Another Journalist Gets It Wrong – This time it is Surur from

In our another journalist gets it’s wrong series, the latest installment comes from Surur of in an article titled “Microsoft takes final step to kill Blackberry with free MDM”

In his article, Surur makes a very bold assumption that with Microsoft offering free MDM for all commercial Office 365 subscribers, BlackBerry subscribers will suddenly switch over to […]

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Optus Australia releases 10.3.1

Better late than never.  Australian BlackBerry users rejoice for 10.3.1 has arrived.  If you haven’t resorted to loading one of the 10.3.1 versions through sachesi and you’re not part of the 10.3.2 program…AND you’re an Optus customer, you will be receiving an update pushed to your phone.  As you can see, the software release is […]

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New BBM Beta Coming Soon!

“In a few days, an upcoming BBM beta release will bring you some new exciting features. A real focus has been made to help you connect and develop your network on BBM! We are excited to get your feedback on these new features that will enrich your communication with friends. Stay tuned for further updates […]

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Loyalty (The Reward Card App) Gets Updated.

Loyalty, by Robert DaSilva, is a native reward card app that received an update today.

Loyalty is going from version to and with it brings:

* Backup and restore your Reward cards (Pro)
* Simplified custom card color picker.
* Cancel button added to settings.
* Setting added, “Prompt after transaction”

Click on the link to download Loyalty for […]

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BProfile Gets Updated With UTBblogs Icon!

BProfile is going from version to and with it brings:

* Fonts added: OpenSans, Roboto, Lato, Oswald, DroidSans, Lora, PTSans, Slabo, SourceSans, FiraSans, and Ubuntu.

* Added Icons:!!!! …and some other ones.

What a great update! I cant wait to add a UTB icon to ALL of my avatars!

You can download BProfile, by TMC […]

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BBM For Windows Phone Gets A New Beta Build.

BBM for Windows Phone (WP) has been updated to version and with it brings:

* Channels!
* Channels pivot on the home page.
* Channels hub.
* Channels details.
* Invite to channel option.
* Channel profile.
* My channel.
* Channel post details.
* Many more channel features.

With the light, comes the dark…known issues:

* BBM crashes when attempting to add avatar to […]

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UTB Week in Review (22 Mar – 28 Mar 2015)

UTB unveiled a new look this week thanks to the contributions of Robert (and Jon)!

Seidio Loves The BlackBerry Passport: First The Surface Case, Now The Convert Add-On Kit


WHAT? A New Sticker Set


Must Watch BlackBerry Leap Video!


Yet Another Journalist Gets It Wrong – This time it is Rupert Neate from the Guardian


BlackBerry Finances Explained – Don’t Take Your […]

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Introducing The All New 5″ BlackBerry Leap

As we mentioned earlier, the Leap is already available for pre-order in the UK and now in the US on Shop BlackBerry.


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BlackBerry Leap Available for Pre-Order on Shop BlackBerry USA

That’s right folks. You read that right. The Leap is available right now for pre-order on shop BlackBerry US.  Head over to Shop BlackBerry right now and snag one of these beauties for only $275.   Act fast as we don’t know how long this will be available for.

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