Yes, my friends, November 4th marks one year since it was announced that John Chen would be taking over as CEO of BlackBerry and what a year it’s been.

So, to celebrate, we’ve managed to grab for you THE most sought after device on the market right now – a beautiful unlocked Passport (which means it will work pretty much anywhere) for you to win – right here.

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment on this article, it’s as simple as that and we’ll announce the winner (who will be chosen at random) on the anniversary of John’s appointment. Seems rather fitting, don’t you think?

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Apple once again proves itself with Apple Pay. CNet reports:

Specifically, Bank of America customers have complained about being charged twice for the same purchase. The issue is with a small number of Bank of America card transactions, according to a person familiar with the matter, and is not the fault of Apple‘s technology. The glitch is tied to technology used by Bank of America, and the problem is expected to be resolved Wednesday.

I must admit I snickered when I read that. After all, it was only Sunday I wrote:

If Apple Pay fails, if something happens to people’s transactions, or even worse, their personal financial information, it will be the fault of those retailer’s terminals, which haven’t had issue yet! But, it won’t be Apple’s fault. Media will see to that.

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It wasn’t long ago that any positive talk about BlackBerry was met with harsh criticism and sometimes even ridicule.  Everyone and their dog declared the company dead and would take every opportunity to make it known to anyone who would listen, whether they had a platform to do so or whether they were at a backyard family BBQ.  It truly became an obsession.  It’s almost as though these people had a horse in the race?  Hmm, I wonder why that is?  But that was then and this is now.

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This is a rant.

I work for a regional investment consulting firm with over 8 billion dollars in assets under advisement, over 90 institutional clients, and 35 employees. I am the director of business development there and our firm recently selected a new I.T. vendor to help us with some hosted applications, a file server, some network printing, and the like. (For anyone who thinks my job sounds cool, please PM me and I will relieve you of that mistaken idea.)

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It appears that Jonathan Kay at the National Review has passed judgement for you ladies on what your opinion should be of the Passport. I think he has declared it to be too big for you.
My reaction is that he may be making a few generalizations about the “fairer” gender.

Jonathan Kay: Why I ditched my iPhone for Blackberry’s massive new Passport

My iPhone often ended up in a shirt pocket. But that feels awkward with the Passport. In fact, there are a few shirts I own that actually do not permit this without busting the pocket stitching. When I asked my wife to try it with some of her blouses, she couldn’t get the Passport to fit in any of them. Even in my pants, the Passport was an awkward fit. It really only makes sense in a jacket, briefcase or purse. So to state the obvious: This business-oriented phone is hardly the ideal phone for, say, the beach or hiking trail.

This may explain the intensely gendered response I got to my Passport when I was seen using it in public places like Starbucks, McDonalds, Taco Del Mar or office-building elevators. Over the last month, numerous strangers have approached me to ask about the device. They are always men. Many of the women I’ve shown the Passport to — including female colleagues, my wife and her friends — seem vaguely horrified by the thing. Even with two hands, one told me, the Passport feels like something that fell off the bottom of an old fridge. I assure them that they’d get used to it in a few days, if they give it a chance. But the starkly boxy aesthetics scare them off.

(Apparently, this is not a universal response, however: Since the original version of this review went online, several writers have told me that their female friends are indeed interested in the Passport. One woman even reportedly called it “sexy.”)

My first thought was… how many women actually attempt to carry a phone in their blouse? Never seen an iPhone hanging out there. Somehow, I can’t see blaming the Passport for this…

So I’m curious, is there any truth in this ladies? What are your thoughts/experience with the Passport form factor as a daily digital companion?
Practical or not? Is the form factor a deal breaker, or if the Passport is not for you, what is?

Tell us what you think. Does size matter?

Discuss in the comments or IN OUR FORUM:

….and here’s my beauty tip… A big phone will make your butt look smaller ;)


BlackBerry Announces Availability of the BlackBerry Passport in Australia

BlackBerry Announces Availability of the BlackBerry Passport in Australia

As the Passport continues its sold out world wide tour, BlackBerry officially announced the availability of the Passport in Australia.  Although it has been available to pre-order since 1st October for Optus corporate and enterprise customers, Optus customers can now order the Passport at any Optus Store nationally for AUD $899 off contract or on a variety of 24-month plans .

The full press release is included below:

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I was in a business meeting yesterday with a customer. I had my Passport on the table. The customers jaw bounced off the table and he said “That’s the new Passport!”. This customer has a Z10, and his partner in the meeting a Z30.

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What does B.B. King have in common with the iPhone 6? If you said they’ve both worked with U2, you’d be right, but it’s not the answer I’m looking for. If you said they’re both plus sized, then you’re probably a bit of a jerk. The proper answer is that they both have the blues.

While there’s any number of things that the iPhone should be blue about, you know, the folding, the leaking, the crashing, the exploding, there’s a whole new issue that appears to be affecting the iPhone 6 now. It’s turning blue.

All iPhonians will tell you, no one makes as fashionable phone as Apple. Why, there is nothing as attractive and sexy as the iPhone! Made out of super light aluminum, thin and sleek, with only that fancy camera lens jutting out like the mole on a supermodel’s face. If it was good enough for Cindy Crawford, it’s good enough for Apple! And helping the iPhone 6 earn it’s stripes, are, well, stripes. Made out of  genuine high quality plastic, at the top and bottom. And while they are supposed to be white, some are discovering they’re just… not… so much… anymore.

As I’m sure Apple would tell you, Apple users have been using their phones wrong. They’ve been putting them in their pockets. Now we know they are not supposed to do that, they’re made out of aluminum for crying out loud, and they could end up folded or exploded or whatnot. But those that are being particularly careful, and have yet to fold their phone, are discovering that the dye from their favorite blue jeans, are turning the fancy white plastic of their iPhone 6 blue.

BGR reports new iPhone dilemma “Dyegate” even showing off a few pictures of the blue phones. Apparently the issue has happened to a few of their readers, and when the readers contacted Apple for solutions, they were told to use several cleaning solutions to remove the dye. Unfortunately, it appears the solutions were no solution, and the iPhones, while presumably smelling nice now, is still blue.

image via BGR

image via BGR

Fapplegate, Bendgate, Hairgate, and now Dyegate. For a closed garden, Apple sure has a lot of gates in that fence. One thing is for certain, while Apple didn’t really bring anything new or innovative with the iPhone 6, they’ve sure given us a lot to talk about. What could possibly be next?



Our Beloved Blackberry has a few patents that have been approved, here’s some of them:

Are some of these going to be in the new device that BlackBerry will be unveiling in Mobile World Congress in March? Time will tell!

Another Great Passport Review

Another Great Passport Review

I think that we can all agree that the BlackBerry Passport has been generating a lot of media attention.  We’ve seen many reviews since it has been launched and I came across one today from Jonathan Kay at the National Post that really stood out.

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