This is great news for those Blackberry customers in India who want to pick up a qwerty phone.  Blackberry has slashed prices for the BBOS models 9320, 9720 and also the BB10 Q5 devices.  The new prices will be as follows

  • Blackberry Curve 9320 (BBOS) – Price reduced from Rs 11,000 to Rs 9,900
  • Blackberry 9720 (BBOS) – Price reduced from Rs 15,990 to Rs 11,990
  • Blackberry Q5 (BB10) – Price reduced from Rs 19,990 to Rs 13,990

Source:  Blackberry slashes prices of QWERTY phones:

The price of 9320 has been cut by 10 per cent from Rs 11,000 to Rs 9,900, while 9720 will be available for Rs 11,990 (from Rs 15,990 earlier).

BlackBerry 9320 is the first 3G-enabled device from the smartphone maker’s portfolio in the sub-Rs 10,000 range. The Q5 will now be available for Rs 13,990, cheaper by almost 30 per cent from the earlier price of Rs 19,990.

Commenting on the price cut, Sameer Bhatia, Director (Distribution) at BlackBerry India said, “The classic BlackBerry keyboard has huge fan base who swear by the distinct typing experience that BlackBerry offers.”

These compelling price-points will enable QWERTY fans to experience the latest technology and ease of use in one device, he added.

The offer will run across all BlackBerry retail networks. The company had earlier slashed prices of its devices like Z30 and Z10 under special offers, which saw phenomenal response, often resulting in stocks running out.

A few months ago in March when Blackberry reduced the price of the Z10 in India there was an incredible demand on that phone.  So much so that it was a hot selling item for several weeks and they completely sold out their inventory.  Lets hope that this price cut on the qwerty devices will have the same result.


Josh, AKA The Red Squircle Samurai from the QBNN App Show sent me a great video this morning, that deserves to be shared. I obviously thought it was a documentary on why we cracked iPhone screens in the hands of all our iPhone friends, then I saw it was by College Humor. Oh well, I still say it’s a documentary.

Warning! This is NSFW


BES10 Hosted

BES10 Hosted

The BES10 announcements just keep on coming, and I suspect much to the chagrin of the other MDM vendors. BlackBerry announced today that BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 (BES10) will now be available as a hosted service through third-party partners worldwide.

This is a great solution for businesses that want the best and most secure end-to-end MDM/EMM solution while having the IT administration and expertise provided by a trusted BlackBerry Partner.

The solution is scalable, thus catering to small businesses up to large enterprises, for managing their mobile fleet of BlackBerry, Android and iOS devices.

BES10 Hosted customers get the same benefits of on premise BES10, such as

  • A multi-platform EMM offering with a user self-service portal for easy authentication and device management.

  • Support from the hosting partners, backed by BlackBerry’s world-class technical support.

  • Container options for all supported devices: Native built-in BlackBerry Balance™ for BlackBerry 10 devices and Secure Work Space for iOS and Android.

  • Powerful application management capabilities such as the ability to distribute public apps, custom apps, ensure device compliance and centrally manage work apps via work app catalogs and software configuration profiles.

  • Unified console to manage existing BlackBerry OS devices as well as BlackBerry 10, iOS and Android devices.

  • Support for BES10 Gold level EMM and BBM™ Protected.

See here for a listing of Partners for North America, EMEA, APAC and LATAM regions.  Interesting to note that IBM is an EMEA region Partner.

The full Press Release is included below:

 BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 Now Available as a Hosted Service
Jul 23, 2014
Waterloo, ON – BlackBerry Limited (NASDAQ: BBRY; TSX: BB), a global leader in mobile communications, today announced that BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 (BES10) will now be available as a hosted service through third-party partners worldwide. BES10 Hosted provides the benefits of trusted BlackBerry enterprise mobility management (EMM) and advanced security capabilities with the convenience of hosted IT administration.

BES10 Hosted allows organizations to benefit from BlackBerry’s secure network while leveraging the expertise of a BlackBerry hosting partner to manage their IT environment. With BES10 Hosted, channel partners can manage and secure iOS®, Android™ and BlackBerry devices to meet their clients’ diverse mobile business requirements.

“BlackBerry’s BES10 Hosted is focused on providing more choices and flexibility in how enterprise customers can manage their mobile environments,” said John Sims, President of Enterprise Services at BlackBerry. “We’re working closely with our hosting partners to deliver best-in-class managed services to customers in a way that meets their unique business needs without compromising on security, reliability and cost-efficiency.”

As part of BES10 Hosted, customers have the benefits of BES10 including:

A multi-platform EMM offering with a user self-service portal for easy authentication and device management.
Support from the hosting partners, backed by BlackBerry’s world-class technical support.
Container options for all supported devices: Native built-in BlackBerry Balance™ for BlackBerry 10 devices and Secure Work Space for iOS and Android.
Powerful application management capabilities such as the ability to distribute public apps, custom apps, ensure device compliance and centrally manage work apps via work app catalogs and software configuration profiles.
Unified console to manage existing BlackBerry OS devices as well as BlackBerry 10, iOS and Android devices.
Support for BES10 Gold level EMM and BBM™ Protected.

BES10 Hosted is a scalable solution that can be leveraged by small businesses to global enterprises alike. Hosting partners will also be able to offer silver and gold tiers of BES10 to meet the security, device and application management needs of their customers.

BlackBerry Customer and Partner Validation

“Exchange My Mail is Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) certified and coupled with the availability of BES10 Hosted, the ultimate platform for secure end-to-end multiplatform mobility, we will now be able to offer our customers a robust solution for BlackBerry and third party devices,” said Steven Daneshgar, COO of Exchange My Mail. “From a security perspective, I’m pleased that our customers will have access to the only EMM solution that has achieved Full Operational Capability for Department of Defense Networks, by offering BES10 Hosted.”

“With BES10 Hosted, Solvitio can offer our customers flexible, cost-effective and easy to handle hosting for businesses of all sizes, scalable from one user to hundreds and thousands,” said Joerg Baumann, CEO of Solvitio GmbH.

“Today we are proud to announce the launch of our BES10 Hosted service,” said Marco Gocht, CEO of ISEC7 Group, a Global Strategic BlackBerry Partner. “It offers a diverse portfolio of mobile enterprise managed services, including dedicated BES10 hosting, high availability solutions, and fully managed services with the flexibility of monthly subscriptions. This will allow customers to extend their cloud strategy for mobile infrastructures.”

For more information about BES10 Hosted and to become a hosting partner, please visit:

About BlackBerry
A global leader in mobile communications, BlackBerry® revolutionized the mobile industry when it was introduced in 1999. Today, BlackBerry aims to inspire the success of our millions of customers around the world by continuously pushing the boundaries of mobile experiences. Founded in 1984 and based in Waterloo, Ontario, BlackBerry operates offices in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America. The Company trades under the ticker symbols “BB” on the Toronto Stock Exchange and “BBRY” on the NASDAQ. For more information, visit



BES10 Hosted


BB10: Strong Security

BB10: Strong Security


I know… you’re surprised, yes? :D

It seems that security researcher and hacker Jonathan Zdziarski has discovered a number of “backdoors” in iOS that can possibly be exploited remotely to gain access to the device user’s personal information. He presented these findings at the annual HOPE/X conference which was held July 18-20 in New York City.

Apparently these undocumented services can, among other things:

  • Bypass “Backup Encryption” mechanism provided to users
  • Be accessed both via USB and wirelessly
  • If device has not be rebooted since user last entered the device PIN, can access all 
    data encrypted with “data-protection”. (e.g. third-party app data, etc)

To get a bit more specific, the “Apple Mobile File Relay Service” apparently “…completely bypasses iOS backup encryption… exposing a “forensic trove of intelligence” including the user’s address book, CoreLocation logs, the clipboard, calendars, notes, and voicemails”, and “…an attacker could make use of this service to grab recent photos from a user’s Twitter stream, their most recent timeline, their DM database, and authentication tokens that could be used ‘to spy on all future [Twitter] correspondence remotely.’”


Now since Mr. Zdziarski also happens to be a forensic scientist, he points-out that various smartphone forensic tools have already exploited these undocumented
services to break into iOS devices and access data that Apple had represented to users as encrypted and protected.

Note that one of those well-known forensic product vendors, Cellebrite, is apparently unable to break through BlackBerry 10 security, according to reports I’ve seen, reportedly resulting in much hand-wringing and aggravation over at Cellebrite-Central.

Matter of fact – according to this forensic discussion forum thread, NONE of the common smartphone forensic tools, as of at least the end of 2013, are able to break BlackBerry 10 security.

Poor poopsies! Do you feel bad for them yet? :D


Sources: Apple Insider, ZDnet



Over at WP Central, they posted about a great new innovative app available for Nokia Lumia phones. This app “automatically groups all your photos, videos and cinemagraphs into individual events called stories”. You can then “modify them, and then view them as slideshows”. What a great new app! So buy yourself a Lumia, head on over to the Windows Phone Store and download Nokia Storyteller.


Or you can stick with your BlackBerry 10 device and use the original Story Maker which we’ve had since the beginning of BlackBerry 10. Did Microsoft just pull an Apple? Did they just take feature/app, duplicate it and call it their own? And the most shocking part of it… Storyteller? Really?? And we’re not supposed to realize that they just slightly changed the name?

Would you like to see it work? Watch the video from WP Central below.

Video looks pretty close right? But the app is not an exact copy. Just see the comments for one by Maguro who stated: “Real bummer that you can’t add your own music. I’m sure there’s a way to do it externally, but would be a nice touch to do it in the app. The built-in songs are a bit cheesy” Strangely enough, you can do that with Story Maker on BlackBerry 10.

And before you say it, there is a voice of reason over there, a little farther down the comments, you’ll find one of our own, Playbookster, “Looks just like story maker for BB10. Which happens to be a fantastic app.” It’s always  nice when you travel to strange lands and see a friendly face isn’t it?


blackberry fy15

So, here’s the question our gorgeous UTB nation…

Of the new devices this year, which one ae you chomping at the bit for?

Is it the budget Z3 that runs as well as a Z10 at a fraction of the cost with an amazing battery life?

Or the Classic? BlackBerry 10 in old BBOS format? The best of both?

Or maybe the revolutionary BlackBerry Passport? With it’s square screen and incredible touch/physical keyboard

Or… just for fun as Lord knows when (or if) it’s coming… the beast, the Daddy of them all.. the replacement for the Z30, the all touch Z50?

Vote away!

Personally if I could have them all I would but you have to choose…

Which one right now is YOUR favourite?


Or will it be the iPhone 10?

Apple have clearly learned nothing from RIM.

Back in the day when the original iPhone came along Jim and Mike’s answer was to dismiss it, bury their heads in the sand, scream ‘Tools, not toys!’ and make the same old same old until eventually only a combination of a complete software rewrite into BlackBerry 10, Prem Watsa and John Chen turned BlackBerry around.

Well, in a disturbing parallel it would seem that Apple are sticking to the same old, same old…

Soon the iPhone 6 will be launched. iPhonians MAY line up to get it in their droves (although that is no longer a given any more as we saw with the iPhone 5S launch the queues were still there but much diminished).

And, of course, with iOS8 they’ll find themselves very much at home as, apart from a couple of new features nicked from BlackBerry 10, it’ll be the same software running a bigger phone.

There’ll be other comfortingly similar features built into the new iPhone 6 too, such as an appalling battery life and a screen that breaks at the slightest impact, as per usual.

The telling thing about the iPhone 6 is that it really is the same old, same old, just bigger…

And, funnily enough, that was exactly what people said about the iPhone 5S!

Watch this video and every time someone says the word ‘FIVE’ shout out ‘SIX’…


Same old, same old.

Nothing has changed since last time!

Which wouldn’t be a problem if there wasn’t something better on the market.

But there is…

And it aint Android.

I’ll take the mass hysteria over the iPhone 6, if it happens, because I’ll wait.

There’s enough people out there who are seriously getting fed up with this now. They weren’t ready to jump after the 5S but this will be one bridge too far. All they need is something special, something that WORKS PROPERLY, something, frankly that isn’t an iPhone.

And they’ll find it when we let them know it exists.

It’s called a BlackBerry.

And when people know that there is something infinitely better out there, that it performs hand over fist WAY better than what they have been fed and that they have been missing out due to their brand loyalty to a company that patently DOESN’T CARE ABOUT THEM ANYMORE other than to us them as cash cows for the same old, same old every… single… 12 months… the exodus will begin.

And it will become a flood very quickly.

Come home NOW guys.

Don’t let Apple rip you every year fro the same old same old.

Come and experience the New BlackBerry.

Everything you used to like about the old one (that you don’t get on iOS) AND MORE!

Time to come #BackToBlack.

Time to buy a BlackBerry.


BIG news has emerged today on just how many iPhone 6′s Apple expect to sell within seconds of launch as jubilant iPhonians line up across the world for their new, improved model.

Yes, according to Reuters, via My Broadband, Apple have told suppliers that they will require between 70 and 80 million devices.

That’s the plus side.

On the down side, Apple have ALREADY factored in a whopping 50% failure rate on the components, particularly the screen – that’s 40 million extra…

Apple to make 80 million large-screen iPhones

Apple has asked suppliers to manufacture between 70 million and 80 million of its two forthcoming large-screen iPhones by the end of the year, its largest initial production run of iPhones, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing people familiar with the matter.

Its forecast for the iPhones with 4.7-inch (11.9-cm) and 5.5-inch (14-cm) displays is much larger than the initial order last year of between 50 million and 60 million for iPhone 5S and 5C models, the people told the Journal.

Foxconn and Pegatron plan to start mass producing the 4.7-inch iPhone model next month, and Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd, whose parent is Foxconn, will begin making the 5.5-inch version exclusively in September, the people said.

Both iPhone 6 screens will be larger than the 4.0-inch (10.2-cm) panels on Apple’s existing iPhone 5S and 5C models.

The new phone models are also expected to feature metal cases similar to the iPhone 5S and likely come in multiple colors, the people said.

Both iPhone 6 screens are expected to use in-cell touch panel technology, built into the screen and allowing for thinner construction than with standard touch panel films, that was introduced with the iPhone 5, sources told Reuters in March.

There could be difficulties with in-cell production technology for the larger 5.5-inch size, one of the sources told Reuters.

To factor in the possibility of a higher failure rate for displays, Apple has asked component makers to be prepared to make up to 120 million iPhones, the people told the Journal on Monday.

Factor in a higher failure rate?

Wasn’t the original bad enough?

Oh Apple, you really are pushing the boundaries of taking your customers for fools now.

Tiny battery.

Flimsy screen.

Nothing new in iOS8.

Sure, many will buy it and do you know what?

I hope they do.

Because at the same time those very same people will be encountering joyful returning BlackBerrians clutching their NEW BlackBerry’s.

The ones with the HUGE battery life.

A nice tough build…

And innovative software and design.

And they’ll see the difference.

The disgruntlement will not be pretty.

As one lady said on Twitter after the Apple WDC that introduced iOS8 ‘I think that’s enough with Apple. I think I want a BlackBerry.’

She will not be alone…


Just a quick note to say there’s a new version of BBM in the Beta Zone app.

Version is available, and just in case you thought the upcoming BlackBerry Classic was a pipe dream, the change log notes confirm that it is indeed coming.

“The following are known issues with this build:

  • Glympse sent during out of coverage is received as expired after User turns on Wifi

  • Classic – After selecting a tab, User cant precisely and easily move up and down to highlight items using trackpad

  • Classic – User is unable to scroll through the Voice chat toolbar in the Voice chat UI using the trackpad

  • Classic – User can’t easily scroll using trackpad in the chat history area containing a long message history, sometimes automatic scrolling happens even without the use of trackpad”

Looks like the way you can add contacts has been streamlined as well.


Those lucky enough to be involved with the beta, leave your experiences in the comments!


More Secure Work Space Applications for iOS and Android

Ten new enterprise apps are now available for users that employ BES10 to secure their fleet of Android and iOS devices via Secure Work space.  Secure Work Space for iOS and Android “is a new containerization, application-wrapping and secure connectivity option that delivers a higher level of control and security to iOS and Android devices – all managed through the BES10 administration console. With managed applications secured and separated from personal apps and data, you get enterprise-level security for browsing, viewing or editing attachments. ”

A number of the apps on the list work with SECTOR- based enterprise workspaces, including BlackBerry Secure Work Space; on OpenPeak’s site, BlackBerry is listed as a channel partner alongside Deutsche Telecom and AT&T.  OpenPeak founded the SECTOR network, and according to their site, “The SECTOR Network is an ecosystem of popular business apps that are wrapped with added security features and IT management capabilities. Users simply download SECTOR apps from public app stores to devices running mobile management solutions offered by SECTOR Network Partners. This single, unified ecosystem yields the best collection of secure apps for enterprises.”

By tapping into a curated source of secure enterprise apps this allows BlackBerry to offer BES10 clients managing iOS and Android devices access to third party business apps from their own app stores.  A number of the apps are also available for BlackBerry, such as BLEND, ISEC7 Mobility for SAP, SalesNOW, Storage Made Easy, MindLink,, and BOX.

Please see here and here for the full list of apps and additional details.

Enclosed is a short demonstration of BlackBerry Secure Work Space: