It all has to begin somewhere, at least for CNET. This diary challenge started something, I’m sure.

Some time (not that long ago actually, CNET AUSTRALIA posted a very positive article about the passport.

In the meantime, there are OTHER websites that have taken notice to the BlackBerry Passport, and there’s a LOT of buzz around it.

Today, CNET UK is hopping on that excitement, and in a positive tone too.

If these people are excited, I’m sure you can be excited too.

And when the Passport launches, we will all celebrate.


Celebrate that there is a new BlackBerry device.

Celebrate that BlackBerry’s market share is increasing.

Celebrate that BlackBerry is still researching in motion.

Celebrate that BlackBerry OS10 is getting better.


The future’s so bright, I need sunglasses.


And yeah, the storm is coming.


So BlackJack was bored and daydreaming of the upcoming BlackBerry devices…and realized he would need some sort of comparison guide in order to do some mathematically correct imagining.

Searched the internet for some graphical data, found nothing useful, then remembered that if you want something done right, you just have to do it yourself.

So he dusted off the old Trig book, pulled out the old Pythagorean theorem and the old BBOS Pocket 10C SE HP calculator emulator app, and set down to some serious figgerin’.

And here are the results. Of course I included my work (above) so feel free to check my math as well if there are any Math teachers or rocket scientists amongst you.

Below is your useful comparison chart to assist you in deciding just which BlackBerry is ripe for you. I hope you find it useful in your selection! And feel free to distribute and tweet, print a wall chart, make a calendar or use it for whatever you find it useful for, compliments of UTB.


And now for the quiz. Close your books get out your #2 pencils and tell us which of all BlackBerry devices has the highest pixel density? Or just guess. No cheating, copying from your neighbor or Googling. Write your answer in the comments below. First correct guess gets an ‘A’ . You may be surprised at the answer! I was. Pleasantly.

UTB or staff Not responsible for math errors or damages done by your device selection.

As some of you will recall, the Good Reverend has been concerned for some time that, we whilst we BlackBerrians are spiritually nourished at sermon time, we are then left alone in the world to be subjected to the iPhonian and Androidian hordes.

This has troubled him so deeply that we here at UTB thought it only fair that we should do something important. Something that would encapsulate the spirit of UTB and BlackBerry and assist even the most put upon BlackBerrian in the deepest recesses of the USA and UK where the logic of the rest of the worlds market forces seem to largely pass them by.

Introducing to you, my friends…

Rev Grim action figure(1)

The Reverend Grim Action Figure!

Yes, now you too can carry a mini version of the Reverend where ever you go!

The Reverend Grim Action Figure  comes with some pretty impressive features…

Too Lazy To Read A Sermon Or Want To Hear It Again On The Go?

Don’t worry! The Rev Grim Action Figure, through the power of BlackBerry Link or Blend or some magic wizardry automatically updates whenever it is within wifi range of your PC (UTB Members ONLY) with all the Reverends teachings allowing you to either listen again or brandish it at an unbeliever.

Fed Up Of Someone Telling You BlackBerry Has No Apps?

Why waste your breath? Simply tap your NFC enabled Reverend Grim Action Figure against your BlackBerry 10 device and watch the looks on their faces as you download and play Candy Crush Saga! Tap again to uninstall ready for next time!

Going To Buy A BlackBerry From A Sales Rep?

Great news! The Reverend Grim Action Figure is automatically programmed to respond immediately on hearing the following phrases uttered by sales reps: ‘BlackBerry are dead’, ‘BlackBerry? Are they still going? I thought they’d died, ha, ha’, ‘BlackBerry? No, they stopped making phones’ and ‘BlackBerry? No… what you need is this Samsung/iPhone’ with a sermon delivered in the Revs best unearthly voice saving you hours of pointless arguments and guaranteeing that you actually get what you went in for. And it works in person or over the phone! And handily enough we have also built in some rather booming speakers so the Reverend Grim Action Figure can also save other souls nearby from the same appalling fate.

Yes, the Reverend Grim Action Figure really IS the answer to the budding BlackBerrians everyday needs.

But there’s one more thing…

With Anti-BlackBerry mode enabled you simply place the Reverend Grim Action Figure near an iPhone or Android phone and he will immediately point out the flaws in their tired old devices – to devastating effect. He will also conclude with the GPS location and/or phone number/website as to where that person can buy a BlackBerry 10 device to enable them to seek redemption and come #BackToBlack immediately.

The Reverend Grim Action Figure comes with a HUGE battery life (as befits a BlackBerry website) and is available absolutely nowhere.

If YOU would like to take the Reverend with you where ever you go just let us know.

And you never know, one day we might actually make one.

Oh, and in case you weren’t already convinced, here’s the effect the Rev had on the locals when he hired a motor cycle in his tourist resort and decided to go out and save some souls but forgot to put his robes on.

We really MUST force him to keep them on at all times…


And THIS is what we mean when we bang on about security.

YOUR security.

YOUR privacy.

Imagine a world where the ‘Internet of Things’ wasn’t used to make your life easier as an individual but was rather used to make corporations money.

Where technology was sold to you with everyday benefits (like your smart watch talked to your smart phone to tell you the time/weather/headlines etc) but meanwhile in the background something very, very different was going on.

Imagine a world where it was no longer a qualified doctor who gave out the details upon which insurance companies decided to offer cover. Where the innocent choice of the tech you decided to buy online, in the mall or on the high street held implications to you that you had no idea of or no control over.

A world where those silly Terms and Conditions disclaimers that you whizz down and just place the tick in the bottom just to get the damn thing loaded or one where you just accept all those permissions for that app actually had REAL and TANGIBLE consequences to your wallet or purse.

And BIG ones.

Well, that time is hurtling towards you. Faster than you could POSSIBLY imagine.

Here’s why.

Over at BNN Kristina Parts did a fascinating piece on Apple privacy issues (just after a piece on Google drones… oh yes they do). And don’t get me wrong here, this could have just as easily been a piece on what Google are doing with your personal information.

The relevant piece starts at 1:20

BNN – Apple HealthKit

What Kristina is saying is that Apple will be ‘tightening their privacy rules with regard to healthcare’. Nothing seemingly wrong with that, quite laudable, in fact.

Only what they mean is something entirely different.

You see, this is all because Apple are moving into Healthcare with their Healthkit system. This connects all wearable technology to the iWorld (iPhone, iWatch, iPad etc) and the iWatch will keep a nice track on things like your heart rate, how long you have slept or how much exercise you have engaged in – all for YOU. Nicely stored just FOR YOU.

Only here’s the weird bit. Apparently they have told app developers that they will no longer be allowed to sell any of that information (yes, they do it already!) and why?

Because it has a large value so they want it for themselves.

But, as Kristina points out, there’s a catch.

Not only are Apple talking to insurance companies to sell them YOUR data which will have an impact on YOUR insurance premiums via the joy of algorithm rather than medical experience, you already gave personal permission to all those apps anyway when you loaded them!

Oh yes you did…

When you ticked that little box…

So you’re giving it away TWICE.

Look, it’s really not difficult.

Only ONE company in mobile technology is committed to security.

Only ONE company believes in the privacy of it’s customers because in the long term it makes great business sense.

It might not sound very sexy to you now, but this company’s customers don’t have £20/$20 suddenly taken from their bank accounts due to innocently downloading a dodgy app by mistake like unwary Androidians suffer.

This company isn’t involved in gathering your personal data to sell to corporations who will then decide whether you should be insured or not on that basis.

And this company, unlike the others, has NEVER BEEN HACKED.

This company is BlackBerry.

And if you care just one iota about how your personal information is used (and believe you me, you should) you should be heading #BackToBlack as fast as your legs can carry you.

If you want the Internet of Things to work for YOU, not THEM, the answer is simple.

Buy a BlackBerry.

It might just be the smartest smartphone choice you ever make.


Dear Lord.

Yes, with tedious inevitability the iPress have gone bananas praising the good Lords of iPhonia for introducing something that everyone else has had for ages. And, as predicted, this incredible iNnovation will, of course, revolutionise the world as anyone has known it.


So, off we go then with the Daily Mail here in the UK (long lost in an iPhonian dream world), ignoring the realities of the iPhone’s plummeting market share and kneeling at the feet of the Cookie monster and his nefarious chums with this abysmal headline:

Will the iPhone 6 kill off your wallet? Apple’s new handset to include ‘tap and pay’ iWallet wireless payment system

Apple’s iPhone 6 will include a new payments system allowing owners to pay in stores simply by tapping their phone on a reader, it has been claimed.

Called Near Field Communication (NFC), the technology is already widely used by credit cards for low cost payments.

Good grief! It’s already in use, is it? Oh, just by credit card companies. Silly me.

Apple is expected to link to system to its iTunes store, which already holds customer’s payment details.

Along with everything else about them that they can merrily give away to any Tom, Dick or Harry.

The project is believed to already have Visa on board, and is expected to use the firm’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor to verify a customer’s identity. The app could launch in the Autumn alongside Apple’s new iPhone 6.

Erm… but you said it was tap to pay? Like other platforms, including BlackBerry, have already been doing for a while? And, last I heard (could be wrong on this) but the fingerprint scanner, for anything important, requires your password as well? Most convenient.

According to tech blog The Information, ‘conversations between Apple and payments-industry companies have heated up in recent months.’
It claims ‘several people briefed on the talks say that Apple executives have discussed launching a mobile ‘wallet’ as soon as this fall for people to use their iPhones to pay for goods in physical stores.’

According to the report, new phones will include a ‘secure element’ to store such sensitive data.

Apple has also made hires relating to ‘building a business around the hundreds of millions of credit cards it already has on file,’ according to Wired, claims a source has told uit the solution will include NFC.

The service will also run without any intervention by mobile phone firms.

Apple has told some partners its system would involve a so-called secured element in the phones—a piece of hardware where sensitive information such as a phone owner’s financial credentials can be stored.

This expected to be the same secure system currently used to store fingerprint information, which is also set to store health data.

Yep. You read it right. All that data will be secure (cough), with Apple.

So, they’ll have your fingerprint, your bank details, all your transaction information and your state of health.

What is there left?

Your brain waves?

But wait… despite the stunning iGnorance of the writer there is hope in the comments…

I’ve been paying by my Samsung S5 and EE for a few months now. Hardly anything new

This is hardly revolutionary or ground breaking, NFC has been available on may phones for ages.

Pretty sure iPhones have been killing wallets for years… Ba dum bum piish….

If we cannot assure that our data is secure, how in the hell can one be sure that this wont be hacked into and stolen to? See Target and USPS for reference.

And what happens when my phone runs out of battery? Tough luck? I’ll stick with what I’ve got now thanks.

I must be one of the few people in the UK who doesn’t pay by plastic, so I definitely won’t be paying by this way. Call me old fashioned but its hard to hack into your bank account if you only use paper money to pay.

And there’s more and more although I have to say that Androidians show a similar staggering trust in Google to look after them.

Point is, yet again, someone attempts to big up Apple coming late to the party. But are we seeing a wind of change here? I’m seeing quite a bit of traffic around basically saying ‘Apple? Yawn. Old news…’ which is what will kill them off if they’re not careful.

I’ll leave you with this illustration from a man with a huge red beard:

Now THAT’S iNnovation!

Enough now iPhonians.

Time’s up Apple.

Fed up of getting last years tech for twice the price?

Time to come home.

Time to come #BackToBlack.

Time… to buy a BlackBerry.


Ready for a few laughs?

My apologies, the title may be a bit misleading because what I really want to talk about is a Seeking Alpha contributor who wishes to compare Passports and Surfaces, thus setting up a straw man argument for why the former will be a failure and investors thus should avoid buying BlackBerry stock.

BlackBerry Passport: Microsoft Surface Part Deux

Yes the anti-BlackBerry financial media is getting that desperate out there folks. The last I checked, the Microsoft Surface was a Windows TABLET and the Passport was a Pocketable SmartPhone running on BlackBerry 10. I could be wrong.

But comparable, right? I don’t know about you, but I often pull my Windows Tablet out of my pocket when I need to make a phone call or message, and when I need to use a Windows desktop program on a larger screen, I will certainly be digging my Passport out of my briefcase and docking it to my CAD workstation to get some serious Windows CAD work done. For this the Passport will be my go to device for sure.

To spare you the clicks here is the summary from the author, Kofi Boffa from ONYX Investments. I am not sure, but I suspect that Bofah translates into Buffoon.


BlackBerry has begun to market its Passport handset as a productivity device – as did Microsoft with its Surface.

Like Microsoft, BlackBerry will not be able to gain real traction within an already saturated mobile space that values entertainment above work productivity.

Conservative investors should avoid buying into BlackBerry stock. Business operations at BlackBerry are not likely to improve over the course of the next year.

I dug out a few more gems for you:

As with the Surface, the BlackBerry Passport will fail to alter the dynamics of an already crowded mobile market, without a “killer,” or revolutionary, application.

Both BlackBerry and Microsoft have failed to recognize that consumers have largely reserved tablets and smartphones for entertainment, instead of work productivity.

BlackBerry has also made the claim that the Passport runs upon the largest battery on the smartphone market. Prominent technology reviewers, however, have already dismissed the BlackBerry Passport as a “strange” and “odd creature.”

For now, conservative investors should avoid buying into BlackBerry and its recently improved cash flow from financial and investing activities, which have remained separate from any real turnaround in operations. Strong operations, of course, are more so critical to the long-term viability of any business.

Kofi , as the expert that he portrays himself to be, uses strict expert-type terminology like… *ahem* (pulling out my deep stern warning voice, furling eyebrows) “be further advised” when warning against investing in BlackBerry. Really Kofi? After this gem of an article someone is going to accept your advisement without rolling on the floor laughing?

After seeing this, the only investment I would not make is an investment guided by ONYX Investments.


And they used a BB10 picture not an old Bold!!

Further evidence of the tide turning comes this week in the form of E Week, the Enterprise Tech site who have done a pretty good write up on BlackBerry Balance.

Now, you and I may be aware of what a great feature Balance is for enterprise users (and I know there were plenty of us last year disappointed there wasn’t a non-BES version we could use in a personal situation), but with the media shutdown in 2013 on BlackBerry 10 it’s great to see someone extolling the virtues of what, at the end of the day, is a pretty unique feature in terms of BYOD.

For those not in the know, Balance allows business users to effectively ‘split’ the phone into 2 sections, work and personal. And never the twain shall meet:

In effect, BlackBerry Balance gives your smartphone a dual personality that’s easy to use but keeps work data and personal data totally separate. What’s remarkable is that the Balance process is so transparent that you only realize it’s there when you try to do something that violates security rules.

Balance creates a secure container on a BlackBerry 10 smartphone that’s provisioned by the IT department. The provisioning can include standard BlackBerry apps, white listed apps and apps that can use both the secure and unlocked sides of the device.

But most apps, including pretty much anything you can download from the Amazon App Store and through 1MobileMarket, will run only on the unlocked personal side of the device. Those apps can be downloaded and used, but they will never even be able to detect that the secure work side of the device exists.

Yes, Wayne, the author of this review is a proper clued up jounalist and knows all about the ability to run Android apps too! Smart man…

One useful feature of Balance is that you can control the ability to see both sides of the unified messaging. It can be provisioned so that it’s not possible to see both sides of the phone in unified messaging and users can also choose to hide work messages from the personal (unlocked) side of the device. This is handy if you’re trying to ignore your work email while you’re on vacation, for example, or if you don’t want to be distracted by personal messages while you’re working.

Despite the impenetrable wall between the work and personal sides of the device, switching between them requires only a choice on a pull down menu. Slide a menu down from the top of the screen and the choice appears. All you have to do is select it to change instantly. You can, however, set it so that a password is required to enter the work side of the device from the personal side.

I found the entire process of setting up and using Balance to be straightforward and uncomplicated. I also tried everything I could think of to get into the secure work side of the device in a way that an unauthorized user might.

Trying to get access through the USB port, using the SD card and cutting and pasting simply didn’t work. While the BlackBerry’s memory is accessible through the USB port so that you can use the device as you might a memory disk or external hard drive, the secure section of the device remained inaccessible.

Overall, BlackBerry Balance seems to be well thought-out and easy to use. The IT department retains control over the data on the work side of the device, and can wipe it as needed without affecting any personal information. Balance seems to be a quick and easy, yet very secure, method of protecting mobile data, and that’s something most companies need.

There’s much more to Wayne’s review as he goes into more technical details on how it works but it’s very refreshing to find someone speaking out on what should be, after all, pretty much a killer application for business and one that, on it’s own, should have had companies scurrying #BackToBlack instead of allowing people to wander around with those leaky Androids and iPhones.

Well done Wayne and E-Week!


If you are an iPhone user, we always welcome you at UTB, because we are concerned for you.

You will not find another news and forum site that will allow the truth about iPhones to be heard if it is in any way negative. Strangely but explicably BlackBerry “fan” sites, act the same way, because they claim that they do not wish to offend you, when in reality they wish to use you to generate more traffic to their site, since there are so many more of you than there are BlackBerry fans. So instead they prefer to throw BlackBerry fans under the bus and that created the birthing ground for UTB. We are all expatriots from the fan sites that we expected to support us and side with us, but instead turned against us, and even banished us.

So as an iPhone user, you have a problem, you are being shielded from the truth wherever you go, in order to propel the iPhone myth of superiority and to keep you coming back to buy more hardware upgrades and accessories and to generate more clicks. At iPhone fan sites, of course, you will hear nothing but praise, as a fan site should be. But there is also the strange phenomenon of BlackBerry sites not acting like BlackBerry fan sites, but preferring instead to use you (since there are so many more of you) to generate site traffic. So will you ever hear anything negative but true? Only here, you have come to the right place.

That brings us to the topic. Maybe you haven’t heard about iPhone batteries overheating and combusting. As usual, Apple will blame you, the user. Apple blames users for exploding iPhones. A few shards of glass in the eye and you won’t be able to do much with a smartphone anymore.

But this article is about a different kind of blindness, which is the blindness to the superiority of BlackBerry 10. It has been brought to our attention that at least one dedicated iPhone user has been blinded by iPhone use, and even admits to things that will be missed about BlackBerry when buying the obligatory iPhone 6.

Things I will truly miss about my BlackBerry when I buy an iPhone next month

What? I had to do a double take. Knowlton Thomas has been using a Z10, but feels it is an “outcast” amidst his Apple ecosystem: an iMac, a MacBook and an iPad. Could it be because of the way that iStuff is only compatible with other iStuff? You see, Knowlton is an iGuy, and states no reason for getting the new iPhone other than well it doesn’t fit in his collection. Wait, he does mention fitness apps. He thinks iPhone has fitness apps, and somehow thinks that BlackBerry does not..

Knowlton even links to another article in which he acknowledges that BB10 is the world’s best operating system:
BlackBerry Named World’s Best Mobile OS by Technology Magazine
But he adds an “if”: If you take apps out of the equation.

Knowlton. Why are you taking apps out of the equation? Have you not heard yet that BlackBerry 10 runs Android apps, with the added bonus of running theme securely from malware? Knowlton’s iBlindness has also blinded him to the future of smartphones, represented by the Passport, which is a game changer in the market. But Knowlton will still be standing in the dwindling line of blind people waiting outside the Apple store with a white cane.

Knowlton has a classic case of eye-Phone blindness.

Knowlton even lists the things that he knows his new iPhone will be lacking:

1. The flashing red notification light.

This isn’t the first time I’ve swapped a BlackBerry for an iPhone as my day-to-day smartphone, and it’s certainly an adjustment to have to activate the lock screen to know if there are notifications waiting for me. This is probably the most minor thing I’ll miss, but it’s always been a nice bonus BlackBerry’s offered. (Not to mention physically pressing a lock screen button as opposed to simply swiping up from the bezel on my Z10.)

2. The keyboard.

Typing with BB10′s keyboard has been a pleasure. It’s fast. It’s smart. It’s still the best damn smartphone keyboard out there. iOS 8 promises improvement to the iPhone’s keyboard, which is actually among the worst currently (in my opinion). That should finally help bridge the gap, but I’d be rather shocked if the iPhone’s keyboard fully reached the level of effectiveness that BB10 boasts.

3. Hub.

In all my travels I haven’t experienced notifications/communications consolidation on a mobile device as slick as the Hub. It’s easily my favourite thing about BlackBerry’s OS: slick, intuitive one-finger gestures allow me to look at all of my notifications and communications at a glance—and respond to them, as the Hub is fully functional with all its actions. The ease with which I can check my email, texts, and social networks is unprecedented. The iPhone in this regard is apt to feel clunky and cumbersome. It seems that where BlackBerry is at its finest—typing, email, etc.—the chinks in Apple’s armor are biggest.

In the end I know I’m going to be happy with my new device and will eventually get over the lost perks of my old Z10. But it reminds me that no mobile OS has everything and they all have room for improvement—and that even the smaller players (considered stagnant or even dead by some) are still outshining the big guns in certain areas.

KNOWLTON!!! What is wrong with you? You don’t have to suffer this way. Perhaps you need to attend Reverend Grim’s church for a while where the those who once were blind, are healed and now can see!


My beloved congregation!

How are you this evening?

This is, of course, your usual Sunday sermon which, since i was busy being doused in freezing water has become something of an Evensong.

So, let’s start with some scripture, shall we?

I wonder if any of you have heard The Parable of the Wise and the Foolish Builders?

Generally speaking you had two builders, one who rushed and one who took their time, they were set a challenge to build a house, and they both did, one on sand because it was quicker and easier and the other on stone, yep it took a long time and wasn’t finished nearly as quick as the sand house. BUT when they were both finished the wind and storms came and the house on the sand which had no foundations crumbled and disappeared where as the one on stone, WITH A SOLID BASE stayed standing and withstood many storms there after…

Keep that in mind…

Many people in the press and other mobile companies have been battering BlackBerry for many a year on things like …

You have no apps!

You have no big touchscreen!

No one wants QWERTY keypads (again) its all about touchscreen…

And other things that they seem to think makes the world run…

Well, BlackBerry did listen, they also looked, they watched and they learned from the shadows…

Then they came forth and said “Here you are then, we present you BB10, its all those things you want and more!”

But the naysayers still didn’t believe, they carried on mocking…

BlackBerry then said “Here is BB10.1, its better than before and better than what you’re throwing into the mix!”

This time a few of them looked and thought “oh bugger… what are we going to do?” they put their heads together and came up with a plan “We’ll copy stuff from BlackBerry and throw in the stuff we’ve not yet perfected but looks good and while were doing that we will spread lies and bad press about BlackBerry!”

Along came BB10.2 and FactCheck… they are all a bit more worried now, they need to be too because BB10.2 has had a few tweaks that has made it even better still…

And we have BB10.3 coming soon, AND the PassPort… AND the Classic…AND the Z3LTE…AND Blend…

And if I know our Mr Chen, he’s got something else up his sleeve …

Lets have a quick look at what the others have given us…

HTC M8… what can you say about that? it has a big screen, it’s got a camera that, well, everyone says it pants, its got …er… oh, Android KittyKat… hmm, that seems to kill it then…

Apple iPhone 5S… ahh, of course, the fingerprint scanner… hacked within days buy some teenagers with a printer/scanner… amazing battery life, hopefully that is once you have sent it back to get the battery changed, Majorly good security! If there is something that the government needs to know then the NSA will get it from your phone… as well as everyone else, so maybe security isn’t great, ok then how about the ability to turn into a brick with a simple update? Or the added bonus of  not needing your banking security apps for connection to iTunes. And obviously iOS7 which, every time its updated seems to kill a major function of the phone…

Samsung S5… this too has a fingerprint scanner! Which was hacked even quicker, by the same lads, because they had been to lazy to put away the stuff from when they did the iPhone fingerprint scanner (gotta love that!), its also got a big screen and of course… Android Kitty Kat! As with the HTC you will be happy to know that one in three of your apps comes with free added malware! How good is that?

Windows… do I have to go there?

So, what we have is iOS, which is as secure as… a hungry lion tied to a lamp post with a piece of cotton while a herd of injured zebra hobble past… can’t really build a good business on that now can we?

Or of course Android, which is as secure as a patient in a high security mental facility who’s not received his meds in a few weeks and is now hearing the voices again… Hmm, would you build onto this?

Why are these two operating systems untrustworthy? They are rushing to beat each other to be the best… and who’s sneaking up and creeping past to take the accolades? (hmm, tortoise and hare springs to mind) That’s right, the company that has taken it easy from the start and laid out the foundations to build upon solidly… Ladies and gentlemen… BlackBerry – The wise builder!

Now you can see where I was coming from…

Like I’ve said many a time, BlackBerry may be late to the party, but they have turned up and the others are partied out… except Windows… they’re in the kitchen still…

So, with all this in your minds, when you bump into the naysayers, the iDiots and the so called BoyGenius’s out there, remember that BlackBerry have withstood the storm, they are still standing and they will be for a very long time yet… the others? Well, we wish them luck and hope that on the slide down they don’t take too many unsuspecting people with them…

And so comes the end of another sermon from your Reverend, I hope you get what I was trying to get across, if you didn’t, then maybe you need to go and get sheared and have the wool moved aside, or your feeling a little to sick from the so called ‘Sweet’ things you have been given and once down from the sugar rush you’ll see…

Until next time don’t forget the FORUMS or that birdy thing, help me here someone! I don’t want to look stupid in front of the Mini Reapers by asking what Twitter is all about!

As for FaceBook?

Forget it!

Reverend Grim out!


BlackBerry since its inception has had it’s highs and lows.  At one time it was the recognized brand for anyone who wanted a smartphone and had significant market-share.  Then there were the lean years where it went into a decline in terms of popularity and market-share.

But throughout these times BlackBerrystill remained an industry leader in communications and providing end to end security.  No matter what the critics would say about the brand, nobody could say with any creditability that BlackBerry was lacking where security was concerned.  BlackBerry still to this day with its BES 10 end to end security is the top of its class, according to SC Magazine, a magazine for IT security professional


So recently we have seen some of its competitors such as Good Technology and Mobileiron attempting to capitalize on the uncertainty that existed more than a year ago, even though CEO John Chen has done a remarkable job with his turnaround plan.

Chen has been very effective in reducing expenditure, establishing better control of its inventory to avoid write-downs, forming partnerships and diversifying Blackberry along its separate lines of businesses in order to reduce its dependence on handset sales.  In the last earnings call, BlackBerry even managed to report a small profit of $23 million dollars and reported an increase in its cash on hand from $2.7 to $3 billion

Among the critics predicting “doom and gloom” for BlackBerry was Karl Keirstead, analyst for Deutsche Bank, as he made the following prediction early this week regarding BlackBerry’s prospects.


  • Apple has been placing more emphasis on corporate users by adding enhanced security features and “lockdown” functions giving administrators the ability to limit or disable iPhone functions, according to Keirstead.
  • Because of this, there was a potential windfall and new opportunity for MobileIron if corporations dump BlackBerry (NASDAQ: BBRY) in favor of the pending new iPhone or android devices
  • “We’re now hearing those decisions will be impacted heavily by Apple’s pending iOS 8 release,” Keirstead said.

As a result of Mr. Keirstead’s prediction, MobileIron’s share price surged by ten percent.  But the following questions remains

  • On what information is his prediction based on?
  • Is this information credible?


Apparently not many of the mainstream news outlets bothered to look into these questions as they simply reprinted his predictions and ran with the story and the market reacted.  But if they really took the time to properly analyze it, they would have seen a totally different picture.  Seeking Alpha contributor, Transcend Asset, was one of the few to actually analyze this information in an article titled More Than 5 Major Weaknesses In MobileIron Prevent It From Being A BlackBerry Killer”

In making his prediction, Karl Keirstead use the following 3 reasons to justify them:

  1. Concerns about BlackBerry’s (NASDAQ:BBRY) ongoing ability to invest at scale to support new devices as well as the employee turnover in accounts execs and the engineering ranks.
  2. Concerns about the app ecosystem compared to Apple and the MDM platform compared to pure-plays.
  3. End-user preference, believing that most employees prefer iPhones.

Lets look at what Transcend Asset had to say about all 3 points:

Source: Seeking Alpha

Concerns about BlackBerry’s (NASDAQ:BBRY) ongoing ability to invest at scale to support new devices as well as the employee turnover in accounts execs and the engineering ranks.

“As of the last earnings report, BlackBerry had a cash and investment balance of $3.1 billion, up from $2.7 billion in the prior quarter. Adjusted gross margin was 48%, up from 43%. Operating expenses were reduced by 57% YoY, and 13% QoQ. BlackBerry’s balance sheet is much stronger than MobileIron’s. As for employee turnover, the layoffs are at an end and the hiring is just beginning. Most interestingly, BlackBerry has also recently reported that it has snared an executive from Good Technology to fill its ranks. Jeffrey Aits was director Public Sector Americas at Good. He is now head of US Public Sector Sales at BlackBerry”

 Concerns about the app ecosystem compared to Apple and the MDM platform compared to pure-plays.

“Concerns about the app eco-system have been alleviated by the partnership with Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN), which brings Android apps to BlackBerry and allows apps to be used without side loading or extra steps. As for BlackBerry’s comparison with other MDMs? There is no comparison. BlackBerry is the only MDM with FOC certification from the Department of Defense. This is the highest level of certification. BlackBerry has 80,000 enterprise clients. In comparison, MobileIron only has 6,000. BlackBerry can boast to be the lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) because it can scale. In comparison, MobileIron needs to spend money incentivizing channels via a market development fund; and increasing marketing spending – only to be able to say on their website that they are a “low” cost TCO.”

End-user preference, believing that most employees prefer iPhones.

“It is true that currently North America favors the iPhone over the BlackBerry. What is not true is that the iPhone has a bigger market share than Android. According to Kantar, iOS is -19.1% while Android is +19%. BlackBerry gets to leverage the Android eco-system to grow. In the most hostile environment, under the most hostile media scrutiny, BlackBerry has managed to grow its US market share from 0.6% to 2%. This is a quick uptick of +233% since January 2014″

So the concerns outlined by are no longer relevant, so it throws into question his prediction of a windfall for MobileIron.  Below is his conclusion

Contrary to what Keirstead would like us to believe, there is no direct correlation between iOS 8′s release and BlackBerry’s decline as an MDM. When BlackBerry launched the EZ-Pass, it garnered the attention of many enterprises who were not already BlackBerry customers. Over 10% of licenses issued as of the last earnings report came from MobileIron and Good Technology. At the end of the day, whether customers choose to upgrade to BES12 or not, the fact of the matter is, BES10 already supports multi-platforms. It just does not support Windows. At the next release in November, this mobile OS will also be covered. BES12′s release cannot result in a mass exodus from BlackBerry because it is well-timed. Sandwiched between the release of the Passport and the Classic, it has the potential to multiply enterprise interest in returning to BlackBerry. Android and iOS will be vulnerable to bugs as they are now undergoing the biggest refresh cycle and trying to change from being consumer-focused to enterprise-focused in the name of growth. From a software programmer’s perspective, I think all of the change-related pains are behind it now for BlackBerry. Not so for the competition.

And to top it off

In another respect, with regards to the ingenious EZ-Pass, since the expiry date is January 31, 2015, there will be no incentive for people to drop BlackBerry as an MDM without getting their feelers out to discover if the Passport or Classic meets their corporate needs. As BES10 will be free but just not supported past that January date, and BES12′s upgrade is free — it seems to me that BlackBerry has cleverly covered all its bases and all possible objections. The beauty of having a CEO who declares that the company always has multiple plans in the works is that there will always be a plan B and a plan C. MobileIron does not stand a chance.


So there you have it folks.  MobileIron is no match for BlackBerry’s BES

  • MobileIron has approximately 6,000 enterprise customers compared to over 80,000 customers on BlackBerry’s BES.  In the last year alone, its enterprise customer base grew by more than 2,600 enterprises with approximately 1.2 million new licensees issued.  And approximately 10% of these licenses were trade-ins from competing platforms such as Good Technology and, yes, MobileIron.  So not only is BlackBerry BES 10 solution gaining new customers, but it is also attracting customers from its competitors.
  • The second point that was missed by Mr Keirstead, was that BlackBerry is partnering with AirWatch, Citrix, SAP and IBM to allow their MDM platforms to manage BlackBerry 10 devices.  So even if an enterprise chooses to go with one of BlackBerry’s MDM competitors, the employees will still be able to use BB10 devices.
  • The third point is that BlackBerry BES 10 is already supporting ios and Android devices in addition to BB10.  So it will be a hard-sell for MobileIron to get enterprises to switch from an established solution that is already multi-platform and already supporting their device of choice.
  • The fourth point is that MobileIron had a security breach not too long ago with UK Insurance giant Aviva, which resulted in over 1,000 iPhones and iPad devices being wiped and the MobileIron server being taken out of commission, where as BlackBerry BES 10 has a very solid reputation where security is concerned.