As BlackBerry fans, we love to hear and see new information about our favored brand. Leaks are great, but not when it harms the very company which the people who propagate and distribute the leak claim to support.

BlackBerry has a Beta Program to get real world testing on upcoming OS versions, where the company […]

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Update to Amazon Appstore

A Spark popped up in Hub Notifications. Hmmm, what is this I wondered to myself? It turned out to be an update to the Amazon Appstore. The change log says:

Bug fixes.
Performance improvements.

To check for an update, open the Amazon Appstore, tap the menu button in the upper-left corner, open Settings under the ABOUT section,¬†Version and […]

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BlackBerry Has Openings For Up To 100 Of The Best And Brightest!

See what I did there?

While everybody else is blabbering on and on about a job cut today, the reality of what is actually happening is just… well… unimportant. Because it’s “headlines”, and “clicks” that matter, right?


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Spam Alert! Whatsapp Reveals Potential Monetization Strategy

As we all know, Whatsapp is the biggest instant messaging platform in the world but one thing has plagued them since inception.


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Blue Touchpad app when you need a keyboard


My life is mobile…

Sometimes I need that BlackBerry keyboard. There is just nothing like it. When that feeling strikes but I also need to use my Windows machine, I use Blue Touchpad.

Blue Touchpad is an app available in BlackBerry World as shown in the link above. It allows the BlackBerry phone to act like a […]

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50% Of Samsung Galaxy 6 Sales Magically Disappear

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

In a scenario strangely reminiscent of the Galaxy 5, optimism seems to be waning within weeks of the launch of the Samsung Galaxy 6. This bright young thing, backed by large marketing campaigns by both Samsung and carriers worldwide (I myself have received 6 emails from the retailer I got […]

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The [nearly] useless 3rd factor


My life is mobile…


Who are you? Are you me? Maybe you wish you were me, for a few minutes anyway. Just long enough to clean out my bank accounts. I don’t want you to do that. Nor do I want you to access my phone content, cloud file stores, email or social accounts. To […]

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IS THERE AN OPTIMUM OS? for mobile, tablet and pc?


Recently, I have been playing around with Windows 10, just to see what they have to offer. I also picked up a (shudder) Lumia for $20 to test¬†how Windows Phone 10 works in conjunction with Windows 10 on my Laptop. Well they don’t really play well together as one would expect. Do keep in mine […]

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BlackBerry picks up Aecus Innovation award

On the Inside BlackBerry Business Blog today, BlackBerry announced that, in conjunction with UTS Global, the company has won a 2015 Aecus Innovation award for the telemedicine app showcased at this year’s Mobile World Congress, which enables remote patient healthcare. For full details on the app and its functions, you can read BlackBerry’s full […]

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Work Wide updated in BlackBerry World

Popular multi-tasking app Work Wide, created by Brian Scheirer, has received an update in BlackBerry World. The latest version is v1.3.0.61 and, as the changelog details, this update is about “Bug fixes all over the place”:

– FIXED (major): there was a bug that when ‘Browser’ was set as default that caused all kinds of craziness […]

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