Metal Pixels by Marco Gallo


Once again developer Marco Gallo hits one out of the park with his latest game, Metal Pixels! This action packed, shooter game is fast paced but my favorite part is the background music.

Why not treat yourself to this addictive new game- Metal Pixels. It can be downloaded here from BlackBerry World.


Let us know what you […]

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We Really Need to Pay Attention!


Slowly but surely Apple is forcing itself deeper into people’s lives. You’ve seen the TV commercials where everything is wonderful and beautiful because it’s all captured or mediated through an iPhone.

To me, this is quite scary. Today I read an article about how Apple wants to go into the visual media business (they’re already trying […]

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Apple- the paragon of Virtue?


Within the next week people will be queuing at various locations around the world to hand over their hard earned money for the next iThing. Bigglybobblyboo wrote about the innovative battery that will have diminished power. Blackjack also wrote about their trend setting ‘Force Touch’ virtual keyboard – which seems to be copied directly from the BlackBerry Storm. But the purpose of this blog isn’t about lack of innovation, it’s about Corporate morals (or lack thereof). […]

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Apple iNnovates again with “Force Touch” technology…err… patented by BlackBerry?

Yes Apple boys and Apple girls and Apple whatever elses….

You think Apple has come up with yet another reason to throw your disposable phone in the trash and buy the one with the new number?

Force touch. Yes it sounds interesting. In fact I admit that I felt a bit of envy there when I heard […]

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Oh No! The iPhone 6S Will Have A ‘Weaker Battery’!

You’ve got to laugh or you’d cry…

In survey after survey one of the main things iPhonians want is a battery that lasts anywhere near as long as anyone else’s. Or over a couple of hours or so. That would be nice too. But that would impinge on the reason they gag for one and Apple’s […]

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How to BB10: Resizing Android Apps for a Square Screen

Android apps! Some love them, some hate them, but none were made for a square screen. Luckily for those of us with Passports, Classics, Q10’s and Q5’s, BlackBerry planned ahead and gave us a way to resize how the apps appear on our screens when needed, and we made a quick video to show how […]

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KeyRaider malware steals 225,000 Apple Accounts


PHOTO: Palo Alto Networks

According to Palo Alto Networks :
KeyRaider has successfully stolen over 225,000 valid Apple accounts and thousands of certificates, private keys, and purchasing receipts. The malware uploads stolen data to its command and control (C2) server, which itself contains vulnerabilities that expose user information.

“We believe this to be the largest known Apple account […]

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UTB Blogcast Arrives on Soundcloud and Nobex

Strangely enough, we’ve been asked for audio and offline versions of our Blogcasts. Apparently there are some out there that would prefer we were heard and not seen. While we can’t say we feel good about that, we here at UTB completely understand it. Starting with our last Blogcast, that’s number 10 if […]

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Inst10 For Instagram Has Been Updated.

Inst10, by NemOry Studios, has been updated from version to 2.2.300.1 and with it brings:

Fixed: Facebook login/sign up
Fixed: Post to Facebook
Fixed: Twitter connect
Fixed: Post to Twitter

You can download the paid version by clicking on the link.


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BlackBerry Owned AtHoc Scores a Win With The TSA

Recently acquired by BlackBerry, AtHoc has been chosen to be utilized by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at more than 200 major airports across the nation.

The TSA has been employing AtHoc since 2011 at more than 100 TSA coordination centers, now the program is being expanded across 200 airports, for use between multiple Department […]

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