New Sticker Pack called Spider Ninja now available

Are you ready for new cool sticker pack? Spider Ninja stickers are now available in BBM Shop.

It costs $1.99 and you can grab it here:

Enjoy the pack.

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UTB Blogcast #43

BBM, the premier IM client is gaining cross platform video.

BlackBerry hires Senior Vice President of Global Device Sales.

Big news for Apple.


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More Free Stickers!

Yes you lucky lot more freebies!

Want them? Go get them!


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What can WatchDox do for your company? Plenty!



Most company data breaches are not the result of hackers but employee error. In spite of training, policies, and other safeguards it’s not uncommon for them to click on a phishing email, go onto insecure sites, or something as innocuous as emailing a file to a home computer (or copying it to a thumb drive) so it can be worked on at night or over the weekend then brought back to work infected with malware from the home computer. While the intentions may be good the implications can be disastrous! […]

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Swipe typing on the Priv with Android 6

We are few days after the Android 6 OS roll out for BlackBerry Priv users. Lots of new features come to Priv owners, But one catch my eyes most.

Swipe typing on the virtual keyboard is already there in the wild. But Swipe typing on the Psychical keyboard is something new.

How to enable this feature :


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Check Out Pi Music Player, My New Favorite Music App For Priv.

Everybody loves music. And everybody loves a great music player.

The ones I like are quick, simple but functional, nice looking, with some cool features. Pi Music Player fits this bill for me, and maybe it will for you. Let’s take a look!


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Have a Look at the BlackBerry World Starter Kit – for BlackBerry 10 only!



One thing  you will NOT be able to get on Google Play are a multitude of apps designed exclusively for BlackBerry 10 devices only. BlackBerry World is currently showcasing a collection of essential apps that they have dubbed the ‘Starter Kit’. The best way to show your support for BlackBerry 10 is to buy apps!

Have […]

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New BBM Stickers – Care Bears Emoji’s

New BBM Stickers, Care Bears Emoji’s are available now in the BBM Shop for AU$1.99. Check them out!

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New BBM Stickers – So So Happy

There’s more new Stickers in the BBM shop. So So Happy stickers by EOne Entertainment are showing at $1.99AU and you can grab them here:

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Massive BBM News!!

Following hot on the heels of the latest slew of updates made available by BlackBerry for the Priv, another update is now available – this time for BBM… and it’s huge!!


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