Are you a BOOK WORM? Do you fall into a category of BOOK ADDICTS? Do you want to make your BLACKBERRY work as STORYTELLER, then follow me. We will go through the details below for a while:


Bumblebee Computing, a developer had created an app that can be used as a “AUDIOBOOK” reader. This is a native BlackBerry App, listed this month.

It is bundled with many features inside this app:

Your location will be saved instantly, where you had left-off while listening to a book previously.

When you turn-ON this app, it will open the same page and starts from same point, which makes the users feel free while listening to a book and closing this app unknowingly.

This app comes with an ability of looking for the chapters and keeping them in correct order accordingly.

All you need to do is install this app and move your audiobooks into the “books” folder inside your phone whether it be “SD/Device”.

The app has been integrated with Librivox according to Developer, BumbleBeeComputing. One can choose books from “Top 100 Best books of all time”.

This app saves users from downloading audiobooks over MOBILE NETWORK.

There might be some users who will be eligible for downloading the app for FREE by using a PROMO CODE:  STORYTELLERPROMO

Comment on this post if you are able to download this app and leave a positive review for the Developer over this app too.

Raktheme, had listed their new app, Online Email and Contacts.

Raktheme developer is running crazy by providing promotional codes for their app lovers. I am one among them CRAZY.

IMG_20141127_200251 IMG_20141127_195520 IMG_20141127_195533IMG_20141127_200520

The transparency of the app is looking nice and DRIVING ME CRAZY. This makes my BEAST MUCH MORE INTERESTING TO USE.

This app has Online Email feature, which helps in accessing accounts of Gmail, Yahoo mail and Outlook mail.

Another in-built feature of this app,  one can edit their contacts saved on Microsoft, Yahoo and Gmail accounts.

The developer is also offering that one can restore, export and duplicate finder and merger service.

Come lets grab a copy of this app in BlackBerry World. If you are LUCKY, then you can be able to download this for FREE using promo code: EMAIL3112

Don’t forget to write a REVIEW for the developer who’s building native BlackBerry Apps.



TMC Devs have released their latest version of their app, BProfile.

BProfile goes from version to and with that brings:

*Added icon.
*Added icon.
*Added BES12 Enterprise/BlackBerry4Biz.
*Added BBM Meetings icon.

I like this app a lot because it lets me jazz up my photos in a very unique BlackBerry way.

Check out BProfile in the BlackBerry World by clicking on the link. (FREE)

Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!


Yesterday, Biggly wrote about the latest Android hack, where the official Back Up and Restore App made by Sony had been completely and thoroughly taken over by hackers. We’re used to seeing malware added in to Android apps now, but for an official app to be taken over so thoroughly, it just goes to show how hackable Android really is.

There was a line in Biggly’s post that really struck a chord with me.

Assume the worst.

So when I read the news that Sony Pictures had been hacked, where did my mind immediately jump to? Now, I’m not about to say that one led to the other, but to hear of both stories, one which says the entire Sony app store could be compromised and to “assume the worst” almost immediately followed up by Sony Pictures being hacked? Is that too much of a conclusion to jump to? You tell me.

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You need to be a PHONE first!

You need to be a PHONE first!

We all talk about our phones.

We talk about the apps, the connectivity, the specs, the storage, etc. But what we don’t often talk about is the actual “phone” part of the phone! In the “real world” phone calls are critically important.

I’m in business. I need to make mobile phone calls. I need the calls to my customers and staff to be solid, clear, and consistent, and I chose BlackBerry for their high quality handsets. So let’s talk Paratek…

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“Super spy teams aren’t born…theyre hatched. Discover the secrets of the greatest and most hilarious covert birds with this fun pack, by DreamWorks.

Now available in the BBM Shop.



As BlackBerry forge on with their comeback it’s interesting to see opinions shifting out there. The death of the company is yesterday’s news and only the stupid (and blind) still cling to the ‘why is anyone talking about them, BlackBerry are dead’ line. Never more so than in the wake of the BlackBerry Trade Up offer on iPhone, a work of genius designed to take advantage of the huge amount of iPhonians desperately disappointed at the lack of anything new from Cupertino, indeed, anything new sees to just be broken…

Leastways, it has led some tech sites to begin to speculate that, not only are BlackBerry back, but that the similarities with Apple’s rise from the dead are so striking that they should be compared – particularly in the field of innovation. Here’s what Tech Guru Daily had to say a few days ago:

Apple vs. BlackBerry: Has BlackBerry Taken Apple’s Place?

Go back a little more than a decade and Apple was a company in the middle of a turnaround with a relatively small group of very loyal users who relished in their difference and that fact that “the rest of us” weren’t like everyone else. The Apple faithful were unique in terms of their interests and Apple delivered a unique MB3 player and then a phone that embraced that uniqueness with a focus on entertainment. You could say that Apple’s success arose out of the iPod revolution and transformed an industry.

Fast forward to now and the iPod is a fading memory. Everyone and their brother (and sister) either has an iPhone or an iPhone clone and Apple users are no longer rebels but stodgy members of the status quo. Now folks are less concerned about getting easy access to their music and videos than they are about having their identities, private information (including pictures), and finances stolen.

Ironically, the folks that are truly “different” now are those using BlackBerry phones. They are now the elite in being able to argue their interests are focused more on making money than spending it and on being smarter with how they protect themselves in this increasingly dangerous and complex new mobile world.

In a way, the rebel Apple has become the market mainstay while BlackBerry, which once represented the common wisdom of the Smartphone segment, has become the rebel. Could the two once again swap places?

The Pendulum Swings Both Ways

It fascinates me, given how this repeatedly happens, that people fail to see that the technology market tends to swing between two extremes. It started out focused on Business with IBM taking the lead in centralized enterprise computing, then it swung to consumers with Commodore taking over much of the PC market and momentum. Then Microsoft took the market back to Business with Windows and back office products like Exchange and Windows Server, and Apple and Google swung it back to the consumer with iOS and Android.

Now Apple is partnering with IBM, and Samsung with BlackBerry to advance business mobility while IBM’s newest mainframe, their System Z zEnterprise EC 12, is their most profitable product. Meanwhile, Amazon, the power in consumer retail, is scaring the industry with their AWS public cloud offerings targeting business.

The Technology Pendulum is clearly on a business swing today and BlackBerry appears to be uniquely aligned to benefit from that momentum. They now have a relatively small but very loyal group of users who remained more focused on getting work done than they were on spending money for fun apps, games, music, or video. They have also remained more secure as users of Apple and Android products lost their information or personal pictures to hackers who wanted to do damage to them.

Steve Jobs to John Chen

Steve Jobs was the iconic Apple CEO who had a revolutionary vision for his firm and took it to heights that I doubt even he believed it could reach. Steve was replaced at Apple with his near exact opposite, Tim Cook, who, while operationally very capable, hasn’t be able to demonstrate the same kind of magic or industry leadership that Steve was famous for. Jobs was the lead rebel arguing that computers in all sizes could be fun and life wasn’t all about business. Cook seems more intent on ensuring that Apple’s trains run on time rather than enabling customers to visit exciting, inspiring new destinations.

John Chen, BlackBerry’s CEO, speaks to BlackBerry fans directly in order to win their support. Like Jobs did at Apple, Chen’s strategy is to return BlackBerry to its successful roots by focusing it back on business and people who want their phones to work for a living. Chen is the lead rebel for BlackBerry arguing that mobile devices aren’t all about fun and that people need to earn money to more than make ends meet. Most importantly, in order to survive in an ever hostile world, their technologies needs to be far safer and more secure. In other words, to be like BlackBerry.

Wrapping Up: Finding their Identity

Apple was successful largely because Steve Jobs found a way to make it into a better Apple, killing the prior strategy that seemed to be focused on making Apple into just another Compaq or Microsoft. John Chen has effectively killed the traditional BlackBerry strategy of becoming a different Apple and is intent on making the company a better BlackBerry and, just as Jobs did with Apple, getting the company focused back on what it does best; business.

Last week BlackBerry demonstrated that, while not out of the woods yet, they can now see the way forward and their financial performance has improved massively much like it did for Apple a little over a decade ago. In many ways, BlackBerry is mirroring Apple but not by copying them like Samsung is attempting. Instead, Chen is emulating Steve Jobs’ practices to create a firm that does better what it already does best.

It is nice to see someone was watching Jobs and learned the deep lesson that it is always better to strive to be a better you than a better someone else. BlackBerry has taken Apple’s place as the scrappy competitor ready and able to lead the next swing of the technology pendulum. This one focused back on business.

This is the MOST damaging thing for Apple. Slowly but surely it just isn’t cool to own one anymore.

Becuase the tech is very old now and the iPhone 6 has just showcased how bad it really is.

Androidians shouldn’t be smug, there seems to be little, if any, brand loyalty to any of the Android manufacturers in the same way you get with BlackBerry or Apple users.

No, only one firm is doing something different – something that little bit special.

And I know who it is every time I access Blend on my PC and sit back as it seemlessly integrates my unified messaging inbox, or Hub, as we like to call it, with my phone in real time, despit the fact I’ve flipped t over into powr saving mode.

Has BlackBerry taken Apple’s place?


Because no one with any attention span larger than a gnat would know that what BlackBerry are doing is very diffrent from the durge Apple has to offer.

Do yourself a favour, iPhonains.

Take advantage of the offer…

And upgrade now!

Or wait until you can’t get the discount. Particularly as the majority of your chums seems to think so too…

Elephants never...what was that again?

Elephants never…what was that again?

Evernote got just a small update today, going from version to and with that brings various improvements and bug fixes.

Check out Evernote in the BlackBerry World.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, fellow Americans!


Amazon AppStore offers PBA Bowling Challenge for FREE along with a TURKEY BALL from NOV 24-28.

I have downloaded this game on my device, BEAST 30 and look at the screenshots how beautiful it looks. No lagging No issues, running smooth.

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After installing this game, you will be able to play a quick game. Then you can start your career or you can start career directly.  And playing a career in this PBA Bowling Challenge is best and beautiful other than the rest of the Bowling which I played before on device.

You can also have a multi-player game(2 player), selecting your own opponents from different places using location. Come and let’s play a BOWLING GAME just like a real live game.

What are you waiting for? Do I need to tell you how to download an app from AMAZON? Oh dear, then you should be installing amazon appstore on your device and by downloading. The device has to be higher that 10.2.1 and with 10.3 installed, you will be able to see the OS itself is included with amazon app store.

In what appeared to be a crack at Apple, John Sims, who runs the smartphone pioneer’s global enterprise and ­messaging businesses, told The ­Australian Financial Review, of a recently signed deal, where Samsung will sell its products to a huge potential number of customers.

“It was important for them to see that we weren’t going to use the relationship to further our device business, Mr Sims said.

The device business is going to ­compete in the ­market, but the enterprise business is going to look at things from a different vantage point.”

“There is no question that Apple has some great qualities, but it is largely known as a ­consumer brand. If they want to succeed in the enterprise, then they will need to do some things differently.

“We are very open to more collaboration with different players, but there was a strong alignment between ours and Samsung’s focus on the enterprise.

We don’t share that with some of the other companies because they are focused on the consumer ­business and in some cases, the low end consumer business, which doesn’t interest us.”