Tim Cook Loses Focus at Superbowl

The internets are abuzz with the poor photo tweeted by Tim Cook from the Superbowl on Sunday and I’d feel remiss if we didn’t at least mention it. Much has been made of the iPhone’s camera, let’s not forget the “Shot on iPhone 6” campaign.

Sadly, it seems Tim Cook wouldn’t have managed to get one […]

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Is Apple’s Error 53 Illegal?

Apple’s newest strategy to sale iPhones seems to be garnering a lot of attention. As we have already talked about Apple has decided to brick the phones of users that have had third party repairs done to their fragile iPhones. Just yesterday I questioned the ethics behind this decision. And shortly after writing that post, […]

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BlackBerry Makes Android Better


Those of us that follow BlackBerry probably remember a series of videos made by Cam Bunton over at PhoneDog. For a while, it seemed that they only love that the BlackBerry Passport was receiving from outside the BlackBerry community was coming from Cam.

Today, Cam can be found at 9 to 5 Google with a video […]

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Multi-Part Android Malware Named After Norse Trickster

Security researchers Dr. Web are informing us of another Android threat that shows the lengths malware creators will go to. Named after the Norse god of trickery, the malware comes in three parts, Android.Loki.1.origin, Android.Loki.2.origin, and Android.Loki.3.

Let’s look at how this malware works.

Once Android.Loki.1.origin gains access to the phone, it will incorporate itself in to […]

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Priv Launches in South Africa

BlackBerry announced today that South Africa is the latest in a growing list to offer the Priv by BlackBerry. They join the European countries of France, Italy, Spain, and The Netherlands, as well as Australia.

The device is available through the South African carriers MTN, Vodacom, or Cell C. Or buyers can purchase direct from ShopBlackBerry.

Do […]

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Telus Pushes Out Security Updates For BlackBerry Priv

As promised Telus has released the security updates it promised for February 8th right on schedule. The update is approximately 17mb in size and the update takes just a few minutes to complete.

You can see what has been patched at the BlackBerry Knowledge Base here.

It’s great to see that not only BlackBerry is consistent with […]

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Apple’s Comeuppance, Well Deserved

Unless you are blind you have been noticing that Apple is slowly but surely circling the drain. They are suffering a fate similar to what happened to BlackBerry four years ago. With a few BIG differences.

BlackBerry had a workable backup plan, they did not and still do not, have all their eggs in one basket. […]

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My First Two Months with the SE Passport

Well, to be honest I was a little apprehensive about the size of the Passport and whether I’d get on with a PKB over the Z10 VKB and I’m pleased to say the size isn’t an issue at all, and the keyboard? Wow! I’m so much faster typing than I used to be, after a […]

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As iPhone Sales Decline, Apple Creates Questionable Policies

It’s finally happened. The iPhone has peaked. We will finally begin to see a decline in sales of iPhones. Tim Cook had to present an outlook to share holders that show iPhone sales falling in the next quarter, along with total revenue.

Apple has built a company of nearly mythic proportions, based upon one product, the […]

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UTB Blogcast #31


This has been a big week for news!

An exec claims transitioning to Android. Another states continued commitment to BB10.

Layoffs occurred, but is this news?

The Priv arrives down under!

And Gary Klassen, we thank you.



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