Enter to Win a Free BlackBerry Leap from UTB Blogs!

We had a lot of fun giving away a Passport not too long ago, and we thought it was time that we try another giveaway.

If only there was some great new phone to give away.

Oh wait! There is!

The BlackBerry Leap, the exciting new all touch BlackBerry 10 smartphone!

We’ve managed to get our grubby little hands […]

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Pebbles Turn for some Apple Abuse?


Traditionally Apple will squash or attempt to squash all competitors and Pebble just happens to have fallen into that category.

A couple of days ago there were several articles and news feeds proclaiming that Apple has cut off compatibility of Pebble and it’s iPhone, of course the reason for this is obvious. Since then we see […]

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WhatsApp Calling Comes to BB10

I believe it was less than a week ago that I saw the news that Whatsapp’s voice calling feature came to iOS. I thought it would be a few months before we’d see it on BlackBerry. I was wrong!

With the newest version of WhatsApp published today in BBW, BlackBerry users app matches that of […]

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Apple Pay Fraud at Six Percent of all Transactions at Certain Banks

In the weeks leading up to the launch of Apple Pay, there were many among its defenders in the media that were saying that it was secure.  Some were even touting it as more secure that using a credit card or debit card.

In an article that appeared in mashable.com titled, “Why Apple Pay Is the […]

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BBM for BlackBerry 10 gets an Update

BBM brings you together in the moment with friends and family through instant chats, voice calls, picture sharing, voice notes and more.

Download the official version of BBM from BlackBerry now.

NEW! Get a custom PIN that’s exclusively yours. Chat with friends on Android, BlackBerry and iPhone:

BBM is always on and always connected – no app […]

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My Turn To Get The BlackBerry Stare

Nearly a year ago, Biggly introduced us to The BlackBerry Stare.  You know the stare. That moment when a user of another platform suddenly notices something that you’ve done. Something you’ve done on a BlackBerry of all things. That they’re not able to do on their phone. And though they try to hide it, it […]

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ReadItNow Gets Updated.

ReadItNow, by Sven Ziegler, has been updated from version to and with it brings:

* Added Spanish translation.
* Minor UI tweaks.

If you want to give ReadItNow ($1.99) a try, then click on the link.


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BBM For Android Gets A New Beta Build.

“New Features

This new version of BBM includes a new addition to look forward to:

* Start Chats with PINs from the Contact Picker
Watch out for fixes to these issues:

* Applications Crashes
* User receives incoming message from blocked contact after upgrading from 2.7 to 2.8
Known Issues

Nothing to report so far!”

– Beta Team

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They Knew You Needed it, Before They Created the Need

If you were one of the foolish (like me) who thought that a bendable phone was a design flaw, you clearly haven’t looked deeply enough at Apple’s genius.

We’ve all heard the mantras from the Apple Worship Cult any time Apple appears to be doing something wrong:
The reason for lagging the cutting edge of technology and […]

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Rumor Mill – BlackBerry + LinkedIn?


Yesterday, I was reading an article from a Seeking Alpha and I noticed a reader repeatedly commenting about BlackBerry and LinkedIn. I guess two of my synapses must have fired and I began thinking about John Chen’s plan for BlackBerry. The handset focus is on business/Enterprise users and LinkedIn touts itself as “The World’s Largest Professional Network”. In […]

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PSA: iPhone Users, Just Turn Them Off

Researchers at Skycure have discovered a new vulnerability in iOS. This vulnerability, named the ‘No iOS Zone’ allows attackers to crash iPhone’s that are within range of a WiFi hotspot.

That’s right.

Within range of a hotspot.

The victim phone does not need to be connected to the hotspot.

The good thing for iPhone users is that at this […]

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