UTB Blogcast #23

Join Dave, Chap, James, Brad and Roy from BerryIL for UTB Blogcast #23.

Roy has good news from Israel, Chap is getting closer to good news from Australia. Advertising, Priv, Android and BB10. All this, plus a stab or two at iPhone.



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27 Nov 2015

Today BlackBerry announced its’ award winning Priv will be available in Vietnam on 05 Dec for the price of 18,500,000 VND. Preorders have already started and any customer ordering before 04 Dec will get a free Smart flip case!

To locate stores selling the Priv click here.

The entire Press Release can be found here.


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Are You Talking to Me? Or How to Respond the BlackBerry Way

So far here at UTBBlogs, we’ve covered the attempt by Blackphone to undermine the security credentials of security experts BlackBerry.  We have also highlighted BlackBerry’s response to the Blackphone article.  It seems however that BlackBerry’s tactics at response are so subtle and so clever, that the media felt the need to interpret for BlackBerry just […]

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Reverend Grim doesn’t like Burnt Danishes.

Hello there you lucky BlackBerrians! I don’t need to tell you why you’re lucky do I? Didn’t think so.

I also don’t need to tell you why you’re lucky that you don’t have an iPhone, or more importantly an iWatch…

But I will tell you why Jãrgen Mouritzen from Denmark is unlucky to have an iWatch, you see he’s […]

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Purchasing the Priv, Returning to the Scene

Earlier I wrote about my experience purchasing the Priv which, started out badly, but ended fairly positive. At the time I bought the Priv, they did not have the case I wanted, and I left with no protection for my new phone, something I rarely do. After a day or two of use, I decided […]

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BlackBerry Blazed a Trail Apple is Following

BlackBerry has always been a trailblazer. The first mobile email device. One of the first smartphones. The first company to have their name used as a generic term for smartphones. And Apple has always followed and crazily enough, have always been madly successful at it. The latest to the smartphone race, Apple has by far […]

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Apple wants ‘fragile’ phones?!?

If you’re like any member of the general public, you’ve seen someone drop an iPhone and shatter their screen, or seen someone texting on the omnipresent shattered screen. A cottage industry has actually sprung up to repair iPhone ‘gorilla glass’. […]

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ZD Net Chooses BB10 over Priv

There seems to be a love affair going on over at ZD Net. The parties involved? Writer Matthew Miller and the BlackBerry Passport.

Two days ago, Miller wrote a post entitled “Testing the BlackBerry Priv convinced me to buy another Passport” in which he details his limited experience with the BlackBerry Priv. Usually, it is extremely […]

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BlackBerry Press Release – More Enterprises are Developing and Deploying Custom Secure Apps


Late yesterday BlackBerry announced the results of the 13th Good Mobility Index Report which revealed a trend towards organizations increasing the amount of  custom built secure apps. According to the report the average organization has developed almost 4 apps to help facilitate key business processes. […]

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Print My Files for BlackBerry 10 – App Update

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