Quake Listener – App Update


Quake Listener is an interesting app that allows you to see and search for earthquakes anywhere in the world. It pulls data directly from the United States Geological Survey (USGS).

Version adds ‘News’ and ‘Near Me’ sections, includes a User Interface update and the Vietnamese language.

Why not head over to BlackBerry World and download/update Quake […]

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01 December

Today BlackBerry announced their latest smartphone, the Priv, powered by android, will be available mid-December at a price of 1,098 SGD (inclusive of GST). Customers who are interested in purchasing the Priv can obtain one at M1, Singtel, StarHub, and via various BlackBerry authorized outlets.

For more information on PRIV, go to www.BlackBerry.com/PRIV.

The entire Press […]

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Phonedog Calls Priv by BlackBerry Most Memorable Phone of 2015

As is the norm with BlackBerry, the Priv by BlackBerry has garnered the attention of many tech blogs. What’s different this time is that the Priv is garnering a lot of positive attention. Many tech sites who have previously only written about BlackBerry in order to bash it, are now writing positive articles about the […]

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Running Your BlackBerry Priv Without Google

I know what you’re saying. “Dave, are you nuts? It’s an Android phone! How can you be running your BlackBerry Priv without the all seeing all knowing “Eye of Sauron” known as Google?”

Well, I’m pretty close to avoiding Google apps, here’s what I’m using instead.


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BlackBerry Chooses Customer Privacy over Remaining in Pakistan

BlackBerry’s BES12 Enterprise Mobility Management solution is very well known as the “gold standard” where security is concerned. With that in mind, protecting its customer’s privacy and communications is one of the key reasons why world leaders such as US President Barack Obama, British Prime Minister David Cameron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel all use […]

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Apple Causing Even More Confusion! and environmental damage.


While most other manufacturers are coming to agreements to make their products more compatible with one another, Apple seems headed in the opposite direction. Again.

While on the surface this seems like them shooting themselves in the foot, think about it this way. Apple has millions of devices out there and if they decide to make […]

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The Great BlackBerry 10 Paradox

Ah… the BlackBerry Priv. It really is the best phone Androidia has ever seen. It has all the apps and it has (some) BlackBerry 10 features. It also has the BlackBerry ‘best in class’ keyboards, both virtual and physical. However, many BlackBerrians are finding that, on the Priv at least, there’s something missing.

Called BlackBerry 10.

Look, […]

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T-Mobile CEO John Legere Poses With the BlackBerry Priv

Earlier today, BlackBerry CEO John Chen tweeted a picture of T-Mobile CEO John Legere posing With the BlackBerry Priv.  In our internal BBM group, it created a lot of discussion and hope that T-Mobile may finally be coming on board.

Since it’s release in early November the Priv has generated a lot of discussion in the […]

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Miss Informed – Softpedia


Hello Gentle Readers. please pardon my absence, but Miss Informed has been on a short hiatus – enjoying my cribbage, knitting, and the grandchildren. Everything was peaceful and serene until I happened across an article from Alexandru Papp over at Softpedia. Now I’m not the sort to call names, but this author’s methodology is truly befuddling! The first thing that came to mind was the Bigglybobblyboo post where he questions whether reviewers actually used the device.

In this article Mr Papp actually slanders Priv sales by statements such as- […]

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UTB Week in Review (22 Nov – 28 Nov 2015)

Another award winning week for BlackBerry as the tech media finally starts to appreciate the hardware AND software that is BlackBerry!
And before I forget, why not head over to shopblackberry and take advantage of their 20% off sale while it lasts!

UTB Blogcast #23



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