Yes, my friends, November 4th marks one year since it was announced that John Chen would be taking over as CEO of BlackBerry and what a year it’s been.

So, to celebrate, we’ve managed to grab for you THE most sought after device on the market right now – a beautiful unlocked Passport (which means it will work pretty much anywhere) for you to win – right here.

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment on this article, it’s as simple as that and we’ll announce the winner (who will be chosen at random) on the anniversary of John’s appointment. Seems rather fitting, don’t you think?

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It seems these days, if a crime is common enough, and done repetitively enough that you just get tired of fighting it, it soon becomes commonplace and acceptable.
When did we ever ask for any large entity to spy on us by default?

Yet that is what we have come to expect from the likes of Google, FaceBook, Apple. Yes there is short term gain in selling your privacy as a commodity, but in the long term, won’t this type of behavior foster mistrust?

Just the latest in what we have come to expect from a company that has not ethics.

Spotlight: Privacy Advocates Furious As Apple Feature Siphons Off Location Data of Yosemite And iOS 8 Users

Though the fix is quick and easy for users, onlookers are perturbed Apple is taking people’s information by default. “I am incredibly disappointed to see this type of behavior from Apple. Instead of pushing for stronger privacy protections for OS X users, the company seems to have taken a different path by tracking as many users as possible,” said Runa Sandvik , technical advisor to the Freedom of the Press Foundation and Forbes contributor, over email. “This is a problem for anyone using OS X Yosemite. By default, any term you search for in Spotlight is sent to Apple and friends (friends get the terms, but no personally identifiable information). Imagine a scenario in which you are working on a story on your laptop; when you search through your files for documents you have that are related to this story, the search terms are also shared with Apple.”

But.. who cares about that innocuous increasingly nosy eye in the sky right? I do. STOP WATCHING ME! I don’t need a reason do I? I just don’t like it see? It’s rude. It’s impolite. It’s annoying. It makes me feel uncomfortable. It makes me feel that I have no freedom of thought. It makes me feel violated. I don’t like unwittingly participating in something I never really signed up for. I’m just supposed be a good corporate citizen and accept this?

Just a fact of life now. Unless you buy from a company that still has integrity. So I make choices. BlackBerry is one.

Classics Never Die

Classics Never Die

Übergizmo is reporting that BlackBerry has scheduled an “Enterprise Event” for Monday, November 13 in San Francisco with CEO John Chen and “several top executives in attendance”.

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One of the best out there.

One of the best out there.

Blaq is a twitter app that has been one of my favorites since day one, and with this new update, it still is.

The developers of Blaq, Kasai labs, have just released version 1.4 and boy did they release the hounds.

Straight from the change log:

What’s new?

TONS of new settings

We’re introducing a slew of new options and some familiar ones from Blaq for Playbook! Leave screen on? Check. Large photos instead of small thumbnails? Check. TweetMarker integration? Check. Full control of all of your notifications? A few checks there. All that and more! All of your settings sync with your BlackBerry ID account automatically so if you need to reinstall, You can do so without needing to worry about settings everything back up (or remembering to back it up in the first place).

Notifications! Notifications! Notifications!

Blaq has always provided you with full hub integration but we’ve now taken it a step further and have added notifications for retreats, favorites and follows! They’re not only reliable, they’re instant! All these notifications happen whether the app is open, minimized or closed. In addition to that, we’ve added a new watchlist feature which allows you to follow any public account on Twitter and receive notifications in your BlackBerry hub when the user tweets! In REAL-TIME!

Better multi-account experience

Now you no longer need to switch accounts to retweet a tweet, favorite one or follow an account. All your notifications now push to the hub if you have them turned on and when you’re viewing a tweet you’d like to retweet or favorite, you can now perform these actions on all accounts set up on your device at once! Blaq is still the only twitter app on BlackBerry 10 that allows you to tweet, retweet, follow, and more from the hub without needing to switch accounts!

BlackBerry Passport support and UI tweaks

We finally have BlackBerry Passport support! No more rendering issues, landscape scrolling and all the perfect ways to #WorkWide. For our UI tweaks, we’ve added large thumbnails views, option for author display, recent photos on profiles, Emoji when composing tweets and introduced an optional floating compose button (10.3+ only) to allow you to quickly compose you to quickly compose a new tweet. Whew!


Support for Bitly Pro – Just sign in and start shortening those URLs!
In-app browser – View links right in the app without leaving
Notifications when a tweet with an attached photo is successful with ability to view the posted tweet.
TweetMaker integration
Hashtag (type #USA) and stock symbol recognition
Failed tweet drafts in hub – No longer do you need to retype a tweet that’s fails to send
Twitter GIF Support – upload and view animated GIFs
Search compose – instantly jump into the conversation when your search is for a Hashtag or symbol. Hashtags and symbols are automatically appended


Various crashes when in direct messages, adding accounts or random
View photo when attaching photo not working in card (hub/sharing)
Sometimes, replies and tweets in convo aren’t tappable
Translations doesn’t alert when it fails
Black gaps in timeline
If locations is enabled and/or the permissions is denied or location is turned off, the compose screen prompts on every new tweet
Hub notifications in any non-English language may show question mark.

WOW! BLAQ IS BACK or should I say #BlaqisBack

If you want to check out this amazingly well done app, Just click on the link, but just remember, this is a $2.99 app, but worth every penny.


Updates are nice.

Updates are nice.

When I wake up in the morning, there is a list of things that I check on my BlackBerry. They are app updates, beta updates, channels news, the weather, unanswered BBMs from overnight and lastly OS updates.

I check OS updates last because they don’t happen as often as you would like, but today was one of those rare days. There was an update waiting for me to download, OS to be precise.

Unfortunately there isn’t a change log to be found (not yet at least) so if I would guess, it would probably be all behind the scenes stuff.

If you’re a lucky Passport owner and you’re on the official OS then pull down your quick settings shade, tap on settings, scroll down to software updates and check if you have it.

If you find anything new or notice anything, for better or worse, please let us know in the comments. Knowledge is power.


Multinational Insurance Company Switches to BES10 from MDM Competitor

Multinational Insurance Company Switches to BES10 from MDM Competitor

I recall a few months back there was a case of an MDM breach which affected a big, multinational insurance company; the information at the time was that this breach affected the company’s iPhone devices on a competitor MDM solution.  Apparently, said company immediately switched to BES10, and were up and running on the most secure EMM/MDM platform available.  You know, the one used by G7 and 16 members of the G20, 5 out of 5 of the largest oil and gas businesses, and the one given ATO clearance on US Defense networks to name a few accolades.  I also recall at the time that there were some questions as to whether this was a fact, or just a rumour.

Well, it looks like this was indeed true.  In an INSIDE BlackBerry Blog article, Joe McGarvey explains why “A multinational insurance provider recently made the move to BlackBerry Enterprise Services 10 (BES10) to reduce operational overhead and to distance itself from a well-publicized security failure involving a rival solution.”

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In recent days in the mainstream media there has been unprecedented coverage regarding an offer made by Lenovo Group Limited, a Chinese  multinational computer technology company with headquarters in Beijing, China.  The rumour is that Lenovo is about to make an offer to buy BlackBerry with a bid of $18 a share.  Now as you all remember, it was only last year that the Canadian government rejected a previous offer by the same company.

This time around, what struck me most about it was that these news stories coincidentally started appearing at a time when BlackBerry was receiving a lot of positive media coverage on the launch of the BlackBerry Passport, its new flagship device.  In the days following the launch, the Passport sold out in multiple locations in several countries.


Now this takeover rumour did interest me, so I did some digging around as I am the type that refuses to be spoon-fed and really wanted to see where this information was coming from and who was actually saying so.  What I found was that many of the stories in the mainstream media referred to an article titled “EXCLUSIVE: Lenovo Could Make An Offer For BlackBerry As Early As This Week”, on the Benzinga website by staff writer Charles Gross as their source.  So being the diligent person that I am, I read the article.

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image via  mncpa.org

image via

Acacia Research Group announced today that they had entered in to an agreement with BlackBerry thus ending the pending litigation over patent infringement.

The patent in question,  US patent 7215962. actually belong to Nokia Siemens Networks, however, Nokia Siemens Networks entered a licensing agreement with Acacia Research, who within a year of this agreement filed suit against BlackBerry, LG, Pantech, HTC and ZTE.

So who is Acacia Research Group? They license patents. A quick explanation taken directly from their website;

Patent licensing can be an effective and efficient way to maximize the profit potential of a patent. A patent license agreement grants a third-party user of the invention (an infringer) permission to practice the patented invention in exchange for remuneration.

My friends, we have ourselves the definition of a patent troll! There has been a lot of talk about patent trolls, in the last few years, but not much has been done about it. In the US, it appears legislation is occurring on  a state by state basis. Illinois recently passed a law which “bans patent demand letters that contain false or deceptive information; are sent by individuals who do not have the right to license or enforce a patent; falsely threaten litigation if a fee is not paid; and fail to identify the individual asserting the patent and explain the alleged infringement.” But the victims of these patent trolls are making it clear that this is not enough.

Delaware and Texas, specifically East Texas, seem to be particularly friendly to patent trolls. In East Texas, patent trolls win more than 40% of their cases, which is nearly double the rest of the nation. No surprise then that more than 45% of patent troll cases take place in East Texas. Want to make a guess where the Acacia lawsuit was filed? The United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas. Shocking no?

Not much seems to be happening to correct the problem with my northern neighbors either. Canada seemed to be on the cusp of taking action after the Internet Association, a group of internet powerhouses including Google, Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Netflix and Yahoo, urged Canada to enact reforms that would help stop the patent trolling. But Canadian businesses are urging caution. Someone that should be very familiar to us, Jim Balsille, is cautioning to get the details right.

As our governments are gnawing their fingernails, trying to determine how to handle these patent trolls, it appears BlackBerry has taken the necessary steps to get another troll off it’s back.  Let’s hope the time of the patent trolls are coming to an end. But don’t worry for these sad bridge dwellers. Even if their livelihood comes to an end, they’ve done fairly well for themselves. In fact, it appears that since 2010, patent trolls have made more than three times as much money in lawsuits than actual practicing companies.

Good show trolls.

Move along folks, nothing to see here

Move along folks, nothing to see here

If you go into the woods today… you’re in for a (not so) big surprise… for today’s the day the bears are having another picnic – and BlackBerry once again is on the menu.  Or something is up, because this one has come right out of left field, and I’m left wondering “Why”?


Fresh on the heels of reports of Passport sellouts on Amazon and BlackBerry (globally), a slew of positive tech media reviews and ad hoc celebrity endorsements, comes an anonymous, single sourced, unsubstantiated rumour that Lenovo is once again going to buy BlackBerry. Continue Reading

Good day to you all my amazing congregation of BlackBerriens!

I trust you have all made a comment in the http://utbblogs.com/backtoblack/to-celebrate-john-chens-anniversary-win-a-free-blackberry-passport-with-utb/? If you haven’t then I suggest you do and quick time… once you have finished reading this of course…


I’d also like to say a big hello to all our newbies! Brother Brad informed me that since the Passport give away got posted on the United Temple of BlackBerry we have had a lot of new people register, so, to all you newbies… WHY HAS IT TAKEN YOU THIS LONG?

OK, on a serious note though, all you new readers need to learn a few new things about the United Temple, a few rules and regulations as it were…

We won’t put up with troll’s, that’s a big NO NO!

We expect you to be kind and courteous to all other members and staff at the Temple, everyone makes mistakes, forgets or simply doesn’t know everything about BlackBerry (especially if they have moved on from some other inferior handset manufacturer) we all had to learn along the way and if we can pass our knowledge on to people who were once like us then lets do that just like someone once did for us!

Get involved! We have many ways of spreading the news etc, Tweeting bird thingy for pretty much everyone here, the forums, BBMC, Facebook  and of course in the comments of each and every article that is on here! (I will list a few at the end, make sure you follow etc.)

Obviously we have other rules, spamming, copyright, don’t do anything illegal etc, but you should all be good Brothers and Sisters and behave appropriately anyway, I just wanted to make sure you know these things!

You may also wonder about who we all are, well as time goes on you will notice we all have our own style of writing and humor… mine being a little twisted I’ll admit. What I’m trying to say is make sure you have a good read of everyone’s stuff, get to know what we are like and, once again, get involved with us all, we aren’t all professional writers (Chen knows we don’t get paid for this) we all do this for the love of our favorite product and are all learning new things about writing and, like I have, about ourselves and others. I have made many new friends across the waters of the world and some closer to home than I thought, stick with us, get involved and become a part of the community that started with just a few but has grown through the few writers and the readers back in January this year to something that people are now taking note of and coming back to over and over again as a trusted site for all BlackBerry news.

So, while I have you here I will fill you in on a few things that the un-secure, un-trusted, money grabbing company known as Apple have been up to (or not) in the last week or so, we all heard about the twisted fire starter, and if you didn’t you can read about it http://utbblogs.com/backtoblack/iphone-6-bends-and-catches-fire-causing-second-degree-burns/

Payton Garner wants to know “Why does my iPhone 6+ keep crashing?”

Hi All,

I was hoping for some very detailed advice on getting my iPhone 6 Plus to stop crashing. It’s happening many times per day and almost makes using the device futile.

When it arrived, I backed up my old iPhone 5S to iTunes (encrypted) and then restored that backup onto the iPhone 6 Plus. During the restoration everything went smooth, but after it rebooted and began syncing the apps back over, I would hear the phone ping (charge sound) and syncing would pause for a moment. Turns out it was having a mini crash and the Apple logo would appear for a few seconds, then it would start syncing again. No problems or errors were produced on the iPhone or iTunes.

Once restoration was complete (iOS 8.0.2), all of my stuff was there and iTunes still reported 0 errors. But as I used the phone, I would notice some weird stuff:

1) Swiping between app pages quickly would cause the same mini crash and the Apple logo would appear a few seconds before the phone came back up.

2) After launching an app a few times, the “preview” iOS shows when zooming into the app would become the app icon itself (rather than a preview of the app). This would happen for all apps when entering and exiting.

3) Some stock apps (like Calendar) would be missing their icon altogether.

4) The dark area representing a folder would disappear and the tiny icons just looked as if they were floating.

5) Lots more crashing (when using Siri, when just in my pocket, etc).

If you’re still reading this, it’s obvious I have a problem in my backup that is causing springboard issues (or something). The obvious solution is to restore the phone to factory settings and not reapply the backup, but I have valuable text messages dating back to 2007 that I’d really like to retain. Keeping that in mind, here’s what I’ve tried:

– Restoring from the same iTunes backup again

– Turning off “Documents and Data” in iCloud

– Reset all Settings

– Reset Home Screen Layout

– Restore from slightly older iCloud backup

– Reduce the number of apps being synced over

When I setup as a new phone after restoration, the problem does appear to go away (in the brief amount of time I spent trying to crash it). I really just need some troubleshooting advice I haven’t tried that would (at a minimum) allow me to retain the text message conversations and related media (picture and video messages).

Any thoughts that could accomplish this or information on what this problem actually is? I’m willing to supply logs, etc, if that would be useful.

Thanks very much!!


iPhone 6 Plus, iOS 8, iOS 8.0.2, 128GB, Space Gray

Well I like the line ‘makes using the device futile’ I had to chuckle, we at the Temple knew this already!

Poor old tewilmer wants to know…

Why does my wife’s iPhone ring when I get a call on my iPhone? Same for her phone calls ringing on my iphone. How do I stop it?

iPhone 5, iOS 8

Suwee, Slevine1, notright2020 and several others have also all had this problem since (strangely) the update to iOSh8, can you imagine how this could be causing problems? Who is the phone call for? What if the wrong person answers? Hmm, I can see this causing lots of problems can’t you?

wants to know…

Why when i synch my iphone with music, every track on every album is just 3:42 minutes?

iPhone6 iOS8

There is a very complicated answer in reply about there being some app open that needs to be forced closed, restarting the phone then re syncing to iTunes and hope that this works.

There is a whole host of problem raising their ugly heads on the iPhone 6 and iOSh8 this week, I’m not going to go into each and every one for several reasons, one, you’d get bored stupid, two, I’d get bored stupid and three, I don’t want to wear my fingers to the bone (metaphorically speaking) typing it all up! but just to let you know a few more theres iOS 8 Performance & User Interface Issues, iOS8 wifi sync broken, a new iPhone 6 removing app, file and folders as and when it wants… well my poor Apple Sheeple, there is a very simple cure to all your iPhone/iOSh8 ailments, I’ve said it before and I guess I’ll be saying it again.

So here we go with these simple steps…

1: Remove iPhone from the wall (I’m guessing it’s on charge again)

2: Do a ‘Security wipe’ of the Phone (Don’t just restore to factory settings)

3: Place iPhone face up on a table

4: Bring down a large hammer squarely onto the screen

5: Place the remains into a bin

6: Head out and buy a new BlackBerry and enjoy the bliss that is known as BB10.2 (soon to be 10.3) and a secure phone that will work for you.

See? It’s simple, and if you’re quick enough you might even get a Passport from UTB for FREE!

Well, seeing as it’s getting late again here in Blighty I will be signing off for the evening…

Just quickly, How do you feel about me running a weekly United Temple of BlackBerry confessional? A place where you can come and confess the bad thing’s you have done in the past, admit that, maybe you once had an iPhone but saw the light or that you thought the iPad looked like a nice tablet or even that the Samsung Galaxy S5 looks pretty good (OK, you were drunk) I know a few Ex iPhone users within UTB that have confessed and are now ridiculed Forgiven now…

let me know @CRAPPLEBASHING, BBMC C000117D3 on the forums or Facebook (I don’t personally go to that, I still don’t get Twit thing)

Reverend Grim is outta here!

Who Ya Gonna Trust?

Inside BlackBerry Business Blog Asks ‘Who Ya Gonna Trust’?

2014 is proving to be the Year of Digital Privacy & Security.  There have been a wave of hacked websites, compromised Cloud services, malware posing as fake apps, etc.  Everyday seems to bring a new story involving a compromised service or company:  as mobile use becomes prolific globally, it’s a natural target for the next generation of hackers, identity thieves, corporate espionage, state spying, etc…  In the past it was hardware that was a natural target for thieves – laptops, cell phones, ipods – but with the increase in mobile banking and ecommerce, Digital is the new criminal frontier.  And beyond the criminal sphere, consumer privacy is another concern for many as revelations of how Facebook, Google and other services commoditized your personal data for profit has received mainstream play.  So naturally it’s important to look at all available platforms and see how they secure YOUR data before making your choice. Continue Reading