As we’ve seen and heard in the past 2 years, many tech pundits are reminding us that legacy BBOS devices have or had sold in high numbers compared to BlackBerry 10 handsets.

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    What did he say?
    Revenue is down?

    As the anti-BlackBerry media rushed to press with anything negative they could glean from the Earnings Report this morning a lot of skittish investors rushed for the panic button.

    We got headlines such as this:
    BlackBerry Ltd. (BBRY) Posts Minuscule Profit In Fiscal Q3 As Revenue Continues To Slide

    John Chen in response said:

    “They [investors] are not listening to what I said.”

    “We told them that this quarter the revenue would be lower, and none of them listened — they jacked their revenue up,” he said.

    So BlackBerry dumped a lot of the speculative unfaithful uninformed investors. Thank you! Buy time!

    After the E.R. the stock immediately dropped from 10 to 9.23.
    I guess they missed the part that BlackBerry had posted a profit that exceeded expectations. I guess they missed the concept that profit is a good thing even if revenue is down , because it indicates that the company is more efficient. I guess they missed the Boeing, Ocean Capital Investments, Nanthealth, Samsung and Secusmart deals.

    I guess they missed the part that the Classic is already selling better than the PassPort at launch, which was damn good all in itself, demand outselling supply in both cases. I guess they didn’t think long enough to realize that the potential of both of these hot sellers is not even reflected in the Q3 earnings.

    Mr. Chen blamed the shortfall partly on the unexpected success of the new oversized Passport smartphone as BlackBerry scrambled to meet higher-than-expected demand. The company was unable to deliver all orders in the quarter on time, meaning the revenue from many of the phones will only appear in the fourth quarter. In another welcome development, the response to this week’s launch of the Classic, a smartphone aimed at diehard users, was positive. Unlike recent BlackBerry products, carriers seem willing to promote the new device.


    In a true Tortoise and Hare scenario, the jumpy panicky Wabbit sold out as the slow wise Tortoises began to investigate and dig in to the real news. These are the investors who will win the race.

    Apparently, those in the know were hovering over the buy button. They understand that BlackBerry is on the verge of retaking Enterprise by Storm! Those who have gambled against them are the losers

    As of 1:41 PM EST, the stock has already nearly recovered to yesterday’s close, the skittish rabbits being immediately and slowly replaced with slow steady long term investors. Silly Wabbits.


  • Boeing

    With BlackBerry’s help, Boeing is doing it right.

    Boeing has been testing its secure self destructing smartphone, known as the Boeing Black, with BlackBerry’s main business enterprise server product, known as BES, which provides software that allows large corporations and government departments to keep track of their employees’ devices. The server is compatible with Android and iPhone handsets.

    Financial Post


    As the presence of mobile devices in enterprise continues to increase, especially with the expansion of the BYOD program, there is even a more urgent need to ensure that these devices are secured.  Many of these devices have access to very sensitive information, so there is a greater need to ensure that not only the information is protected, but the devices accessing them are secured as well.

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    19 December 2014 Waterloo

    Earlier today there was a reference during the Earnings Report (ER) to Boeing. After numerous online searches I’ve defaulted to listening the the ER recording and wanted to pass along what I’ve heard.  At the 11 minute 7 second mark John Chen states the following-

    “… pleased to announce that Boeing is collaborating with BlackBerry to provide secure mobile solutions for android devices utilizing our BES 12 platform.


    John Chen never ceases to amaze…..

    Girl on fire

    Girl on fire

    Lionsgate has released a Hunger Games sticker pack ahead of their highly anticipated movie, under the same name.

    The sticker pack features some of your favorite characters from Panem and District 13.

    This pack will run you $1.99 and can be found in the BBM Shop.




    19 December 2014 Waterloo

    BlackBerry announced that following regulatory approval it completed its acquisition of Secusmart GmbH, a leader in high-security voice and data encryption and anti-eavesdropping solutions for government organizations, enterprises and telecommunications service providers in Germany and around the world.

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    19 December 2014   Waterloo

    Ocean Capital Investments and its subsidiaries, members of the Irving family of companies, are migrating to BES12™: a cross-platform EMM solution by BlackBerry®. Ocean Capital Investments will be deploying BES12 as a BlackBerry hosted cloud solution to manage BlackBerry and iOS devices, displacing their former mobile device management provider, MobileIron.

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    19 December 2014     Waterloo

    BES12™: a cross-platform EMM solution includes support for Android 5.0 Lollipop

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    On an adjusted basis, BlackBerry delivered a profit of one cent per share, beating expectations.

    Analysts had anticipated a loss of five cents per adjusted share, according to a survey by Thomson Reuters

    Below are the key points – Source: Market Wired

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