A turtle with a heart on.

A turtle with a heart on.

Pico Candy and Suzy Spafford bring you another way to have fun when using BBM with your friends and family during February.

“Send messages of love with Suzy’s Zoo stickers!”

This new pack can be found in the BBM Shop in the BBM app.

Enjoy, you love birds.


Oh my goodness it’s already Saturday – good thing I have a great channel to feature today. Only one, you ask? Well, our Dear Leader (UTB Brad) has assured me I have editorial control over my channel features within reason. I intend to push that boundary eventually though I do wonder if UTB Brad even reads UTB – he IS terribly busy.

Anyway, today’s channel is C001CC6D7 Ready. Set. JOE! run by my good friend, UTB’s own bbjoe2011. I should warn you, it is not politically correct and often more than a little NSFW. Offering a random but well-curated selection of memes, cars, girls, and BlackBerry, Ready Set JOE is a great choice to fill the idle minutes. Plus when he isn’t being grumpy, he’s quite a funny guy and keeps his channel chat open, so make sure you say hi.

Have a channel suggestion for my Saturday features? Feel free to drop it in the comments or in my forum thread.

Happy Channeling!


Magic relies heavily on the skill of misdirection. You know what that is. Get the audience to look at your magic wand, as you’re swapping cards with the other hand. Google it seems has given up on actually fixing their Android OS, and are instead, asking us to look at the wand.

Did you know that Google has a group who looks for exploits in other operating systems? Yes. As Android is an open book to hacks and malware, Google is spending money to find exploits in other platforms? Why? Misdirection of course.

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In my real life (not this one, this is much more fun) I help people make money. The way this works is that they pay me and I show them how to make a damn sight more money than they have paid me by either helping them get a business off the ground or fixing what is wrong with their business in the first place.

And I’ve been doing this for quite a while and made a living out of it. So I must have some idea what I am talking about.

The other day I was chatting to someone who has paid me money to get a business off the ground. He won’t be running it (he has another job as you will see) but it will give him flexibility and wants something else to fall back on outside his job. Very laudable.

The only problem is that, as I say, I’ve been doing this for a while and I really can’t be bothered to argue with people’s egos so there is one golden rule:

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Well my faithful ones, I’m here again to spread the word, and today’s word is…


Now some of you don’t hail from the Great British Isle’s like myself and a few others here at the United Temple of BlackBerry so you might not know the ‘rules of the road’

Here in the UK using a mobile phone whilst driving is forbidden and in my eye’s its forbidden for damn good reasons!


Drivers who use a mobile phone, whether hand-held or hands-free:

  • are much less aware of what’s happening on the road around them
  • fail to see road signs
  • fail to maintain proper lane position and steady speed
  • are more likely to ‘tailgate’ the vehicle in front
  • react more slowly, take longer to brake and longer to stop
  • are more likely to enter unsafe gaps in traffic
  • feel more stressed and frustrated.

They are also four times more likely to crash, injuring or killing themselves and other people.

Now I know this isn’t aimed at everyone, just the people that think they need to answer a phone while driving… or worse still, text and I bet you are wondering why I have a bee in my bonnet about this?

There are a few reasons…

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Famed whistleblower Edward Snowden won’t use an iPhone, and it has nothing to do with an aversion to hipsters. The man known for  leaking NSA documents and fleeing to Russia fears iPhone for one reason, security.

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I woke up today to an e-mail from my father. He keeps an eye on Best Buy’s deal of the day, and often lets me know if there’s something there that he thinks would interest me. Today he sent me a link to the Monster Digital On-The-Go Cloud.

Yay. Another cloud.

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Android Central Phil

The funny thing about BlackBerry is that those that write blogs in favour of their own personal platform preference often spend ages describing them as ‘irrelevant’, ‘outdated’ or ‘dead’. Usually these people are based in the US, which allows them to also throw in ‘non-existent market share’ just for the fun of it as if US = World which, to anyone who has ever studied Apple’s market share outside of the US, UK and Australia, would know very well that it isn’t.

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Someone is getting lucky!

Someone is getting lucky!

Just in time for the love fest that is Valentine’s Day, Meemo is releasing a Valentine themed sticker pack.

It can be yours for $1.99 and it can be found in the BBM shop.