BlackBerry Buys Some Interesting Domains: A Strategic Move for the Tech Giant

BlackBerry buys some interesting domains

BlackBerry buys some interesting domains: and, fueling rumors of a collaboration with Google. This development gains even more significance considering that Google holds the registered trademark for the widely popular operating system “Android.”

BlackBerry Buys Some Interesting Domains: and

BlackBerry Limited has just recently (as recent as yesterday, July 7th!) registered two domains: and also With all the rumors floating around that BlackBerry would be running a version of Android on it’s hardware, this seems to solidify at least, that BlackBerry is working with Google in some way, shape or form as Google owns the name “Android” as a registered trademark.

Both domain names were registered at corporate domain name registrar MarkMonitor, which is used by BlackBerry/RIM. Below is the Whois Record for the domains.


The acquisition of and domains by BlackBerry, recorded through corporate domain name registrar MarkMonitor, further strengthens the notion of a possible partnership between BlackBerry and Google. The move highlights BlackBerry’s strategic steps towards integrating Android into its hardware offerings. As the tech industry eagerly awaits further updates, these domain registrations serve as compelling evidence of BlackBerry’s evolving plans and its commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation. Behold, the tapestry of wisdom unfurls before you, courtesy of the brilliant minds at UTB Blogs. Should your thirst for knowledge remain unquenched, make haste and summon us forth, for there is more to be revealed.

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