After reporting record profits, Apple apologists are rushing to justify iPad’s soft sales. Wayne Rash over at eWeek goes to great lengths, or at least a lot of words on the page, to explain “Why Apple Isn’t Worried About iPad Sales Numbers

Let me attempt to break down Rash’s reasoning. Rash states in no uncertain terms that analysts do not understand tablet sales. Tablets serve a different use case than cell phones and due to this sale differently. He then goes on to explain this in great detail, even running through his own history of iPad purchases.

Personally, I think this is a case of smoke and mirrors. His initial argument is that the analysts projections were wrong. And then goes to great lengths to explain why tablets would sell less than cellphones. And therein lies the problem. One has nothing to do with the other. And that’s the trick. By the time you get to the end of the lengthy article, his expectation I’m sure, is that he’s convinced you enough that tablets don’t sell as well as phones, that you’ll accept his original statement as proven. But it’s not.

Realistically, of course tablets don’t sell as well as phones. We’re almost to the point that everyone has a phone. And the vast majority of those that have phones, will upgrade as soon as they are eligible. Not as many have tablets. And here’s what the author expects the reader to believe, that he knows that, and we know that, but that the analysts do not know that. A pretty big stretch in logic if you ask me.

The fact of the matter is that Apple missed projections on iPads. For the second consecutive quarter, iPad sales have dropped. In fact, it’s been a 9.2% decline from last year. But in the big picture, does it even matter?  iPhone sales were up, and the company posted a record $7.7B in profit. That’s nothing to scoff at. It was an extremely successful quarter for Apple. So why do some see the need to rush to defend? My opinion? Because it shows a weakness that they don’t want us to see.

Let me ramble on and give my own non-professional opinion. Apple sold a lot of iPhones. Record numbers of iPhones. But we also know that there are a lot of iPhones sitting unsold. And we’ve watched as Apple has been very creative in ridding themselves of the iPhones. By offering recycle deals on users old iPhones, trading old for new, they can move unsold iPhones under a different budget, and probably get some sort of credit for recycling. Quickly giving replacement iPhones to those that have bricked their phones trying to update to iOS 7 allows further depletion of unsold stock under perhaps a warranty budget? Allowing T-Mobile users to test drive devices, would easily fall under a warranty budget, provided Apple is footing the bill for these phones rather than T-Mobile, which they may or may not be doing. Why would Apple be going to such an extent to give away these phones in these methods? We BlackBerry users know. We saw what happened with the Z10′s. When you have excessive stock that is not moving, eventually, you must take a markdown on those devices. And when that happens, there is more than a financial loss. There is a loss of confidence.

Now, iPad sales did not meet analysts projections. Did they meet Apple’s? I don’t know. But if Apple manufactured close to what analysts projected, then there should now be a fair amount of stock sitting around hoping for someone to buy them. Can Apple manage to find budgets to give away these devices? I’m sure they can with a company that size. Or maybe, just maybe, they can talk someone else in to giving a new purpose for the iPads. To give people an even greater reason to buy them. To maybe even devote a sales force to sell them? Enter IBM.

Let’s make this clear, these are my own thoughts, based on nothing else than the information I’ve presented here. Do I think Apple is doomed? No. Do I think the next iPhone won’t sell? Not at all, I’m sure there will be lines again. But what I do think, is that unless Apple learned something over the last year, there will be a further gap in what Apple thinks they will do, and what they actually do. And eventually, we shall see the dreaded ‘markdown’ word again, only this time it won’t be about BlackBerry.


Ever been reading a document on your phone and wanting to print it right then and there?
PrintHand by Dynamix USA can help you out.

This app will let you print any document that resides on your phone, or any document you can access with your file manager of choice! That obviously includes anything BlackBerry Link has access to, but all of your cloud services as well. Before we go any further, yes this is a port, but it works nicely.

I decided to test out the Google Cloud Print service for this blog (yeah I know). I also decided that I’d complicate it by using a USB printer that is on my son’s PC downstairs. OK… I’m a rebel, I had added it with my home network settings. That being said, this will work with any printer your PC has installed.


The first thing I did was to go to settings in Google Chrome, and choose “Advanced settings” at the bottom. That opened up the opportunity to add printers using the Google Cloud Print “Manage” button.


I needed to add a “Classic” printer because it is connected via USB to a PC on my network. A printer that is Internet addressable is a story for another day.

Chrome will by default add every printer that you have installed on your PC.

Now that we have Google Cloud Print setup, it’s a simple matter of downloading PrintHand in BlackBerry World and getting it to see your printers. I obviously chose to use “Google Cloud Printers” in the app settings, and picked my son’s Brother HL-2240 as the device.


Adding printers is easy!


All of that went smoothly with no issues, and basically you’re done!

You are now able to navigate to any printable document and use the ubiquitous “share” function to send it to PrintHand! Simple as that.


Some may balk at the 4.99 price tag. I didn’t, I just needed to get some work done, and for less than many spend for a daily coffee, I now have mobile printing.


Oh look, it’s the 2014 fishing license I created and downloaded online with my Z30. I have it saved on my phone of course, but those pesky DFO guys like paper copies. Go figure…


Options abound!


Happy Printing!



lg-g3 (2)

During all the excitement on the pending release of the BlackBerry Passport, I thought it would be a good idea to head over and see what the other guys are doing. We know Apple is making another iPhone. This time they’re going bigger. *yawn*. We know Samsung’s S5 sales have gone flaccid. The HTC One M8 has been forgotten. So what else is out there? Well, BGR called the LG G3 the new king of android a few days ago and gave it a glowing review. So I guess that’s the phone I need to look at. So, let’s look at the specs. People are very concerned about specs when it comes to android.

The phone’s key specs include a 2.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor, 3GB of RAM, up to 32GB of storage, support for an additional 128GB of microSD storage, Android 4.4 KitKat, a 13-megapixel rear camera with Laser Auto Focus and Optical Image Stabilization, a 2.1-megapixel front-facing camera and a massive 3,000 mAh battery.

Ok, that’s enough time spent at BGR. I really don’t want to go off of their opinions. They are after all the ones that are consistently wrong about the future of BlackBerry. I much prefer to hear what users are saying about a device. Let’s head off to Android Central. I’ll go look at their forums and see what people are saying about the device.

And right off the bat, first thread I come to is titled: “Well, returned the G3″

It appears MrBungle999 found the device a bit boring. In his words, “I just couldnt justify paying extra compared to the G2. Its a great phone but just not enough wow factor. G2 is good enough for now plus I know there will be some crazy cool new phones coming in the next few months. It was just not far ahead of the curve compared to G2. Interface and camera were nice though”

It appears that there are a few people that agree with MrBungle that the G3 just isn’t enough of an upgrade for them to be purchasing one. There are a few that simply don’t agree however. There are some people that think it is well worth it though. For instance GrooveRite says “You can say the same for most yearly incremental upgrades as well. For me though, the G2′s lack of removable bat. and sd card slot make the G3 a highly worthy upgrade considering its just a yearly incremental upgrade. I know not all with agree with me but I do know many who value the importance of having those features on their devices!”

So yes! I agree GrooveRite! For me, I’d never purchase a device without expandable memory. Although, because of that, you won’t see me upgrading devices simply for that feature either. MrBungle though we find out later, has downgraded down to his wife’s old used Samsung S4 in hopes that something exciting will come out in the future. Doesn’t look good for the G3 if someone is willing to return it and move back to a much older used phone.

Well let’s keep moving shall we?

BJBaller asks ‘Should we trade up to an LG G3?’ Apparently BJBaller and his girlfriend are looking to trade up from an S4 and a Moto X. While a few tell him that the Moto X is a great device, the overwhelming majority tells him to trade up! And he does! Yay! His last post in the thread as of this writing? “I noticed a few apps aren’t compatible wth like ESPN sportscenter and Kohl’s wtf?” Uh-oh! Well, I’m sure you don’t really need those BJBaller, you have a larger screen now!

Let’s move on as he looks for someone to help him.

Oh my. This one is worrisome. “Earpiece buzz or crackle”

I’ll quote Matto2007 here: ” Just got a new Verizon LG G3 along with my friend. I have noticed that my earpiece is make a buzzing / crackle noise while in a call. I tested my friends but his does not seem to do it but was just wondering if anyone else had those issues. It seems very faint almost like an electrical buzz or like a tiny bug in the earpiece. It doesn’t do it constant just intermittent during the calls but I do notice it more when my cell coverage (bars) are lower but like I said my friends doesn’t do it. Guess I will head to the store and see if they will switch it out.. Will update if it’s still an issue with a new one.”

Well, there’s always a chance of getting a bad device right? He could have got one built right at quitting time. But wait! Mmohn01 has the same issue. As does Bigwilly087. And Chucklesjh, and aitt. Whoops! Not done! Add levoresume to that list. Well, at least Matto2007 got a new device. Wanna guess what happened? Yup. Same issue.

Now here’s the sad part. Another quote right from Matto2007: “Well corporate told me that they only offer one worry free exchange whatever that is and that they will not exchange this unit for a new one. They told me I could get a like new / refurbished one but that’s bullsh*t it’s a new phone why would I exchange it for a used one its only a week old. I guess I will go back to the store and see if they can do anything otherwise I guess it’s back to the DNA and await a newer phone later this year. It’s a shame really I love the phone I just can’t get past the buzzing during phone calls. ”

Ok, that’s enough of that for me. There’s another android phone that just isn’t cutting muster. I tend to think it’s a pretty bad statement about the phone when people are willing to downgrade to older phones rather than continue to use the new one that they just purchased.

I’ll stick to my BlackBerry thank you very much!


Jaw Dropping

Joe Moreno makes great videos.

In fact, Joe made, what is essentially our theme video. The one we use to point out the Gathering Storm. The one that let’s those extreme Androidians and iPhoniand know what is coming. If you don’t know the one, it’s this:

‘Shall we begin?’

We have…

And we LOVE IT.

Well, now Joe has produced another video. A video where he imagines what life would have been like had the iPhonians and Androidians got their wish last year and we had been stamped out once and for all.

A world where we, the people, are left with NO PROTECTION WHATSOEVER.

Because, of course, as Joe highlights in his graphics, barely a day goes by without yet another Androidian or iPhonian security leak.


It’s REALLY simple.

It you don’t care that everyone can read your emails, text messages, Whatsapp messages etc and twist them into ANY CONTEXT THEY FANCY…

You stick with iPhone and Android.

But, if you want to live in a world where what you meant to say to your friend stays as what you meant to say, if you want to live in a world where you can freely pass information to your staff and not find your competitors know all about it and if you want to live in a world where your BASIC FREEDOM is protected as a human being, that of being able to speak to the people you intended to without someone else listening in…

You buy a BlackBerry.

Hell, we could all strip our clothes off and go skinny dipping with the devil.

Joe has shown us the consequences if we did.


BlackBerry Protects


I despair sometimes of the lack of business knowledge of some bloggers.

Whilst the tide is turning rapidly, some of them just keep on throwing in the question ‘Will the Passport save BlackBerry’ showing, very obviously that they don’t get how business actually works.

So, let me try again.

What happens is that company’s draw up BUDGETS. They do this in 2 forms, Profit and Loss and Cash Flow Projections.

Sales or Revenue is the PLUS bit, Costs (or Expenses) is the minus bit.

They assign what they think they will SELL to the plus bit and what they think they will spend to the MINUS bit over a timeframe.

If they SELL more than they SPEND then they are doing well. If it is the other way round they are doing badly.

And, in companies that have fingers in many pies, they assign each DIVISION it’s own BUDGETTED sales and costs.

Now, for the company as a whole, the importance of each DIVISION is weighted by how much PROFIT it is expected to return. In the case of Apple, as we have explored previously, they are becoming too reliant on the iPhone as a division, for example and this is not healthy. In the case of Samsung, they are well diversified but have become a bit lazy expecting every upgrade to deliver a fountain of cash too and poor old HTC don’t do much else so you can see why they keep struggling (the M8 was a very nasty flop).

BlackBerry is a diversified company. It’s the first thing John Chen did when he took over. Each division has to perform to it’s budgets. In doing so it becomes clear what each bit has to do. And, so far he’s done it very nicely, thank you. Here’s a couple of snippets from The Toronto Star as they recently took stock of how the Chen turnaround is going:

In picking apart BB’s encouraging first-quarter results, released in May, in which BB surprised analysts by returning to profit (a meagre $23 million US, but a profit just the same), New York and other analysts focused on BB’s continued sharp decline in revenues and handset sales, on an annual basis. They chose not to discern a more recent apparent stabilization in the company’s fortunes. (All figures in US dollars.)

Total operating costs have dropped a stunning 85 per cent in just the past three quarters, without doing overly serious injury to an R&D budget that has taken a 44 per cent hit.

And here’s the fun bit.

These figures don’t include the revenue from this little fellow…


And already the stock market knows what’s going on:

Remarkably, BB is one of the hottest stocks of the year, having gained 33 per cent in value since January. (Apple Inc. is up 18 per cent, Google Inc. has gained 8 per cent.)

John Chen has repeatedly said that for BlackBerry’s HANDSET division to be viable they have to sell 10 million devices per annum.

Not 80 million or 100 million – 10 million.

And, from what we know, the Z3 has sold out in Indonesia and India within days of launch. And it’s also been launched in a load of other BlackBerry hot beds like Nigeria, Malaysia, Vietnam and the UAE. Where sales will be going very nicely too, thanks.

So, the question Will The Passport Save BlackBerry is actually a pretty redundant and stupid one.

It’s already well on the way to being saved anyway, even if the Passport never existed.

If the question is ‘How much will BlackBerry’s handset division add to the company?’, well, in that case the answer to the Passport, from the interest it is generating would seem to be LOTS.

I think perhaps these people are all looking in the wrong place.

With Apple’s utter reliance on iPhone sales, particularly upgrades from existing users (and other areas of their business on a downward trend) it would seem Apple need a lot more than 10 million sales to stay viable in the handset market. They’ve ordered 80 million units for goodness sake. Indeed, the question really should be:

Will the iPhone 6 save Apple as we know it?

And the answer to that one, might well be a resounding NO.


Good day to you all my fellow BlackBerrians!

And a good day to all you sheeple iPhonians… iPhone users, somebody recently told me that I am way too cruel to you all and that I should reign it in a bit… not sure what they were meaning I looked back through my sermons here at the United Temple of BlackBerry and through my posts on my BBM Channel … and maybe I do pick on the stupid sheeple iPhone users a little…

I am going to rectify this, in fact I have been researching this week into things that will make the iDiots iPhone users feel more at home when they make the move to BlackBerry (I’m not going so far as to say the iPhone is good!)

You all love your apps! You all love your selfies! Well, I have found a package of apps to put onto your new BB10 device!

One of the first and best, after all, its the app that everyone ran out to buy an iPhone or iPod touch for, is this…

Check out Finger Pull in BlackBerry World!

YES! a farting app! you can fart away till your hearts content! I know how immature you sheeple iPhone users are!

Then we have the app that will make selfies as easy as taking a picture…

Check out Selfie cam in BlackBerry World!

That’s right, instead of just turning the camera on and taking a selfie you can now spend ages looking for that little app that’s somewhere within the 15 pages of app icons.. I’m sure its here… ahh, there it is! cool!

And all these other apps that will make feel that you are still ‘Part of the Flock’ (I’m not going to go into huge details about them all, get your BB10 device and load yourself up with all these and more!)

Check out Sheep Clock in BlackBerry World!

Check out Sheep Counter in BlackBerry World!

Check out The Sheep of Music in BlackBerry World!

Check out Sheep Speaker in BlackBerry World! (Personally I love this one!)

And this one could be my all time favorite!

Check out iSheep in BlackBerry World!

There are so many more quality apps awaiting you and of course you can get nearly all the android apps (sandboxed and secure of course) through Amazon! You also have the added advantage of once you have grown up and don’t need the toy phone anymore then as your BlackBerry device will have all the proper big boy apps for you to use like the rest of us grown ups!

So, all you that think I give the stupid iDiot sheeple iPhone users a hard time, think again, I want them to have a happy mobile experience and the only way they are going to get that is to listen to my words of wisdom and read all the articles here on the United Temple of  BlackBerry, once they have seen the light (you don’t need an app for that, the torch is in the pull down menu although some bright spark has made an app for that believe it or not!) you will be a happy bunny and not a lost sheep… and of course all safe and secure knowing that those dubious selfies are for your eyes only… the NSA can’t get hold of them… or anyone else for that matter!

So my beloved brethren, as I once again draw a close to another sermon I wonder if you would like to show your support towards the United Temple of BlackBerry and join us on the forums  – on the tweetie bird thing that I still don’t get @CRAPPLEBASHING – or by Donating..

And getting your greasy little mitts on some UTB Blogs vinyl stickers in return!

Your dear Reverend is SO looking forward to how you choose to use them…

So, until next time my beloved brethren…

Rev Grim out!





An interesting mess of an article was sent to me earlier today. Was posted over at a site called Sadly, I think trying to figure out what that title means would probably be more interesting than the writing.

Let’s grade it against the steps to make a perfect troll post!

Step 1: The Title. The title needs to reinforce the message that you are trying to portray. Always a good idea to say BlackBerry is dead or dying. And try to work in some way it is inferior to your brand of choice.  “Death Of The Blackberry: Will The QWERTY Keyboard Survive Apple’s Touch Screen?” There you go. Perfect title. What a good little troll you are!

Step 2: Do not, I repeat, do not show a current device! To be a proper troll, you can’t possibly let people see a current device! Current devices are too nice, and run circles around competitive devices. So, instead find something old. Something that people will remember as a BlackBerry and hopefully assume that’s all there is out there.


Ah yes! Perfect choice! Very good idea of putting the oldest BlackBerry you could find on a tombstone. The other trolls will be jealous of your ingenuity!

Step 3: Say that you were once a fan, and that you just had to change platforms because brand xyz was so much better at something!

GR Communications President Gord Rosko was not happy when he heard the news of the ‘death of the Blackberry’ – the ubiquitous keyboard desing that appeals to users when virtual keyboards are present in all smaartphones.

What? You did that wrong. What are you even trying to say? You didn’t even run spellcheck! Really screwed the pooch on step 3. Good thing you got bonus points on the picture!

Step 4: Bring up bad news that is already out there. It will give you a bit of credibility for when you lay out your real purpose for trolling.

But reports have surfaced saying Blackberry is about to leave the smartphone market. In essence, that would be similar to Nokia being taken over by Microsoft, but there is no indication of a buyer for Blackberry. The smartphone catered for the business user has had tremendous appeal over the last decade.

What are you doing??? Why aren’t you listening to me?? You just lost any credibility you had! This was a bigger story of a low comprehension ability by bloggers than any chance of it actually happening. Even the blogs that reported this are trying to forget it now. Well, except for one that keeps repeating it, but they are special. You’re just really bad at this trolling thing.

Step 5. Make your point. The whole reason you are writing this is to get some idea out there. Make it happen!

At one time, Blackberry reached the heights that Apple now enjoys, but the smartphone scenario has changed drastically with mobile browsing, and the smartphone slowly edging out the traditional desktop and laptop use.

Oh my goodness…. I don’t think you even know what you’re doing anymore. What’s your point? Do you even realize how easy it is to block this statement? Here, let me show you: Yes, the smartphone scenario has seen a drastic change since the debut and rise of the iPhone. And the strengths of smartphones are on the cusp of completely taking over the role of traditional desktop and laptop use. But what hasn’t changed? The iPhone. Minor updates and handicapped functionality are holding iPhone back from being at the forefront of this technology shift, while the reinvention of BlackBerry with BB10 and it’s amazing capabilities have put it on the razors edge. reported, “The downfall of BlackBerry was precipitated by the introduction of a touchscreen keyboard by Apple’s iPhone. Now, the other smartphone makers such as Samsung and Motorola Mobility is taking up the cudgels of the niche market that BlackBerry may leave behind.”

What the Hell are you even talking about now? Oh my… you just quoted an article from September of last year. You didn’t even source it right. Were you just hoping that readers would take this as current news and believe you? Do you not understand BlackBerry users are a witty bunch and it took me all of about 15 seconds to find this ‘source’ article?

Kdramastars, you just failed troll school. An epic fail at that.

Their fail of a troll piece found here

The year old article which they sourced in a pitiful attempt to look credible can be found here




Fear not Spotify fans, a fully native client is coming your way. Our friend Nemory is at it again.  The maker of other client apps like Facebook Messenger and Snap2Chat is currently working on a native client for Spotify. It is set to hit the beta zone sometime in August. Until then grab the bar file here and enjoy the screen shots below and be sure to head to twitter and thank Nemory @Snap2Chat for all his hard work.






We’ve covered the AMAZING NEW iOS8 developments in some detail recently – or should I say we’ve covered what isn’t there. iOS8 brings with it BlackBerry’s Notification Bar (which some silly iPhonians are claiming is the same as the Hub) and… er… that’s pretty much it.

But, what about Android? Where are they headed?

Well, buoyed by the success that was Kit Kat (wow! 17.9% of Android devices are using it now – just ahead of Gingerbread!) that broke phones all over the place Google have thrown in the towel and decided to shift along quick to their next incineration itineration – Android L (the L apparently is rumoured to stand for Lollipop).

And, dear Lord, it looks awful.

Decide for yourselves as Android Authority have put together this handy first look…

So, let’s dive in shall we? Here’s what I picked out as the highlights:

‘Android has moved from Dalvik to ART making it pretty snappy’

No, it seems to mean it lags in half the time.

‘Material Design is the new scheme – It’s black, it’s colourful, it’s flashy.’

Well… it can’t be black AND colourful, surely? And anyway, it looks like something from Logans Run (1970′s show for you kids out there!). And when you get past that, it’s garish and horrific.

‘Contacts are arranged in a Metro Design’

Ahem, you’ll notice a certain similarity here with the 3 buttons at the top of the phone app…

‘The On Screen Buttons received a much needed face lift as well, being a triangle, circle and square.’

What the hell is this? Play School? Kindergarten? A Play Station?

‘The Recent Application Window shows up as cards’

Ahhh… look at all those battery drainers…

‘Notifications have been reworked in this OS…. And some notifications don’t even show.’

Er… I think I’ll leave that one to speak for itself. Oh, hang on! They are also:

‘Laid out by Priority’

Er… sound familiar again? It’s just another POOR MAN’S HUB.

Then he talked some stuff that no one can really understand except a dedicated Androidian and everyone went home for tea and buns.

The truth is that this, just like iOS8 is falling behind 10.2.1 badly.

And neither have even been released yet.

By the time they are, we’ll be on 10.3. And it’ll take Apple and Google another 12 months to try and figure out how the hell BlackBerry put so much into that and what they can do to copy it. So, they might be able to grab a couple of features but…

By that time we’ll be on 10.4.

See where this is headed?

Very soon Androidians and iPhonians will be offered a choice between low battery life and out dated software or amazing battery life and the latest software.

And they are ready for it.

If you read the comments on the video you want to scream ‘Well, just buy a BlackBerry for God’s SAKE!’ as disgruntled users voice their displeasure at what they are being served up. And the bit that makes you laugh is how the Andoridians and iPhonians are ripping each other apart over… er.. nothing really.

Because BlackBerry 10 is already ahead of them both.

If only they knew about it.

But, I know one man who is laughing a little harder than us.

As he has a plan.

And when that man puts his plan into action and Androidians and iPhonians start to see what they are missing then you’ll see a HUGE amount of them coming #BackToBlack asap.

All it takes is to make it aspirational, create some truly innovative devices that make the products obviously different, get the apps and stick it out there in people’s hands.


You keep going Mr Chen.

I can’t wait for September.


Poor iPhone users, they’re always having some sort of problem. And the list of workarounds that they must come up with in order to get a phone that simply borders on productive is growing longer by the day. The good people over at Venture Capital Post wrote a blog post today, offering up some fixes for a few of the common issues plaguing those stuck on the dreaded phones. We here at UTB blogs wanted to be a good neighbor, and offer our own advice as well.

Problem #1: Slow user interface

Venture Capital Post solution: Delete photos, music, apps, or move them to the cloud. Disable Parallax Effect. Turn off Perspective Zoom.

UTB blogs solution: The iOS interface was designed for slow users. If you are noticing that the interface is slow, congratulations. I’m guessing you can also complete a crossword puzzle. Also, you have a phone that was not designed for you. There is only one thing that you need to turn off, and that is the iPhone. Place it in a drawer, jump on and go purchase yourself a BlackBerry 10 device. You’ll be flying in no time!

Problem #2: Stalled Text Messages

Venture Capital Post solution: Make sure you have signal. Tap text message and send again. Repeat until it finally goes through, or simply delete the message. It wasn’t that important anyway. And restart your phone while you’re at it.

UTB blogs solution: You want to communicate with your associates? Why, you bought the wrong phone for that silly! Troublesome part about this issue, is it’s like a disease that follows you. Simply leaving the iPhone behind doesn’t always fix this issue. You may need to completely change your phone number that you’ve had for all these years when you get your next device, because, apparently Apple doesn’t want to let you go! If you’re one of those few souls that purchased a cell phone expecting to be able to communicate on it,  sell off that iPhone and run out and buy a BlackBerry, the number one communications device out there.

Problem #3: Unresponsive Screen

Venture Capital Post solution: Reset your phone. If that doesn’t work, reboot your phone.

UTB blogs solution: Stop making Siri angry. You won’t like her when she’s angry. Much like the rest of the phone, she doesn’t like to work too often. Give your iPhone the breaks it requires. A good practice is to not touch, look at, or think about your iPhone the multiple times a day you are charging it. If you do that, Siri should be well rested and respond to you. If you’re a slave driver that demands a phone that puts in full power from sunup to sundown, I really think you need to pick up a BlackBerry Z30. It’s got stamina to spare!


Problem #4: App crashing

Venture Capital Post solution: Update your apps. If this doesn’t work, close your app and restart it. That should work.

UTB blogs solution: Sometimes it’s difficult to update your apps on an iPhone, I get it. Most apps will no longer function with the OS version you have on your phone. And you’re not wanting to update that OS because you don’t have space to load it on your phone. Of course if you followed the directions in #1 you have plenty of room to download it now. Oh? You’re afraid upgrading your OS will brick your phone? Yes, I’d be very worried of that too. Seems to be a fairly common issue. Well, Apple is always willing to sell you a replacement phone if that happens. Have I mentioned that with BlackBerry 10 you have so many wonderful native apps at your fingertips? And add to that, you can also install and run android apps securely alongside your native apps?

Now, I’m not used to seeing 4 item lists, but that’s exactly what this was. I’m guessing Siri needed a break before they could get to item number 5. BlackBerry users, UTB readers, I think it’s time we stop being upset with iPhone users. Quite the opposite, we need to feel sorry for them. Nearly everyday I’m amazed at the effort they must put in to workarounds in order to get their devices to work. The fact that most are having to turn off the functions that were used to get them to buy the phones in the first place is sad on so many levels. And when you message one of your iFriends, don’t be mad that it may take them a day or longer to get back to you. They are very likely trying to respond with the same speed we do, they’re just incapable of doing so, their phone won’t let them.

If you have an iDevice and need instructions how to perform the fixes featured here, head over to Venture Capital Post. They’ll give you instructions on how to turn things off on your phone.