Water – We are finding that phone carrier reps are now pushing the Samsung Galaxy S7, like there is no other phone on the planet. It is seemingly the best thing since sliced bread! Of course, I don’t much care for sandwiches, so that’s not a major selling point for me. So what is the feature that is so impressive? Honestly, to me, the most impressive thing, is that Samsung realized they were wrong and brought back the SD card slot. Of course, they wouldn’t have had to bring it back had they not removed it in the first case. The feature that seems to be impressing people the most, the single item that seems to be getting the most press, and the bragging from users, is the S7’s resistance to water.

Of course it should come as no surprise that we should start seeing reviewers compare the S7’s water resistance to other phones. But compared to a BlackBerry Passport? That seems hardly fair! The Galaxy is a slab. There are hardly any moving parts, hardly anywhere that Samsung had to really deal with waterproofing. Think about it, there are what, three or four buttons, an external speaker, the handset speaker and mic,  power port, and a headphone jack, as this time Samsung hasn’t followed Apple in to the village of the damned. The Passport by comparison has 29 capacitive buttons on it’s keyboard, with four more for power and volume.  The Passport of course has a handset speaker and mic, as well as dual output speakers. Did you know the Passport has three more mics? There is one on either side of the camera for noise cancellation and one hidden in the handset speaker grill. Most importantly, the BlackBerry Passport wasn’t made to go for a dip with you. I suppose it’s no surprise then that this should be a competition for someone wanting to show how Samsung is better than BlackBerry. Instead of looking at actual computing capabilities, let’s just dunk them in water.

YouTuber Adrian Isen did just that. He took what appeared to be a brand new Passport, and poured water over it in to a dollar store food container. The Passport appears to be brand new, with the original app icons all still in their original places. And in the first few seconds of the video, Adrian is shocked when he realizes the keyboard is capacitive. It’s too bad Adrian didn’t give the Passport a real review. Watch the video below.

There are only two things I can say in response to this video.

  1. Don’t ever do this to your BlackBerry. That’s just mean.
  2. Impressive isn’t it?

I’ll be showing this vid off to people that brag about their S7 being waterproof.

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