Here’s Why This One Event Should Make You VERY Wary Of Your Phone Choice

One of the great lies sold to Androidians and iPhonians is that they are secure ENOUGH on their phones. That Google and Apple have their backs. That it’s ok, it doesn’t matter. The customers themselves buy into this. They want the latest and greatest – and they’re willing to give their very souls to […]

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Reverend Grim Preaches… Protection – or Lack of it…

Here we are again, another chilly day – but the sun has been out and it got me in the mood for a bit of a spring clean!

But not the house, my aching bones won’t be having that right now!

My PC got a clean up and tweaked here and there!

I decided to update my AVG […]

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BlackBerry India: Redefinition and transition

Mainstream media seems to have its cudgels up against the wizards from Waterloo. Be it their limited understanding of what QNX can do, the emerging opportunities in Internet of Things or the superlative BlackBerry 10 that trumps everything, they are daggers drawn to bolster negativity.

I have personally known and been fortunate enough to have met some […]

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UTB Week in Review (23 Aug – 29 Aug 2015)

In last week’s ‘Review’ I pondered what John Chen might have up his sleeve. Earlier this week Mr. Chen was interviewed and made references to value propositions, handsets, paying for security and a whole lot more! In case you missed it here is the link. Well worth the listen. […]

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A Better Android Than Android

It wasn’t too long ago that the UTB sites didn’t exist. But the people behind it did. And we used to frequent a few other sites. At the site that I believe most of us came from there was a certain person that was, let’s just say, divisive. He would bounce around from thread to […]

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Samsung’s Ultimate Test Drive Pays Off For Those That Ditch iPhone

Just one week ago we wrote about Samsung’s Ultimate Test Drive  being offered to iPhone users. This program targets current iPhone users, allowing them to try out a new model Samsung phone for 30 days for $1.

Samsung marketing has been known to go directly after Apple’s iPhone but this program was taking this […]

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UTB Blogcast #10

Join Dave, Brad, and Bartron and Simpleberry Roy from as we discuss marketing, BlackBerry usage and leaky leaks.


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Are You A 1:1 BlackBerry Passport Picture Ratio Convert?

When the Passport was first rumoured I was the proud owner of a Z30 (which I still am, by the way, every so often I switch it on and it’s STILL a beauty). As I was cogitating as to whether to take the plunge with the Passport, one thing REALLY bothered me – even after […]

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Public Service Announcement: Beware of Leaks

No doubt you’ve seen the above image over the last day or so, reputed to be an official internal BlackBerry document. However, this is NOT the case – in fact it is an old, investor proposal presentation slide from back in 2012. If you’d like to see the original (along with others), check it out […]

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Android Apps do they Run Better on Android?


I have been listening to various people, blogs etc. and it seems that most believe that Android Apps run better on an actual Android device.

I’ve also felt that recent updates to apps (android) running on a BlackBerry have caused problems with the performance of said apps.

I’ve been wrong. They’ve been wrong.

Now, remember of course that […]

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